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    POW/MIA Remembrane

    POW/MIA Remembrane

    09.14.2017 | Photo by Van Ha
    Service members, spouses, friends and volunteers from Los Angeles Air Force Base and all branches of the military participated in a 24-hour torch...
    ORS-5 prelaunch

    ORS-5 prelaunch

    08.24.2017 | Photo by Van Ha
    Riaz Musani from The Aerospace Corporation and Lt. Col. Heather Bogstie, Operationally Responsive Space (ORS)-5 program manager, consults with...

    Recent Videos

    50th Anniversary of STP

    50th Anniversary of STP

    05.17.2017 | Video by Krista Knaus
    2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the Department of Defense Space Test Program’s (STP) first launch. The Space Test Program has flown over 568...
    ORS-5 Mission Video

    ORS-5 Mission Video

    08.26.2017 | Video by Krista Knaus
    Operationally Responsive Space or ORS is an innovative concept of meeting joint space requirements within months instead of years and getting...

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    Schriever Sentinel  - 09.07.2017

    Schriever Sentinel - 09.07.2017

    Schriever Air Force Base has its sights set on preparedness! Prepared to step in if a Wingman is in need, prepared for the curve-balls Mother...
    Schriever Sentinel  - 08.10.2017

    Schriever Sentinel - 08.10.2017

    Schriever hosts their very own Triathlon, and it's their 13th year running! Anti-terrorism awareness month is here, and 50 SFS wants to be sure...
    Schriever Sentinel  - 08.03.2017

    Schriever Sentinel - 08.03.2017

    50 FSS gets resilient, FIRST Educators get space savvy, archers take aim and more! Let's not forget that back to school is here, find out what...
    Schriever Sentinel  - 07.27.2017

    Schriever Sentinel - 07.27.2017

    Team Schriever and their families were finally able to enjoy the Summer Slam Base Picnic! Games, rides, food, family and fun were the status quo...
    Schriever Sentinel  - 07.20.2017

    Schriever Sentinel - 07.20.2017

    A Schriever Airman won world championship gold! Not to mention, the newly merged 4th Space Operations Squadron just got handed their first WGS...
    Schriever Sentinel  - 07.13.2017

    Schriever Sentinel - 07.13.2017

    The 50th Space Wing's UK GSU deserves some attention, as does our Chaplain team! Oh- and our new wing commander gets greeted to Schriever with a...