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    Defense Logistics Agency      

    Fort Belvoir, VA, US  


    Current Personnel:

    John Bell
    Brianne M Bender
    Michael Blaha
    Melissa Bohan
    Tom Budzyna
    Gary Burdett
    Amy Clement
    Willie Cooper
    Christopher Erbe
    Kimberly K Fritz
    Peter Gentry
    Timothy Haidl
    Andrea Johnson
    Jacob Joy
    Jason Kaneshiro
    Bonnie Koenig
    Patrick Mackin
    Michelle McCaskill
    Amber McSherry
    Leon Moore
    Phillip Prater
    Joseph Yoswa

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    Recent Images

    Saving Lives

    Saving Lives

    07.19.2017 | Photo by Michael Tuttle
    Employees from DLA Troop Support’s Customer Pharmacy Operations Center and the Pharmacy Prime Vendor division play key roles in providing...

    Recent Videos

    Get It, Got It, Done

    Get It, Got It, Done

    03.01.2017 | Video by Nutan Chada
    The goal of DLA's worldwide team is to get it done! Check out this infographic to get a snapshot of what we do every day to support you. For more...
    DPMAP Social Contract

    DPMAP Social Contract

    09.20.2017 | Video by William J. Miller
    DLA Land and Maritime’s Social Contract encourages meaningful, two-way communication between supervisors and employees that extends beyond...

    Recent News Stories

    DLA Troop Support based team recognized for...

    02.15.2018 | Story by JOHN DWYER
    A Defense Logistics Agency team that supports the Corpus Christi Army Depot was recognized for their part in helping keep military helicopters ready for flight. The CCAD Industrial Product-Support Vendor team was thanked by Air Force Col. Adrian Crowley, director of DLA Troop Support’s Industrial Hardware supply chain, for outstanding warfighter assistance and partnership through management of an estimated $135 million contract with KLX...

    Saving Lives

    01.22.2018 | Story by Shawn Jones
    When military healthcare providers stationed overseas don't have the medication they need in life-or-death emergencies, they turn to a small team of contracting officers with DLA Troop Support.

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    Recent Publications

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    Loglines - 09.09.2016

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    Loglines - 07.01.2014

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    The Defenes Logistics Agency publication Loglines May June 2014 issue focuses on training and educational programs offered to DLA employees and...
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    Loglines - 03.01.2014

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    Loglines - 01.01.2014

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    Loglines - 11.01.2013

    The November/December 2013 issue of Loglines focuses on DLA's Big Ideas initiative to cut costs.
    Loglines - 09.01.2013

    Loglines - 09.01.2013

    DLA is America's Combat Logistics Support Agency but we don't only do logistics. Science and research are a big part of the daily operations.


    Don Peschka

    Don Peschka

    09.11.2017 | Graphics by Dianne Ryder
    Donald Peschka, also a member of the DLA Energy Hall of fame, served at DLA 20 years as a civilian, in addition to service while on active duty in...