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    United Nations regional peacekeeping seminar held...

    04.02.2017 | Story by Capt. Cody Chiles
    PANCHKHAL, Nepal — Senior peacekeeping leaders from the United Nations (U.N.) attended a regional seminar designed to develop capabilities and improve performance during peacekeeping operations at the Nepalese Army Headquarters and the Birendra Peace Operations Training Centre (BPOTC) March 31 – April 2.

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    Traumatic Stress Relief Team (Radio)

    03.26.2011 | Courtesy Audio
    Radio package about service members throughout the Pacific are actively engaged in helping the nation of Japan through Operation Tomodachi. Petty...

    Sendai Pick Up and Drop Off (Radio)

    03.25.2011 | Courtesy Audio
    Radio package about a C-130 picking up supplies from Atsugi and dropping them off at Sendai in support of Operation Tomodachi. Produced by Lance...

    Yokosuka-Candlelight Vigil, Audio Version

    03.20.2011 | Courtesy Audio
    In times of crisis military communities come together. The Chapel of Hope held a candlelight vigil for the victims of the disasters in Japan....

    Misawa USAID Completes Mission

    03.19.2011 | Courtesy Audio
    Package of USAID's completed mission in Japan after their 9.0 earthquake. Produced by Petty Officer Karla Kaminski. Audio only.

    Voluntary Departure, Audio Version

    03.19.2011 | Courtesy Audio
    On a typical day, the community center on Yakota Air Base is busy with people. It’s a hot spot for activities such as Zumba and Body Vamp, and...

    JASDF Aids Recovery Efforts at Yamada

    03.19.2011 | Courtesy Audio
    Japan continues to recover from the effects of an earthquake and tsunami with the aid of countries from around the world, working hand in hand...

    MCAS Iwakuni Commander Town Hall

    03.18.2011 | Courtesy Audio
    Package of of a town hall meeting at the Sakura Theater in Japan to address resident's concerns about the recent disaster in Northern Japan....

    Samoa - Governor Thanks Troops

    10.04.2009 | Courtesy Audio
    Package of the governor of American Samoa making a statement about how the U.S. military is helping with tsunami recovery efforts and sending a...

    Recent Publications

    Liaison - 09.01.2015

    Liaison - 09.01.2015

    Liaison Journal Fall 2015: Emerging Challenges to Civil-Military Coordination in Disaster Response
    Liaison - 03.13.2015

    Liaison - 03.13.2015

    Liaison is CFE-DMHA’s biannual journal of disaster management and humanitarian relief collaborations. Articles are from throughout the disaster...
    Liaison - 04.30.2014

    Liaison - 04.30.2014

    Liaison is CFE’s biannual journal of disaster management and humanitarian relief collaborations. Articles are from throughout the DMHA community...