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    72nd Air Base Wing Public Affairs      

    Tinker AFB , OK, US  


    Current Personnel:

    Jillian Coleman
    Tiffany English
    Kimberly N Woodruff

    Content Online:


    Recent Images

    552 ACW Safety Day

    552 ACW Safety Day

    05.24.2018 | Photo by Ron Mullan
    Members of the 552nd Maintenace Squadron collect safety items from one of the dozens of contractors demonstrating their safty equipment as part of...

    Recent Videos

    OC-ALC Orientation Video

    OC-ALC Orientation Video

    09.01.2017 | Video by Jerry Bryza
    The Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex, Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma is one of the largest units in the Air Force Materiel Command. The...

    Recent News Stories

    Tinker Celebrates 75 Years: Aeronca L-16 Champion...

    12.21.2017 | Story by Greg L. Davis
    The Aeronca L-16 Champion is a derivative of Aeronca’s earlier successful observation/liaison platform from World War II, the L-3. The L-16 differs from the L-3 in having more fuel capacity and more powerful engines. Both ‘L’ platforms in the series are militarized versions of the company’s Model 65 tandem-seat trainer.

    Tinker Celebrates 75 Years: Allison/General...

    12.20.2017 | Story by Greg L. Davis
    The J35 turbojet is an outgrowth from the earliest mass-produced turbojet engine, the J33. The J35s initial refinements increased thrust, but it wasn’t until project management was placed in the hands of General Motor’s Allison Division that a radical redesign and development of afterburner created exponential increases in thrust.

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