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    Your Personnel File

    Your Personnel File

    Audio | U.S. Army Human Resources Command


    A podcast from the U.S. Army's Human Resources Command


    • Your Personnel File – Episode 18: EMoD’s Live Sessions on Learning About IPPS-A Resources

      S1s and G1s can learn about the IPPS-A resources available to them through live and prerecorded training sessions conducted by HRC’s Enterprise Modernization Directorate. Here to talk about that on this episode of Your Personnel File is MSG Uriah Britt, Sr. NCO IPPS-A Branch, HRC.


    • Your Personnel File: Episode 17 - The NCO Evaluation Board Process

      Want to know how to prepare for your next NCO Evaluation Board? Ever wonder what happens once board members recess or how HRC uses the Order of Merit List (OML)? Take charge of your career and listen to TAG Talks Episode 2. Brig. Gen. Gregory S. Johnson, Sgt. Maj. Ramell Boyd (Acting TAG Sergeant Major) and Master Sgt. David Little (Chief, DA Secretariat) explain the NCO Evaluation Board Process and dispel some common myths along the way.


    • Your Personnel File - Episode 16: AIM2 - Preferencing and Location Considerations

      The episode features guests Maj. Andra DeAngelis, ORSA from Officer Personnel Management Directorate; Maj. Loren Peterson, Deputy Chief, Officer Accessions Branch; and Capt. Timothy Yu, Captains AG Career Manager. The group speaks about the upcoming assignment cycle with focus on how to preference available positions and considerations to make when selecting possible duty assignments.


    • Your Personnel File - Episode 15: Navigating Gray Area Retirements

      The episode features the Gray Area Retirements Branch Chief, Maj. Alan Lana. Lana explains the Gray Area Retirements process and how eligible Soldiers can successfully navigate the program.


    • Your Personnel File - Episode 14: Speaking to HRC Leadership

      An in-depth conversation with U.S. Army Human Resources Command's Maj. Gen. Thomas R. Drew, and Cmd. Sgt. Maj. Anthony B. McAdoo. Listen as they discuss how HRC delivers world-class talent management and modern human resources services to more than 6 million Soldiers, veterans and their families.


    • Your Personnel File - Episode 13: Talking to TAGs

      A conversation with Brig. Gen. Hope Rampy, The 62nd Adjutant General of the United States Army and Brig. Gen. Gregory Johnson, The 63rd Adjutant General of the United States Army.


    • Your Personnel File - Episode 12: The Past Conflict Repatriations Branch

      As we remember those who died in service to our country, this Memorial Day weekend, Mr. Greg Gardner, Chief of the Past Conflict Repatriations Branch, discusses the PCRB’s role in the identification, return and burial of past conflict Soldiers from World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War.


    • Your Personnel File - Episode 11: Army's Evaluation Reporting System

      Ms. Deb Stolze from the Policy Team of the Evaluations, Selections and Promotion Division of the Evaluations Branch at U.S. Army Human Resources Command provides inside into the importance of the Army's Evaluation Reporting System beyond mandatory counselings and evaluations.


    • Your Personnel File - Episode 10: Women's History Month

      Brig. Gen. Hope C. Rampy, The Adjutant General of the U.S. Army and 1st Lt. Brooke Stephens, assistant executive officer to The Adjutant General come together to discuss Women's History Month and their experiences as female Soldiers in the United States Army.


    • Your Personnel File - Episode 9: The Army Voting Assistance Program

      Mrs. Rachel Gilman, the Army Voting Action Officer, discusses how the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) works to ensure Soldiers, their eligible family members and overseas citizens are aware of their right to vote and have the tools and resources to successfully do so – from anywhere in the world.


    • Your Personnel File - Episode 8: A focused discussion on the Assignment Interactive Module 2 (AIM2)

      A conversation with Col. Greg Johnson, Maj. Chris Fisher and Cpt. Audley Campbell about the Assignment Interactive Module 2 (AIM2), the talent management marketplace for officers.


    • Your Personnel File - Episode 7: 2021 Year-In-Review and 2022 Expectations

      U.S. Army Human Resources Command Senior Enlisted Adviser Command Sgt. Maj. Anthony McAdoo shares a Year-In-Review for 2021 and expectations for 2022.


    • Your Personnel File - Episode 6: Enlisted Promotions

      U.S. Army Human Resources Command's "Your Personnel File" Episode 6 podcast features Sgt. Maj. Ramell J. Boyd, Promotions and Evaluations Branch SGM.
      SGM Boyd discusses new changes with enlisted promotions, order of merit list (OML) and temporary promotions.


    • Your Personnel File - Episode 5: Individual Ready Reserve (IRR)

      Army Maj. Lisa Dummitt discusses how the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) supports Army Readiness and provides ongoing opportunities for Soldiers in the IRR until they complete their service obligation.


    • Your Personnel File - Episode 4: Army Transition Assistance Program (TAP)

      Army Lt. Col. Steven Polacek discusses how the Army Transition Assistance Program (TAP) assists transitioning Soldiers discover knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to be competitive and successful in the global workforce.


    • Your Personnel File - Episode 3: A focused discussion on the Assignment Satisfaction Key - Enlisted Module (ASK-EM)

      Enlisted Personnel Management Directorate Sgt. Maj. Roger Rendon discuss ASK-EM.


    • Your Personnel File - Episode 2: A focused discussion on the Reserve Personnel Management Directorate

      A conversation with Brig. Gen. Kris Belanger and Sgt. Maj. Stuart Coupe on the Reserve Personnel Management Directorate's role and responsibilities to the Total Army.


    • Your Personnel File - Episode 1: Interview with HRC Inspector General

      Your Personnel File - Interview with HRC Inspector General