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    Aloha Minute

    Aloha Minute

    08.09.2018 | Video by Lance Cpl. Luke Kuennen
    The Aloha Minute is a weekly video highlighting events that have recently occurred aboard Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH), Aug. 10, 2018. The...

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    2018 Food Service Specialist of the Year Stands...

    08.08.2018 | Story by Lance Cpl. Brennan Priest
    MARINE CORPS AIR STATION FUTENMA, OKINAWA, Japan- The smell of cooking food wafts through the air as Marines hustle in preparation of the lunch rush. For Staff Sgt. Adrianne R. Devera, recipient of the 2018 Food Service Specialist of the Year Award in the staff noncommissioned officer category, the kitchen is where he feels most confident; he stands tall under the responsibility of being the assistant mess hall manager.

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    2016 Obon in Okinawa

    08.11.2016 | Audio by Cpl. Daniel Jean-Paul
    Obon will be taking place August 15 through August 17 throughout Okinawa, Japan. Service members are asked to please respect this sacred tradition...

    Cpl. Reece Lodder

    10.17.2011 | Courtesy Audio
    Cpl. Reece Lodder talks to a reporter from Unknown Soldiers Blog about his duties, responsibilities and his time in the military.

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    Golden Week 2018

    Golden Week 2018

    04.17.2018 | Graphics by Gunnery Sgt. Sven George
    Graphic banner created to promote golden week in Okinawa, Japan. This is one of three banners created for Marine Corps Air Station Futenma. (U.S....