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    NCO Journal Podcast

    NCO Journal Podcast

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    The NCO Journal Podcast supports the training, education, and professional development of the U.S. Army's NCO Corps by providing a forum for the open exchange of ideas, information, and solutions.


    • NCO Journal Podcast Episode 51 - What is the Purpose of Use or Lose Leave?

      SGM David Vowell joins the NCO Journal Podcast to discuss his new article, "What is the Purpose of Use or Lose Leave?"


    • NCO Journal Podcast Episode 50 - The Importance of Empowering your Subordinates

      Sgt. Brandon Burnett and Master Sgt. James Carmichael join the NCOJ Podcast to discuss their philosophies on leadership based on Sgt. Burnett's article, "The Importance of Empowering your Subordinates."


    • NCO Journal Podcast Episode 48 - Want to Avoid a FLIPL? Focus on Supply Discipline

      Col. Glenn A. Henke and special guest Sgt. Maj. Lawrence W. McKnight Jr. from the 32nd Army Air and Missile Defense Command take a deep dive into Henke's article "Want to Avoid a FLIPL? Focus on Supply Discipline" with NCO Journal staff.


    • NCO Journal Podcast Episode 47 - Creativity The Backbone of Initiative

      Dr. Richard McConnell and special guest Jacob Mong from CGSC take a deep dive into Creativity: The "Backbone" of Initiative with NCO Journal staff.


    • NCO Journal Podcast Episode 46 - Drill Sergeant Misconduct

      CSM Robert Theus joins the NCO Journal Podcast to discuss Drill Sergeant Misconduct for his new article with special guest CSM Rickey Jackson, the U.S. Army Drill Sergeant Academy Commandant to discuss issues and solutions.


    • NCO Journal Podcast Episode 45 - Developing Strategically-Minded Enlisted Leaders

      Staff Sgt. Nicholas DiMichele joins the podcast to discuss his new article, "Developing Strategically-Minded Enlisted Leaders," with the NCO Journal team Mar. 22, 2023.


    • NCO Journal Podcast Episode 44 - Choosing Hardship Today for an Easier Tomorrow

      In this podcast we discuss the article “Choosing Hardship Today for an Easier Tomorrow,” written by MSG Larry A. Milner Jr. The NCO Journal team is joined by Benjamin Smith, a lead strength and conditioning coach at the 10th Combat Aviation Brigade, 10th Mountain Division, Fort Drum, to discuss the physical effects of exercise and how they translate into resilience.


    • NCO Journal Podcast Episode 43 - NCOs Role in MDO

      In this podcast, the NCO Journal team have a roundtable discussion about Multi-domain operations and what NCOs should be doing to prepare for the future fight.


    • NCO Journal Podcast Episode 42 - Alcohol and the Army: A Toxic Relationship

      Retired Command Sgt. Maj. Gabriel Arnold joins the NCO Journal Podcast to discuss alcohol’s adverse effects on unit readiness and discipline, and how leaders can curb alcohol glamorization in his new article, Alcohol and the Army: A Toxic Relationship. Also joined by special guests, CSM Justin Shad and CSM Jason Porras as they tell their stories of coming to grips with alcoholism and getting help.


    • NCO Journal Podcast Episode 41 - Building Command Relationships through PME

      SGM Jason Abitua joins the NCO Journal team to discuss combining professional military education for officers and NCOs at all levels to enhance productivity in future command teams.


    • NCO Journal Podcast Episode 40 - The Shop

      Staff Sgt. Brandon Cox and former team members join the NCO Journal podcast to talk about his recent article, "The Shop," an article focused on Army Team Building and lessons learned.


    • NCO Journal Podcast Episode 39 - Embracing the Future of a Multidomain Army

      Sgt. Maj. Charles Wilson joins the NCO Journal Podcast to discuss how the U.S. Army can prepare and succeed in multidomain operations.


    • NCO Journal Podcast Episode 38 - The Filthy 13

      The NCO Journal team and special guest Roy Parker, a WWII expert and historian for the Army University Press films team talk about a famous demolitions squad from the 506th PIR during World War II, and how they relate to current mission command principles.


    • NCO Journal Podcast Episode 37 - Project Athena: Coaching and the IDP

      Sgt. Maj. Craig A. Collins sits down with the NCO Journal Team to discuss Project Athena, coaching, and the Common Individual Development Plan. This type of coaching focuses on creating an IDP that helps Soldiers accomplish short- and long-term goals.


    • NCO Journal Podcast Episode 36 - The C.U.R.E. for Distrust: Communication, Understanding, Respect, and Expertise

      Capt. Andrew Bibb maintains four elements are indispensable in "The C.U.R.E. for Distrust" - communication, understanding, respect, and expertise. When woven into an organization’s culture, they produce the kind of trust necessary for aggressive, adaptable, and lethal action on the battlefield. Listen to the conversation in the latest NCO Journal podcast.


    • NCO Journal Podcast Episode 35 - Command Authority: A Guide for Senior Enlisted Leaders

      Master Sgt. Andre Coln and Command Sgt. Maj. Bill Woods join the NCO Journal Podcast to discuss command authority, and what junior and senior enlisted personnel need to know to be successful.


    • NCO Journal Podcast Episode 34 - Mission Command at the Battle of 73 Easting

      In our newest podcast, Master Sgt. Dustin Denney, the NCO Journal staff, and a historian examine mission command principles, the elements of command and control, and the warfighting functions used at the Battle of 73 Easting as they relate to the NCO Corps.


    • NCO Journal Podcast Episode 33 - Transition from Soldier to Leader

      Dr. Larry Golba joins the NCO Journal Podcast to discuss his recent article, "Transition from Soldier to Leader." Dr. Golba is a Research Psychologist for the U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences.


    • NCO Journal Podcast Episode 32 - Have We Forgotten The Rehearsal

      Col. Todd A. Schmidt and Command Sgt. Maj. Jason C. Porras join the NCO Journal Podcast to discuss the importance of Army rehearsals and how they effect the NCO Corps.


    • NCO Journal Podcast Episode 31 - Love and Leadership

      The NCO Journal team holds a discussion on the interconnection between Army Leadership and "love," based on the recent article from Sgt. Maj. Anson C. Jordan, an assistant professor at the Sergeants Major Residence Course at Fort Bliss, Texas.


    • NCO Journal Podcast Episode 30 - Surviving the March: Lessons Learned from 101st AD

      Army doctors stress that NCOs must prepare for the consequences of training in hot, humid environments and recommend best practices developed by the 101st AD to allow for continued combat training during the summer months.


    • NCO Journal Podcast Episode 29 - Adapting to the Pandemic: CoI and the SGM-A

      Tune in to our newest Podcast episode, "Adapting to the Pandemic: Community of Inquiry and the SGM-A" featuring Sgt. Maj. Julio Cesar Armas, where we discuss his challenges and discoveries during the pandemic.


    • NCO Journal Podcast Episode 28: Build a Ladder of Discipline One Rung at a Time

      Listen to our latest Podcast Episode "Build a Ladder of Discipline One Rung at a Time" featuring Sgt. Maj. Dennis Cronin where we discuss his five-step ladder of discipline.


    • NCO Journal Podcast Episode 27: Don't ST*U

      Maj. L. Burton Brender joins with the NCO Journal Team to discuss his recent article, "Don't ST*U," written as a response to the wildly popular article published by the NCO Journal titled, "The Understated Art of Knowing When to ST*U." Featuring special guest, retired Command Sgt. Maj. Gabriel Arnold.


    • NCO Journal Podcast Episode 26: PTSD and the Student Veteran

      Sgt. Maj. David C. Cox joins the NCO Journal team to discuss his recent article, "PTSD and the Student Veteran: Is Distance Learning the Answer?."


    • NCO Journal Podcast Episode 25: The Understated Art of Knowing When to ST*U

      Sgt. Maj. Robert Nelson and Retired Command Sgt. Maj. Gabriel Arnold join the NCO Journal Podcast to talk about their popular new article, "The Understated Art of Knowing When to ST*U."


    • NCO Journal Podcast Episode 24: We Were Ghosts: A Vietnam Story

      Mr. Travis Maruska, an associate professor of writing and media studies at the Anna Maria College in Paxton, MA, discusses his new article "We Were Ghosts: A Vietnam Story," with the NCO Journal team on May. 18, 2022.
      This is a story about the harrowing tales and real experiences of a Special Forces Veteran during the Vietnam War.


    • NCO Journal Podcast Episode 23: Operation Barbarossa

      Master Sgt. Phillip Fenrick joins the NCO Journal to discuss his recently published article, "Operation Barbarossa: A Lesson in Hubris and Strategy."


    • NCO Journal Podcast Episode 22: Mission Command in Ia Drang Valley

      "The war in Vietnam challenged Army commanders for over a decade, and the Battle of Ia Drang Valley provides a critical case study to understand the relationship between mission command, mission success, and force preservation," argues Master Sgt. Jason E. Crawford as he joins the NCO Journal for a podcast to discuss his new article, "Mission Command in the Ia Drang Valley."


    • NCO Journal Podcast Episode 21: Role of the Sending Unit

      Sgt. Maj. Roger Rendon, Command Sgt. Maj. Kenneth Jones, and Lt. Col. Joel Gleason join the NCO Journal to discuss their recently published article, "The Role of the Sending Unit."


    • NCO Journal Podcast Episode 20: Competitive Advantage

      "By changing and increasing the NCO Corps’ scope of responsibility and tapping into enlisted talent, the U.S. efficiently advances national defense and gains a competitive advantage against any adversary," argues U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Bonnie Rushing, in her new article, "Competitive Advantage: Increased Responsibility of Noncommissioned Officers."


    • NCO Journal Podcast Episode 19: Fixing the System

      Sgt. Maj. Robert Nelson and Retired Command Sgt. Maj. Gabriel Arnold join us to discuss their recently authored NCO Journal article, titled "Fixing the System: How Leaders can Prevent Complex Problems."
      Topics discussed include employing Carnegie's "six principles of improvement" to identify root causes of problems at the systemic level to build a better team and prevent Army leaders from attributing negative character traits to individual Soldiers, rather than the system or circumstances that led to the mistake.


    • NCO Journal Podcast Episode 18: Battle of Mogadishu

      Sgt. Maj. Clayton Dos Santos, and retired Sgt. Maj. James Perdue join us to discuss their recent NCO Journal article “Battle of Mogadishu”. Mission Command was the topic of discussion with Perdue, who was present during the Battle. Special guest appearance by Dr. Randy Masten, Army University Press Films Team Chief.


    • NCO Journal Podcast Episode 17: Serving with ADHD

      We talk with our own SSG Jarred Woods, senior editor with the NCO Journal, about his article "Serving with ADHD" where he aims to dispel misconceptions and offer insights for NCOs who lead easily distracted Soldiers and their professional development.


    • NCO Journal Podcast Episode 16: Building a Culture of Growth

      Sgt. Maj. Billy J. Atkinson, retired Sgt. Maj. David L. Stewart, and Sgt. Maj. Victor Velasco join us to discuss their recent NCO Journal article "Building a Culture of Growth. Topics discussed include developing Soldiers, building trust within an unit/organization, and emotional intelligence.


    • NCO Journal Podcast Episode 15: The Information Domain and Social Media

      Sgt. Maj. Alexander Aguilastratt, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command liaison to Headquarters, Department of the Army, joins us to discuss his article series, "The Information Domain and Social Media." Topics discussed include adversarial use of social media to spread disinformation/misinformation and how to safely navigate and operate within the information domain.


    • NCO Journal Podcast Episode 14: Project Athena Action

      Sgt. Maj. Craig Collins, sergeant major for the Department of Curriculum Development at the NCO Leadership Center of Excellence, joins us to discuss his recent article "Project Athena in Action." Among the topics discussed are what Project Athena is, and how it can develop more self-aware leaders.


    • NCO Journal Podcast: Modernization

      In this episode of the NCO Journal Podcast we speak with Undersecretary of the Army Ryan D. McCarthy and Sgt. Maj. of the Army Daniel A. Dailey about Army modernization.


    • NCO Journal Podcast: Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training

      In this episode of the NCO Journal Podcast we speak with Command Sgt. Maj. Edward Mitchell from the Center for Initial Military Training about the changes occurring at both Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training.