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    III Corps      

    Fort Hood, TX, US  


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    Fort Riley

    Fort Riley

    01.01.1856 | Photo by Collen McGee
    Fort Riley's Arnold Hall was named for Abraham Kerns Arnold, Fort Riley’s seventh post commander, first president of the United States Cavalry...

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    Support The Line

    Support The Line

    11.22.2019 | Courtesy Video
    Troopers from the Regimental Support Squadron, 3rd Calvary Regiment, rushed to seek refuge behind cover, be it a berm, armored vehicle or shallow...

    Recent News Stories

    New year: Financial Fitness

    01.10.2020 | Story by Gail Parsons
    This is the first of an eight-part series addressing financial issues — how to avoid and repair credit and debt problems. Check out next week’s edition of the 1st Infantry Division Post for information on how to fix credit.

    Blowback starts with fire under pressure

    01.10.2020 | Story by Collen McGee
    Doc Jargon is a weekly column that takes a look at military words and phrases, the jargon that makes up military speak, and translates it into civilian language. Sometimes Doc will also look at where a phrase comes from.

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    Fort Hood on Track

    10.09.2013 | Audio by Staff Sgt. James Tapin
    This is a Fort Hood on Track piece that aired on FortHoodRadio.com on Oct. 2, 2013. The broadcaster for this piece is Staff Sgt. James Tapin, III...

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