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    Paratroopers train to evacuate American...

    07.01.2016 | Story by Sgt. anthony hewitt
    FORT BRAGG, N.C., -- In the fictional country of Atropia, the people recently lost their president to an un-expected death. The president`s son takes control and rejects elections and amends constitutions. Rebellious students and other citizens form the South Atropian Peoples Army (SAPA) – a group seeking to transform Atropia and force their own beliefs upon the population.
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    ‘Cacti’ Soldier renders lifesaving aid

    ‘Cacti’ Soldier renders lifesaving aid

    06.04.2016 | Courtesy Photo
    A helicopter-based emergency medical service (EMS) lifts an injured 19-year-old female at Lanikai Pillbox Trail on Kaiwa Ridge, Kailua, Hawaii, on...
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