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    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District

    Fort Worth, TX, US  


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    05.17.2016 | Courtesy Photo
    Fort Worth District Regulatory Project Manager and Mitigation Banking Coordinator Brent Jasper observes the Bushneck Bayou Mitigation Bank during...

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    Army working to save Civil War powder magazine in...

    08.15.2016 | Story by James Frisinger
    River erosion threatens to topple a historic Civil War powder magazine into Big Cypress Bayou in Jefferson, Texas. It's the last structure, purpose-built for the war by Confederate forces, that survives in Texas. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Fort Worth District is partnering with the Historic Jefferson Foundation under the Continuing Authorities Program to rescue this building.


    06.17.2016 | Story by Clayton Church
    Simple one word: impact. Webster defines the verb impact as: • : to have a strong and often bad effect on (something or someone) • : to hit...