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    354th Fighter Wing      

    Eielson AFB, AK, US  

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    Air Assault

    Air Assault

    10.12.2016 | Photo by Tech. Sgt. Steven Doty
    A wave of U.S. Army paratroopers, primarily from 3rd Battalion, 509th Parachute Infantry Regiment, cover the airspace over the Donnelly Drop Zone...

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    11th Air Force commander visits Eielson

    10.13.2016 | Story by Airman Isaac Johnson
    Lt. Gen. Ken Wilsbach, the newly appointed 11th Air Force commander, toured Eielson Air Force Base on Oct. 12 to visit the Iceman Team. Wilsbach, who took command in August, learned more about the base, the Airmen stationed here, and Eielson’s mission.

    Catch and release

    The roar of the jet can be felt inside the truck as 354th Civil Engineer Squadron power production Airmen wait for the go ahead from the tower. Once approved for entrance onto the flightline, the Airmen’s work begins. In 10 minutes, these Airmen work from one end of the flightline to the other to stretch out the long cable barriers that must be laid out for the jets to fly.

    Creating art through an autistic eye

    08.24.2016 | Story by Staff Sgt. Ashley Taylor
    Autism Awareness Month is formally recognized in April, but one family goes all-in to raise awareness about the disorder year-round. Members of the Waid family are often seen standing together, supporting their 20-year-old son Robert, who uses his artistic talents to educate people about how he lives a high-functioning life with autism. Robert and his family don’t view his autism as a disability, they see it as an opportunity to raise...

    ‘Meet in the middle’ brings love together

    08.11.2016 | Story by Staff Sgt. Shawn Nickel
    After four months of not standing on American soil together, Staff Sgt. John Dunlap finally joined hands with his wife and kissed his 6-month-old baby daughter at the international airport in Fairbanks, Alaska. Being absent from the lives of his family, the two weeks of long work days during RED FLAG-Alaska 16-3 would be nothing compared to the joy of holding his only child and wife during off time. Dunlap, a 35th Aircraft Maintenance...

    Managing the fleet during RF-A 16-3

    As jets take off and people disperse from their spots on the flightline, one tends to wonder how they get to and from each place. Do they walk everywhere? Or do they borrow a car? If you guessed borrowing a car, you might have won a million dollars on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire,” but in the Air Force, borrowing a car takes place with the 354th Logistics Readiness Squadron vehicle management fleet. Senior Airman Shawn Sharkey, a...

    Army, AF integrate first ever space aggressor...

    08.09.2016 | Story by Staff Sgt. Shawn Nickel
    Finding a camouflaged enemy to “find, fix and finish,” can be difficult even in the best conditions. Add in the element of 14,000-foot peaks, dense vegetation and a 67,000 square-mile battlefield and takes a trained warrior to pick out the needle in this haystack. With no GPS to guide a fighter pilot, finding the enemy or even the way home, makes locating that needle near impossible. The first-ever Army Space Aggressor soldier...

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