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    Fort Riley Podcast

    Audio | Fort Riley Public Affairs Office


    Weekly episodes highlight the missions and the people who make Fort Riley a great place to live, train, deploy from and come home to.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 86 What's in your car's emergency kit?

      The weather outside could be frightful and preparedness may not make it delightful, but it can make it bearable. So, what’s in your car’s emergency kit for winter travel? Learn some tips during this podcast episode.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 83 3D Month

      This week's episode focuses on 3D Month. Eric Fleuter from Fort Riley's Army Substance Abuse Program provides tips on how to enjoy the holiday season safely.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 82 Holiday Events

      A review of the holiday-themed events and attractions in and around Fort Riley.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 81 Navajo Code talkers

      This week we honor the Navajo code talkers. At one time there were about 411 Navajo serving during WWII. Today only 4 still live.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 80 Child and Youth Service

      In honor of Military Family Appreciation Month, this episode brings you an overview of the services available to military families. From childcare to a liaison to assist with the challenges of transferring to a new school, CYS has resources to smooth the process.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 79 Military Family Month

      On this week's episode, we sit down for a candid conversation with a 1st Infantry Division and Fort Riley family.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 78 Veterans Day 2021

      This episode focuses on Veterans Day from the view of Veterans at Fort Riley.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 77 Disability Employment Awareness Month

      This week on Fort Riley the Podcast, Equal Employment Opportunity fellow Shalita Oliver talks about Disability Employment Awareness Month.


    • Fort Riley Podcast

      This week’s Fort Riley the Podcast we address the issue of domestic abuse. Hear the story from a survivor of domestic violence and the advocates who helped her escape and begin rebuilding her life.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 75 Army Ten Miler

      The Fort Riley leg of the 37th annual Army Ten Miler took place Oct. 10, 2021. We hear from runners on what motivates them and the impact the annual race has on Operation Victory Wellness.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Energy Awareness Month

      This week's episode focuses on energy savings tips you can use at home and in the office.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 73 Wiping out Wipes

      Public works explains the toll wipes are having on the sanitation system.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 72 Master Resiliency Training

      In this week's episode, Tina from Army Community Service discusses the ins and outs of master resiliency training.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 71 Fall Apple Day Festival Pie Queen

      This week on Fort Riley the Podcast, Pie Queen Amanda Stewart discusses her role at the annual Fall Apple Day Festival and the Historical and Archaeological Society of Fort Riley.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 70 Cheryl Greathouse on CYS

      Cheryl Greathouse talks to us about the Fort Riley Child and Youth Services program.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 70 Equal Employment Opportunity

      EEO officers Kathy Bellinder and Therese Ayers talk about the EEO program.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 68 2021 Bow Slinger 3D Archery Tournament

      We shoot for the stars through difficulty with our third annual Bow Slinger 3D Archery Tournament.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 67 ACS Financial Services

      Mr. Depusoir gives us some insight into the Financial Services ACS offers to the community.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 66 First Territorial Capitol

      This week, we explore the history of the First Territorial Capitol State Historical Site located on Fort Riley.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 65 Antiterrorism Awareness Month

      This week's episode focuses on the Army Antiterrorism Program. The Fort Riley Antiterrorism Officer explains how all members of the community can help prevent terrorist attacks.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 64 Fort RIley Games

      This episode issues a challenge - join the Fort Riley Games! The event is open for everyone and there is a sport for almost every ability.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 63 2021 Full Scale Exercise

      The Installation Management Command inspection team evaluated Fort Riley emergency responders and team members during a full-scale exercise July. 21. Find out why these exercises are important for our staff. .


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 62 Lost and Found

      This episode highlights the process for anyone who finds or losses an item on Fort Riley. Learn how and where to turn it in and where to go to be reunited with your belongings.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 61 Moving Resources

      This episode looks at the reality of moving stress and the resources available at Fort Riley to help with that.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 60 Fireworks

      Episode 60 talks fireworks rules on post, safety tips for using them in approved communities and places to go to watch the pros light up the sky.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 59 Change of Command

      Several leadership changes across the installation lead us to look at the elements of the formal ceremony and what they signify.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 58 Fort Riley Cavalry History

      The Army celebrated its 246th birthday this week and Fort Riley is reflecting on its stored history. Dr. Bob Smith, Curator of the Fort Riley Museum Complex, shares the impact of the U.S. Cavalry at Fort Riley.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 57 Army National Hiring Days

      We talk with Fort Riley DPTMS Director Steve Cruisenberry about his time and service in the Army.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 56 Child and Youth Services

      This week's episode discusses the role and services of Child and Youth Services at Fort Riley.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 55 Summer School

      The 2020-21 school year for the Fort Riley schools included in USD 475 is over. But that doesn't mean learning and fun is at an end. Dr. Reginald Eggleston, Superintendent of Geary County Schools USD 475, visited with us about the learning opportunities available through a summer school program designed more like a camp experience.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 54 Chief, the last cavalry mount

      Chief, the last cavalry mount on the rolls of the US Army passed away in May 1968. On this week's episode, Dr. Bob Smith of the Fort Riley Museum Complex tells us about Chief's life and legacy at Fort Riley.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 53 snakes and Lizards

      Join us as we go out in the field and search for snakes an lizards on Fort Riley. More importantly, find out why.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 52 Soldiers become citizens

      This week on Fort Riley the Podcast we celebrate citizenship with about 16 Fort Riley Soldiers who participated in a naturalization ceremony April 28 in Kansas City.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 51 Volunteer Appreciation Week

      It's Volunteer Appreciation Week and Fort Riley is recognizing our selfless, dedicated volunteers across the installation. Volunteers explain why they step up to donate their time and what makes it so rewarding. Jane Brookshire, Army Community Service's Volunteer Coordinator, discusses this year's Volunteer Appreciation events and gifts, including... a free car!


    • Fort Riley Podcast Episode 50 Earth Day - Eagles and Reptiles and Fire, Oh My!

      This episode celebrates Earth Day! We hear from experts on the animals living on post and how beneficial the prescribed burns are to our surrounding tallgrass prairie.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 49 Gone Fishing

      In this episode, we discuss fishing on post and the annual Moon Lake Fishing Derby.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 48 Holocaust Days of Remembrance

      In this episode we bring you the story of lasting impact on an Army family who survived the Holocaust and what it means to them today.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 47 Month of the Military Child

      Check out what fort Riley is doing for military children this month and our special guest, 6-year-old Annabell, will tell you the scoop on being a military child.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 46 The Lending Closet

      This week the Fort Riley Podcast explores a resource free to Soldiers and families. Just get your new place and your stuff hasn't arrived? The Army Community Service Lending Closet can help.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 45 Women's History

      This week learn a little about how the women who have come before paved the way for women of today.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 44 1st Replacement Company

      This week we check out what to expect when you are expected to arrive at Fort Riley.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 43 Severe Spring Weather Awareness

      Learn where to find resources to prepare you and your family for any weather emergency.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 42 Shalita Oliver Black History Month

      Shalita Oliver, with the Fort Riley EEO office, shares her thoughts on Black History Month.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 41 Big Red One Year of Honor

      This week we bring you the reason for the Big Red One Year of Honor straight from the commanding General. Find out how the 37 Medal of Honor Recipients will be honored in the next year and how they can inspire Soldiers today.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 40 Recycling

      This week we learn what drives the Fort Riley Recycle Program, how the staff has kept it going through COVID-19 and how you can get your recycling needs taken care of.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 39 Tax Center

      This week's episode of the Fort Riley Podcast is all about the Fort Riley Tax Center. Learn how you can maximize your return because there is no filing fee held back.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 38 SHARP Overview

      A brief overview of the Fort Riley SHARP program.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 37 Hobby Shop

      Jillian French tells us about the Fort Riley Hobby Shop.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 36 Victory Wellness and R2 Performance Center

      This week we look at how the Fort Riley R2 Performance center can enhance Victory Wellness time for any unit or office on the installation.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 35 Covid Vaccination

      This week we take you to the floor of the COVID-19 Vaccination line to hear from Fort Riley's Irwin Army Community Hospital personnel about why it is important for them to get the immunization and how the vaccine vials are prepared.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 34 Help for Sexual Assault Victims

      This week we talk to Barb Garber and Maria Girolamo. One coordinates resources for victims and one is a past victim of Military Sexual Trauma. Each brings a perspective to why reaching out is so important.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 33 GROW with Workforce Development

      This week's episode talks about the new employee onboarding process and how it follows the first two years of a civilian employee's career.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 31 Light Up Fort Riley

      This week in the Fort Riley Podcast: The biggest thing this holiday season is the light displays on Fort Riley. In fact, there’s a competition to see who can Light Up Fort Riley the brightest


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 30 iSportsman and Conservation

      Fort Riley supervisory biologist, Derek Moon, talks about his love for conservation and the iSportsman program.


    • Fort Riley Podcast Episode 29: COVID and Flu

      Fort Riley Public Health gives sage advice on COVID and Flu precautions during the cold and flu season.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 28 Fort Riley's New Library

      This week the Fort Riley Podcast pays tribute to all who have served in the military. We thank you for your service in honor of Veterans Day.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 27 Fort Riley's New Library

      This week we talk about the Combined Federal Campaign and how to participate.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 26 Fort Riley's New Library

      This week we bring you information on the library transition and what to expect as the new, larger facility comes on line.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 24 IACH Genesis

      Colonel Arroyo and CSM Dills give us some insight into a new system at Irwin Army Community Hospital


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 25 Energy Action Month

      Energy Action Month


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 23 Barracks Work Orders

      A Fort Riley subject matter expert walks us through the process of creating a work order for the barracks.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 22 USO Fort Riley

      Fort Riley USO center director, Mark Claussen, gives us a look inside his operation in advance of the upcoming Fort Riley Fall Apple Day Festival.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 19: Voting

      1st Infantry Division CW4 Delgado gives us the steps to make your vote count.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 18: U.S. Cavalry Museum Renovations

      Dr. Robert Smith, Fort Riley Museum Director, takes us through some of the renovations being finished up at the U.S. Cavalry Museum on Fort Riley.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 17

      This week we talk about school in the COVID environment and how to navigate the restrictions and the possibilities.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 16: School Openings and Advice

      Fort Riley School Liaison, Sandy Johnson, gives us some helpful tips and tricks to ease our way into the new school year.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 15: Fort Riley R2 Performance Program

      We talk to an R2 program facilitator about the program, and how Soldiers, families and Department of the Army civilians can benefit from participating.


    • Fort Riley Podcast

      Episode 14 brings you details on how to apply for a Directorate of Family Morale, Welfare and Recreation job at Fort Riley. We are hiring!


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 13: Garrison Commander Col. McKannay, AER with LTG. Raymond Mason

      The new Fort Riley Garrison Commander gives us a look at his background, and the way ahead for Fort Riley. LTG-Ret Mason talks AER Campaign, and why it's important for soldiers to donate.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 12: EFMP -ACS Series

      We sit down with EFMP, and discuss their program.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 11: ACS Lending Closet

      Colleen Dauphine from Fort Riley Army Community Services talks about their lending closet program.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 10: Fort Riley Housing Project Update

      Two housing experts describe one of the programs that is part of the ongoing process to improve housing areas on Fort Riley.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 9: Riley's Community Center Reopening

      Riley's Community Center representative, Taylor Ferrarin, gives us an overview of Riley's Community Center operations during the current pandemic conditions.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 8: Mosquitos and Alligators, Oh My!

      Fort Riley Installation Pest Control Coordinator, Jerold Sphohn, talks about the upcoming threat caused by mosquitos. Afterwards, Spohn talks about the recent Alligator situation in nearby Manhattan.


    • Fort Riley Podcast - Episode 7: The Hobby Studio Experience

      Fort Riley Hobby Studio manager, Nancy Wesley-Moore, talks to us about the programs and benefits of the studio.


    • Fort Riley Podcast Episode 4: ASAP

      We sit down with our ASAP expert to discuss ways to mitigate stress in our lives during these difficult times.


    • Fort Riley Podcast Episode 3: Severe Weather

      We visit with an expert on severe weather in Kansas


    • Fort Riley Podcast Episode 2: Resilience

      Chaplain (Cpt.) Paul Shin gives some pointers on resilience during COVID-19 operations.


    • Fort Riley Podcast Episode 1 Distance Learning and Brown Recluse

      We visit with an expert concerning online learning, and coping skills for parents. A recent rash of brown recluse sightings spurred a visit with our last expert on the podcast.