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    214th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment      

    North Chesterfield, VA, US  

    Recent Images

    Grooving To The Music

    Grooving To The Music

    08.25.2019 | Photo by Sgt. Fred Brown
    Sgt. Rachel Summers plays the saxophone during the 380th Army Band Brass concert at the Chesterfield County Fair in Chesterfield, V.A. August 25,...
    Burn Notice

    Burn Notice

    03.22.2018 | Photo by Sgt. Fred Brown
    Army Sgt. Cyrus Cajudo, a Practical Nursing Specialist from San Diego, California with 7452nd Medical Backfill Battalion, West Medical Area...

    Recent Videos

    Feel the Music

    Feel the Music

    09.16.2019 | Video by Sgt. Fred Brown
    Army Reserve Soldiers with the 380th Army Band perform a collection of current and classic hits at the FreedomFest in Greenville V.A. Spc. Patrick...
    Relief Effort Preparation

    Relief Effort Preparation

    09.15.2018 | Video by Sgt. Fred Brown
    Army Reserve Soldiers with Delta Company, 5th Battalion, 159th General Support Aviation Battalion, 244th Aviation Brigade, 11th Aviation Command...

    Recent News Stories

    Creating the Chaos

    Creating the Chaos

    03.22.2018 | Story by Sgt. Fred Brown
    FORT McCOY, Wis. – In the training areas of Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, the 399th and 256th Combat Support Hospitals frantically assess and treat...
    Warriors Never Quit

    Warriors Never Quit

    06.16.2017 | Story by Spc. Trenton Fouche
    A sergeant grimaced in pain as he struggled to carry his rucksack. His shoulder had given out and he was fought to keep going. The Warrior Ethos...

    Recent Audio

    Both Sides Of The Coin

    06.15.2017 | Audio by Sgt. Fred Brown
    In the civilian world Staff Sgt. Jonathan Anderson works with a Combat Veteran Organization, but in uniform, he’s training future leaders and...

    Capt. Hudson

    05.12.2008 | Courtesy Audio
    Talks to the Hughes Sullivan Show in Detroit, Mich. about his duties while deployed and the progress of his mission.

    Command Sgt. Maj. Williams

    03.13.2008 | Courtesy Audio
    Talks to a KTEM reporter in Killeen, Texas, about his military service history, the duties of the 214th Fires Brigade, training Iraqi army and...

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