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    5th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment      

    Joint Base Lewis-McC, WA, US  

    Recent Images

    Mixed training pays off

    Mixed training pays off

    06.10.2017 | Photo by Sgt. Uriah Walker
    2nd Quarterly Combatives Tournament fighters tape the zippers on their uniforms and warm up in preparation for their matches at Kelly Fitness...
    Sexual culture shock

    Sexual culture shock

    06.02.2017 | Photo by Sgt. Uriah Walker
    Russell Strand completes a four-day Peninsula tour in Camp Henry, South Korea, June 2, 2017. Strand spoke to the audiences about the effects of...

    Recent Videos

    17th FA at YTC

    17th FA at YTC

    04.21.2017 | Video by Sgt. Simon McTizic
    Soldiers of 17th Field Artillery Battery fire their M-777 Howitzers April, 20 while conducting training at the Yakima Training Center.

    Recent News Stories

    Sexual culture shock

    Sexual culture shock

    06.06.2017 | Story by Sgt. Uriah Walker
    DAEGU, South Korea, June 6, 2017 – Culture is the social behavior and norms found in human societies. Culture is also a living thing in that it...

    Recent Audio

    Spc. Eric Francois

    07.09.2013 | Audio by Staff Sgt. Mark Miranda
    Spc. Eric Francois, from Dubuque, Iowa, talks to a Telegraph Herald reporter about his duties working in linguistics and how he learned the Farsi...

    SGT Nick Rodriguez

    06.04.2012 | Courtesy Audio
    SGT Nick Rodriguez talks to Alaska Public Radio about competing in the NCO and Soldier of the Year competition.

    Spc. Spencer Dahlheimer

    06.04.2012 | Courtesy Audio
    Spc. Spencer Dahlheimer talks to an Echo Press reporter about his time in the military.

    Recent Publications

    Courage Gram - 12.06.2015

    Courage Gram - 12.06.2015

    The Yama Sakura 69 Courage Gram Issue 1 includes the opening ceremony, cultural events, and the bilateral flag raising.
    Rising Thunder  - 07.09.2015

    Rising Thunder - 07.09.2015

    I Corps celebrates Independence Day during Talisman Sabre 15;4-25 ID jumps Down Under; U.S., Australian militaries conduct an open day ceremony;...
    Rising Thunder  - 09.30.2014

    Rising Thunder - 09.30.2014

    U.S., Japanese forces cometogther; Japanese tanks, U.S. Strykers combine fire power; Combined forces compete in annual half-marathon; Forces take...
    Rising Thunder  - 10.01.2013

    Rising Thunder - 10.01.2013

    Rising Thunder ’13 is a newsletter produced by the 5th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment covering the three weeks of combined training between...
    The Assembly - 12.06.2009

    The Assembly - 12.06.2009

    Ambassador visits Baraki Barak; General Petraus visit Baraki Barak; Rule of Law conference; Afghans Open Baraki Barak D.C.; COP Carwile makes...


    Spartan News Brief

    Spartan News Brief

    Features stories on U.S. Army Soldiers deployed to Afghansitan. Provided by 5th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment.