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    374th Airlift Wing      

    APO, AP, US  

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    Jump Week

    Jump Week

    01.11.2017 | Photo by Airman 1st Class Donald Hudson
    A Marine with the 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, 3rd Marine Division, III Marine Expeditionary Force, straps parachute to his body in preparation...
    Jump Week, Day and Night

    Jump Week, Day and Night

    01.11.2017 | Photo by Yasuo Osakabe
    A U.S. Marine from the 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, 3rd Marine Division, III Marine Expeditionary Force carries his parachute after landing at...

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    Serving Our Nations

    12.19.2016 | Story by Airman 1st Class Donald Hudson
    Master Sgt. Edward Silversmith, 374th Maintenance Squadron flight chief, has served in the U.S. Air Force for 22 years in various locations around the world, but never forgets his roots no matter how far he travels.

    Navigating Christmas Drop

    12.11.2016 | Story by Airman 1st Class DELANO SCOTT
    This is it. Years of training, months of planning, days of briefings and hours of flight have lead to this single moment. One mistake could mean that a remote island does not receive supplies that they’d been looking forward to since last year. The pilots, engineer, loadmaster; each crewmember of the C-130 Hercules plays an important role in delivering the bundle. However, airlift during Operation Christmas Drop 2016 could not be...

    KS17: 459 AS and Komatsu Air RQS conduct FTX

    11.17.2016 | Story by Yasuo Osakabe
    As the sun was setting behind the mountain terrain, it casted a deep orange hue onto the flightline as UH-1N Iroquois crewmembers completed their pre-flight inspections. Working diligently as twilight faded into darkness, the low hum of the twin turboshaft engines started signaling the start of the mission for the crew.

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    07.26.2011 | Courtesy Audio
    The Polynesian islands have a rich and diverse cultural heritage, each island with its own song and dance. Airman Ryan Lis talks to Mervyn Lilo, a...
    Yokota's 'Prop' Shop

    Yokota's 'Prop' Shop

    07.14.2011 | Courtesy Audio
    Without regular maintenance, Yokota’s C-130s wouldn’t be able to fly. Staff Sgt. Andrew Helmkamp talks to 374th Aerospace Propulsion flight...
    Yokota's pet care center

    Yokota's pet care center

    07.07.2011 | Courtesy Audio
    When Yokota service members are away, their pets can play at Yokota’s pet care center. Airman Ryan Lis tells us more about how the pet care...