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    USS RONALD REAGAN (CVN 76)      

    Yokosuka, Kanagawa, JP  

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    CTF-70 Holds Another Round of Innovation Pitches

    11.15.2017 | Story by Charles J Scudella
    “The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation.” While The Walt Disney Company’s CEO Bob Iger was talking about his own company when he said that, the same applies to the Navy. Now the Navy wants its deck-plate Sailors to help the service become more modern.

    3MI Club: You Are Not Your Spot Check Score

    In chapter 12 of Fight Club, Tyler asks the narrator to type up the fight club rules and make exactly 10 copies. The narrator uses the copier at work to do this but forgets the original in the machine. His boss finds it, asks the narrator about it and proceeds to read the rules out loud – mocking him as he does. What follows is not your typical office space water cooler conversation.

    Recent Audio

    Cmdr. Haas

    09.17.2009 | Courtesy Audio
    Talks to a KNSD reporter about being a part of the U.S.S. Ronald Regan Strike Force, his mission, any contact with pirates, when he is expecting...

    Petty Officer 3rd Class Galloway, Part 1

    09.16.2009 | Courtesy Audio
    Talks to a reporter from KTSA-AM in San Antonio, Texas, about his duties as a RADAR technician aboard the USS Ronald Reagan currently stationed in...

    Petty Officer 3rd Class Galloway, Part 2

    09.16.2009 | Courtesy Audio
    Talks to a reporter from KTSA-AM in San Antonio, Texas, about training aboard ship while not in port, handling responsibilities at home while...

    Petty Officer 2nd Class Garcia

    09.11.2009 | Courtesy Audio
    Talks to a KTSA-AM reporter in San Antonio, Texas, about the mission of the USS Ronald Reagan, her mission as a mass communications specialist,...

    Lieutenant Junior Grade Gilbeau

    09.08.2009 | Courtesy Audio
    Talks to a KNSD-TV ( NBC) reporter in San Diego, Calif, about what motivated her to join the Navy and be a pilot.

    Petty Officer 1st Class Tufts

    09.01.2009 | Courtesy Audio
    Talks to a KNSD-TV reporter about what his job responsibilities are, what a typical day is like for him, what gives him the most satisfaction in...

    Capt. Ravelo

    08.25.2009 | Courtesy Audio
    Talks to a KNSD-TV about the U.S.S Ronald Regan being on its fourth deployment in support of the mission in Afghanistan, providing air support to...

    Lt. Papadopoulos

    10.14.2008 | Courtesy Audio
    Talks to the Captain's America Show in Tampa, Fla. about his duties while deployed, a typical day at sea on the USS Ronald Reagan, challenges he...

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    SeventySixer - 12.01.2017

    SeventySixer December 2017 -- "Sailor in the Spotlight: ABEAN Eddie Bacharach"; "392 Days"; "The History That Led to the Pearl Harbor Attack";...
    Hellcat News - 11.05.2017

    Hellcat News - 11.05.2017

    HELLCAT NEWS Vol.1 Issue 134 -- "The Chief's Last Stand"; "CNO Presents 2017 Stockdale Leadership Awards"; "Week in Review"; "Comfort's...
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    SeventySixer - 11.01.2017

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    Hellcat News - 10.28.2017

    Hellcat News - 10.28.2017

    HELLCAT NEWS Vol. 1 Issue 126 "How Ronald Reagan Gets a Grip"; "Changes Coming to TRICARE Organization, Provider Access"
    SeventySixer - 10.01.2017

    SeventySixer - 10.01.2017

    SeventySixer October 2017 -- "Sailor in the Spotlight: AEAN Chanel Curbeam"; "Turning Japanese: Two Years in Japan"; "Purple Dragon Rising";...
    Hellcat News - 09.10.2017

    Hellcat News - 09.10.2017

    Hellcat News Vol. 1 Issue 86 -- "Pacific Fleet Commander Attends Seapower Symposium"; "U.S. Navy Successfully Conducts AN/SPY-6(V) Radar Missile...
    SeventySixer - 09.01.2017

    SeventySixer - 09.01.2017

    SeventySixer September 2017 -- "Sailor in the Spotlight: RPC(Sel) Juan Vences"; "Leadership is not Selfish"; "Suicide Prevention Month"; "The...