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    38th Infantry Division      

    Indianapolis, IN, US  

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    1-151INF Ball

    1-151INF Ball

    03.09.2019 | Photo by Sgt. Aimee Shatto
    25th Infantry Division Maj. Gen. Ronald Clark spoke to a crowded banquet hall during the First Battalion, 151st Infantry Regiment's annual...
    Hard work Paying off

    Hard work Paying off

    03.05.2019 | Photo by Sgt. Aimee Shatto
    38th Infantry Division Maj. Gen. Gordon Ellis promoted Matthew Padgett from Maj. to Lt. Col. Tuesday, March 5, 2019 at Camp Atterbury near...
    A moment of silence

    A moment of silence

    02.17.2019 | Photo by Sgt. Aimee Shatto
    The Assistant Adjutant General, Brig. Gen. Timothy Thombleson stands for a moment of silence at the beginning of the departure ceremony for the...

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