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    82nd Combat Aviation Brigade      

    Fort Bragg, NC, US  

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    Capt. Bruce Tyler

    07.31.2012 | Courtesy Audio
    Capt. Bruce Tyler, from Raleigh, N.C., talks to a Captain's America radio show host with WMGG-AM about his duties as a judge advocate general...

    Maj. Kenric Smith

    06.12.2012 | Courtesy Audio
    Maj. Kenric Smith talks with a WMGG-AM reporter about his responsibilities, MEDEVACS and his deployment to Afghanistan

    Maj. Charles Jennings

    06.05.2012 | Courtesy Audio
    Maj. Charles Jennings talks with a WMGG-AM reporter about his duties and responsibilities in the military

    Capt. Lisa Harris

    05.15.2012 | Courtesy Audio
    Capt. Lisa Harris, from Alexandria, Va., talks to a WMGG-AM reporter about her duties as a flight surgeon deployed to Afghanistan with 122nd...

    Air Force Capt. Gabriel Jacobson

    05.08.2012 | Courtesy Audio
    Air Force Capt. Gabriel Jacobson, from Atlanta, Ga., stationed at Eglin Air Force Base, Fla., deployed to Afghanistan with the 82nd Combat...

    Recent Publications

    Pegasus Magazine - 12.02.2011

    Pegasus Magazine - 12.02.2011

    Fueling success: A Soldier's story on the Farp; Danger: Hidden hazards lurking where you life; Task Force Poseidon (Pegasus) celebrates...
    Pegasus Magazine - 01.18.2010

    Pegasus Magazine - 01.18.2010

    Earthquake in Haiti; Message from Pegasus Command; Photos from the holidays...; TF Corsair delivers care packages; Message from Retention; New...