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    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Sacramento District      

    Sacramento, CA, US  


    Recent Videos

    Team History

    Team History

    10.07.2019 | Video by John Prettyman
    How many employees worked for the Sacramento District in the 1930s? Get the answer to this question, and discover the origins of our team in...
    Regulatory History

    Regulatory History

    10.04.2019 | Video by John Prettyman
    What 1970s legislation established the foundation for the Sacramento District’s regulatory program? Get the answer to this question, and...
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    Recent Images

    SCCCHP Vernal pools

    SCCCHP Vernal pools

    09.09.2019 | Photo by Joseph P Bruton
    Vernal pools, such as this one seen in South Sacramento County, are one of the focus areas for conservation amid expected housing and area city...
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    Join Our Team! Poster

    Join Our Team! Poster

    11.19.2018 | Graphics by John Prettyman
    See what positions we have available on USAJOBS here: usace.usacejobs.gov This poster was created to showcase U.S. Army Corps of Engineers...
    Dam Safety Infographic

    Dam Safety Infographic

    09.18.2018 | Graphics by John Prettyman
    This infographic was created to provide critical information about the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District’s 17 dams and reservoirs...
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