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    USS Nimitz (CVN 68)      

    Bremerton, WA, US  

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    Victory Through Perseverance: The Battle of Guadalcanal

    The Naval Battle of Guadalcanal – sometimes referred to as the Third and Fourth Battles of Savo Island, the Battle of the Solomons, The Battle of Friday the 13th, The Night of the Big Guns, or in Japanese sources, the Third Battle of the Solomon Sea – took place from November 12-15, 1942, and was the decisive engagement in a series of naval battles between Allied (primarily American) and Imperial Japanese forces during the months-long...

    Patience and Recovery: Steps 4 and 5

    Let’s shift direction a bit: following a decently-long period of being alcohol-free, my last time seriously drinking was on a two-week vacation to New York City in early 2018. Two of my good friends and I had the deliciously disgusting idea to get tipsy on alcoholic root beer and orange soda. Though the latter proved to be a particularly unsound investment, we chugged it to spite our dollars wasted, embracing that room-temperature mix of...

    Patience and Recovery: Step 3 Preparation

    I expected a newfound sense of clarity but was instead met with depression and dissatisfaction, constantly reconsidering my choice to abstain. I was still staying up past 3 a.m., and transitioning from party animal to lame babysitter was more frustrating than anticipated. I was prepared to maintain my sobriety, but I was honestly unprepared for how tough it’d prove to be.

    Patience and Recovery: Step 2 Contemplation

    I finally realized I needed a change the morning after an apartment party that turned south. During the party, I tried to kiss a woman I was friends with (twice), sprinted back and forth across the parking lot outside and threw an angry fit because despite what people were telling me, I totally wasn’t drunk. Bittersweetly, I remembered every detail and realized I never wanted to drink to the point of … whatever that was, ever again....

    Patience and Recovery

    Nearly every justification you could think of ran through my head at some point. I’m less shy. It’s a way to break the monotony of everyday life. I wouldn’t have any friends if I didn’t. I’m miserable without it. I could quit anytime. The list continues, and for many, it might be an uncomfortably familiar one. Not once between waking up in vomit or hungover and failing to remember what happened the night prior did I acknowledge the...

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    68 Magazine - 03.13.2023

    68 Magazine - 03.13.2023

    03.13.2023 | Courtesy Publication
    “Six Eight” is an authorized publication produced by and for the crew of USS Nimitz (CVN 68) and their families. Its content does not...
    68 Magazine - 12.25.2022

    68 Magazine - 12.25.2022

    12.25.2022 | Courtesy Publication
    221225-N-NO803-1000 – 25 DEC. 2022 Volume 3 Issue 17 Six Eight Magazine “Six Eight” is an authorized publication produced by and for the...
    68 Magazine - 10.23.2022

    68 Magazine - 10.23.2022

    10.23.2022 | Courtesy Publication
    221023-N-NO803-1000 – 23 OCT. 2022 Volume 3 Issue 14 Six Eight Magazine “Six Eight” is an authorized publication produced by and for the...