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    DVIDS Site Help

    How can I offer feedback or suggestions about the DVIDS website?
    You may offer feedback or request technical help using our Suggestion Box. Please note you must be logged in to use this feature.
    Why am I being told my browser is obsolete?
    Due to many upgrades to the DVIDS website, it is now required that users who use Internet Explorer 6.0 and earlier must upgrade. Below you will find a list of options to either upgrade your browser or download a new one.

    For Windows:For Macintosh:
    I forgot my Password. How do I reset it?
    Follow this link to our Reset Password Form and enter the email address registered to your DVIDS account.
    My email changed, and I don’t have access to the old account. How do I login?
    If you remember your password, you can access your DVIDS User Profile to change your email address at any time.

    If you've forgotten your password, and do not have access to your email account, you will need to register a new DVIDS account using your current email address.
    Where do I go for technical help with the DVIDS website?
    If this FAQ does not solve your issue, you may request technical help using our Suggestion Box. Please note you must be logged in to use this feature.

    DVIDS Organization

    Is DVIDS run by the military?

    Is a state-of-the-art, 24/7 operation owned by DMA (Defense Media Activity) that provides a timely, accurate and reliable connection between the media around the world and the military serving at home and abroad.

    Through a network of portable Ku-band satellite transmitters’ located in-theater, robust IP connections, and a distribution hub DVIDS makes available real-time broadcast-quality video, still images and print products as well as immediate interview opportunities with service members, commanders and subject matter experts.

    DMA (Defense Media Activity)

    Defense Media Activity keeps Department of Defense audiences around the world informed, collects and preserves the Department’s visual information records and trains the Department’s Public Affairs and Visual Information professionals.

    DMA is the DoD’s direct line of communication for news and information to U.S. forces deployed worldwide, on land, sea and air. It presents news, information and entertainment through media outlets, including radio, TV, Internet, print media and emerging media technologies. DMA broadcasts radio and television to forces in 177 countries and 279 Navy ships at sea with Department-specific news and information programming.

    Information presented on or via DVIDS is considered public information and may be distributed or copied unless otherwise specified. Use of appropriate byline/photo/image credits is requested

    DVIDS Content

    Who pays for DVIDS?
    The DVIDS service is paid for by the US Department of Defense via the Department of the Army, Third Army/US Army Central (ARCENT).
    I want coverage about a specific military unit or topic. Where can I find it?
    You may search existing site content using the DVIDS Content Search. A search box is located on every page of the site, just under the site masthead. To ensure your search results are useful, make your search terms as specific as possible.

    If you represent a media outlet, see this topic: Media Requests.

    Military units desiring coverage may contact the DVIDS Military Media specialist for more information.
    Why hasn’t my favorite publication been updated?
    If the latest issue isn't where you'd expect it to be, it's likely DVIDS has not yet received it. Due to field conditions or operational constraints, publishing units are sometimes unable to update files, but the latest issue should be available soon.

    To stay informed, use the DVIDS Alerts system: DVIDS will automatically send you an email informing you when your favorite publication is updated, based on the criteria you specify. For publication updates, use the name of the publication as your alert search criteria.
    Where does this content come from?
    All content on the DVIDS hub website is created and submitted by US Military personnel, US Government agencies, and contractors operating in the US Army Central Area of Responsibility, including Iraq, Afghanistan, and throughout the world.
    Is content on DVIDS copyrighted? Is it free for public use?
    DVIDS receives content from many branches and offices of the DoD and U.S. Federal Government. In general, all content on DVIDS is in the Public Domain.

    There may be some cases where media content is copyrighted to a contracted agent of the U.S. Federal Government or was licensed for use by the Government. In these cases, the content must be licensed for royalty-free use by the public or other similar permissible license to be posted on DVIDS. Please examine the copyright area at the bottom of each media asset page for details.

    For more information on U.S. DoD copyright status and requirements, please see
    I'm a US Military personnel. How do I submit content to DVIDS?
    Contact your Unit Commander or NCOIC to determine if your unit is already registered for DVIDS submission. If not, your unit must first be registered to use the DVIDS system. Contact the DVIDS Training Chief for assistance in this process. Once your unit is online, you may submit content subject to proper release authority through your chain of command.
    I represent a TV or Radio station or media outlet. How do I get DVIDS content?
    You may request coverage on any topic, unit, or personnel by creating a Media Request. Please note you must create a DVIDS account to use this feature. A DVIDS Media Specialist will contact the appropriate military Public Affairs personnel necessary to fulfill your request.
    I need high-definition or broadcast-quality content. How do I get it?
    High-resolution image files are available to any logged-in user. For broadcast-quality video content or other needs, please submit a Media Request.

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    Does DVIDS provide an RSS feed for content updates?
    The 10 most recently-published News articles are available in the DVIDS RSS feed, located here:

    Holiday Greetings

    Where is my servicemember’s holiday greeting?
    If we received the greeting, it should be listed under the state for which it was intended. Use the Holiday Greeting map to find it. Also make sure the correct Holiday is selected.

    If the greeting was sent for a location outside the United States, including Puerto Rico and American Samoa, it can be found in International Greetings.

    Sometimes DVIDS receives greeting videos with incomplete information, and we cannot categorize them properly. Try the Uncategorized Greetings section to find the one you're looking for. You may also use the "Search Names" feature, located at the bottom of the greetings page, to search for the name of your servicemember.

    If you still haven't found your Greeting, it's likely because it's still being processed, or because DVIDS has not received it. Due to the high volume of videos received, there may be a backlog of new greetings to process. Please check back frequently; DVIDS strives to make every greeting available before the holiday for which they were recorded.

    Occasionally, due to circumstances beyond our control, videos recorded by field units are never received by DVIDS. In these rare cases, greetings recorded by servicemembers abroad will not be available on the site.
    Where do I find old greetings from past holidays?
    At the top of the Holiday Greetings page, use the "Select Holiday" box to find archived Holiday Greetings.
    I’m a US military personnel. How do I record a holiday greeting?
    Contact your Commanding Officer or unit PAO for more information. The DVIDS Training Chief may be able to provide more information for your unit PAO.