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    U.S. Army Forces Command      

    Fort Bragg, NC, US  


    Current Personnel:

    Paul Boyce
    Carol Eubanks
    Sgt. Maj. Pleasant Lindsey
    Ruben Maestas
    Maj. junghun park
    John Satterwhite
    Lt. Col. Timothy Stauffer
    Kimberly Waldron

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    Recent Publications

    FORSCOM Frontline - 07.14.2017

    FORSCOM Frontline - 07.14.2017

    This week: 101st Airborne Division Soldiers support SERE training; Senior Leaders: New FORSCOM DCG arrives; On Point: Army lessons learned...
    FORSCOM Frontline - 07.06.2017

    FORSCOM Frontline - 07.06.2017

    This week: Building readiness: Soldiers assess, adapt to land combat; Senior Leaders: POTUS: “I will always have your back”; On Point: Army...
    FORSCOM Frontline - 06.29.2017

    FORSCOM Frontline - 06.29.2017

    This week: Army, joint forces conduct vital ‘hot range’ training in Africa; Senior Leaders: FORSCOM Birthday message; On Point: Off-duty...
    FORSCOM Frontline - 06.22.2017

    FORSCOM Frontline - 06.22.2017

    This week: SECDEF: 2018 budget will continue readiness recovery; Senior Leaders: SECDEF talks Afghan strategy; On Point: Army announces force...
    FORSCOM Frontline - 06.15.2017

    FORSCOM Frontline - 06.15.2017

    This week: ‘Thunderbolt Assassins’ prove ready in joint artillery exercise; Senior Leaders: Army Birthday Greetings; On Point: Blended...
    FORSCOM Frontline - 06.08.2017

    FORSCOM Frontline - 06.08.2017

    This week: New FORSCOM unit recruits at Fort Bragg; Senior Leaders: Army Birthday 2017; On Point: National Safety Month; Web link: LGBT Pride...
    FORSCOM Frontline - 06.01.2017

    FORSCOM Frontline - 06.01.2017

    This week: President leads nation’s remembrance on Memorial Day; Senior Leaders: Abrams honors the fallen; On Point: Cyber Sextortion; Web link:...

    Recent News Stories

    Bonner takes the helm at key APG unit

    Bonner takes the helm at key APG unit

    07.19.2017 | Courtesy Story
    The 20th CBRNE Command held a change of command on July 19 at the McBride Parade Field in Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, in which Brig. Gen....

    The 2017 Jamboree offers the opportunity to work...

    07.17.2017 | Story by Sharon Matthias
    GLEN JEAN, W.Va. (July 18, 2017) – When first responders get called to an emergency, they must communicate and work together with other agencies to successfully complete their duties. This rule does not change for military combat medics, working jointly with civilian medical professionals at the 2017 National Jamboree.

    Warrant Officers celebrate 99th birthday

    07.09.2017 | Story by Master Sgt. Shelia Cooper
    BAGRAM AIR FIELD, Afghanistan – On July 9, 1918, the U.S. Army developed what is known today as the U.S. Army Warrant Officer Corps. The corps was developed to serve as a communication bridge between enlisted Soldiers and officers during wartime operations. During World War I, congress established the Army Mine Planters Service as part of the Coast Artillery Corps. This implementation employed 40 warrant officers to serve in the...
    PAO in action

    PAO in action

    07.08.2017 | Courtesy Story
    Sgt. Christopher Schmiett, a Public Affairs Noncommissioned officer, assigned to the 1st Armored Division Resolute Support Sustainment Brigade,...

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    1st Lt. Jeffrey Meek

    11.11.2015 | Courtesy Audio
    1LT Jeffrey Meek, from Wilmette, Ill., talks to a Wilmette Beacon reporter, on Veterans Day, about his military service and being injured during...

    CSM Harold E. Dunn IV

    11.09.2015 | Courtesy Audio
    CSM Harold E. Dunn IV talks to an Army Times reporter about being a part of the 20th CBRNE Command and the types of missions they are a part of .

    SSG Ignacio Rosa

    11.09.2015 | Courtesy Audio
    SSG Ignacio Rosa, EOD Team Leader, with the 18th OD CO (EOD) talks to an Army Times reporter about an incident that he was involved in.

    Uphill Battle Radio

    12.12.2014 | Audio by Sgt. Travis Delzell
    Radio Feature about Pfc. Blake Hill from 2nd Battalion, 3rd Field Artillery Regiment at Fort Bliss, Texas. Challenge is nothing new to a Soldier....

    Sgt. Justin Shields

    10.16.2014 | Courtesy Audio
    Sgt. Justin Shields talks with a reporter from Crawford Broadcasting about his responsibilities during his deployment.

    Sgt. Zachary Bandli

    10.09.2014 | Courtesy Audio
    Sgt. Zachary Bandli, from Ogden, Utah, talks to a reporter with The Gazette, in Colorado Springs, Colo., about participating in the 2014 Best...