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    Air Force Doctrine Podcast

    Air Force Doctrine Podcast

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    Air Force Doctrine Podcast is the podcast of the LeMay Center for Doctrine Development & Education at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama. This podcast explores timely topics of interest regarding current and emerging doctrine to educate, inspire, and develop Airmen and Guardians. Guests will include a range of Service professionals and experts with vast knowledge and experience on a variety of military doctrine-related topics. Deciphering Doctrine episodes are one in collaboration with Squadron Officer School - Air University Advanced Research Elective.


    • Air Force Doctrine Podcast: Deciphering Doctrine – Ep 9 - The Origin and Future of Multi-Capable Airmen (MCA)

      In this episode of our Deciphering Doctrine series, we interview Chief Master Sergeant (CMSgt) Jason Sells on the origin and future of the multi-capable Airman (MCA) concept. Chief Sells has been involved with the creation and development of the MCA concept since its inception and currently leads the Air Force’s MCA development working group at Headquarters Air Force. Discussion items include the connection between MCA, agile combat employment (ACE), and mission command, as well as... read more


    • Air Force Doctrine Podcast: Lessons Learned in Doctrine- Ep 2 - Deterring a Peer Competitor: The Role of Airpower

      In the second episode of "Lessons Learned in Doctrine," our panel examines the role of Air Power in the period leading up to World War II and discusses how these lessons can be applied to the context of our current return to great power competition (GPC).

      The guests on this episode are Dr. Richard Mue, a Professor at the USAF School of Advanced Air and Space Studies (SAASS) at Maxwell AFB, Alabama, specializing in the history of air power and World War II, and Dr. Dan "Book'em" Jordan,... read more


    • Air Force Doctrine Podcast: Lessons Learned in Doctrine- Ep 1 - The Kabul Airlift

      In this first episode of our new series, “Lessons Learned in Doctrine,” we examine the application of Air Force doctrine during the operation to withdraw personnel from Afghanistan in August of 2020. Key insights include increased friction due to undefined command relationships and a degraded ability to communicate and trade data, ultimately preventing the establishment of a common operating picture. Yet despite these short comings, the overall success of the Kabul Airlift highlights the... read more


    • Air Force Doctrine Podcast: Deciphering Doctrine – Ep 8 – The Transition from GWOT to GPC

      In this episode, we talk with Colonel Anthony Sampson, the Air University Cyber Chair and Air War College Instructor, and Mr. KC Brooks from the LeMay Center on transitioning from a two-decade conflict in the middle east to great power competition (GPC). The group discusses the mindset and training transitions required by military members and planners accustomed to operating in a permissive environment to a future conflict environment that will likely be heavy in cyber operations against a... read more


    • Air Force Doctrine Podcast: Deciphering Doctrine – Ep 7 – Essay Contest Kickoff: Doctrine Needs to Keep Up as Warfare Changes

      In this special edition episode, we interview Naval Postgraduate School Professor Emeritus Dr. John Arquilla as a kick-off event to our first bi-annual Inspiring Doctrinal Innovation essay contest. The contest is open to all Department of the Air Force personnel. It offers the top paper a cash prize and publication opportunities for up to 20 quality papers for discussing how a specific USAF operational doctrine will need to change, or a new doctrine adopted, due to the changing character of... read more


    • Air Force Doctrine Podcast: Deciphering Doctrine – Ep 6 – Information Operations in ACE, Space, and Cyberspace

      In this episode, we host Dr. Joshua Sipper, Professor of Cyber Warfare studies at Air Command and Staff College at Maxwell AFB, AL. He currently runs the operational track of the cyber specialization to include courses on cyber ISR and cyber electromagnetic warfare. Before ACSC and the AF Cyber Warfare College, he worked at the LeMay Center and has a background in doctrine development. The group discusses information operations (IO) and campaigns, using information to influence operations... read more


    • Air Force Doctrine Podcast: Deciphering Doctrine – Ep 5 – Mental Health Services: A Doctrinal Responsibility

      This week we discuss mental health, along with the services available to Airmen & Guardians, with a unique perspective from a medical provider. Capt Aaron Morrison, a clinical psychologist, stationed at Kirtland AFB, NM, sat down to talk about when someone should seek help, removing the stigma with mental health services, and discussing the range of care options provided to active-duty members and dependents.

      Visit for help with spouse/family resources,... read more


    • Air Force Doctrine Podcast: Deciphering Doctrine – Ep 4 – Agile Combat Employment (ACE) Through the Defender Lens

      Join us this week as students of Squadron Office school interview CMSgt
      Kerry Thompson (42d Security Forces Squadron, Maxwell AFB) and Mr. KC Brooks (LeMay Center). The panel discusses ACE as it applies to Security Forces
      Airmen and identifies areas where defenders will need to focus in preparing
      for operations under the ACE scheme of maneuver.

      Visit to access AFDP 3-10 Force Protection,
      other USAF doctrine publications, and additional links to learn more... read more


    • Air Force Doctrine Podcast: Deciphering Doctrine – Ep 3 – Multi-Capable Airman

      Join us this week as students of Squadron Officer School interview Maj
      Samory A. Abdul-Raheem to discuss Multi-Capable Airman (MCA). Maj
      Abdul-Raheem provides unique insight into how his team was involved in
      establishing MCA training for a unit in PACAF from the ground up, the
      challenges they faced, and what integrated MCA training may look like for
      future Airman.

      Visit to read
      AFDN 1-21 Agile Combat Employment, AFDP 3-99 Joint All-Domain Ops,... read more


    • Air Force Doctrine Podcast:: Deciphering Doctrine - Ep 2 - Agile Combat Employment

      Join us this week as we sit down with Lt Col Justin D. Settles, Deputy Director of the China Aerospace Studies Institute (CASI) to discuss Agile Combat Employment (ACE) and China’s reaction to its development. Further topics include the link between Command and Control (C2) and Joint All-Domain Operations (JADO), the difficulties of logistics operations in ACE, and how ACE will impact Airman of all ranks in current and future operational environments.

      Visit... read more


    • Air Force Doctrine Podcast:: Deciphering Doctrine - Ep 1 - Joint All-Domain Operations

      Join us this week as students of Squadron Officer School interview Dr. Jeffrey M. Reilly to discuss Joint All-Domain Operations (JADO). They define JADO, cover its importance to current and future Airman, how it differs from concepts used in other services, and the path towards JADO joint doctrine.

      Visit to read AFDP 3-99 Joint All-Domain Ops, other USAF doctrine publications, and additional links to learn more about topics discussed in this podcast.

      As a... read more


    • Air Force Doctrine Podcast: Ep. 1, Deciphering Doctrine

      In this inaugural episode of Deciphering Doctrine, our host, Captain Mary Belviso, interviews Major General William Holt, Commander of the LeMay Center. They discuss some of the latest updates in Air Force operational doctrine: Air Force Doctrine Publication 1, The Air Force; emerging doctrine. Doctrine Note 1-21, Agile Combat Employment; and other ongoing rewrites. They also discuss why Airmen should care about doctrine and the relationship between doctrine, policy, and strategy. SOS AUAR Students: Captain Mary Belviso, Captain Benjamin Fingerle, Captain Jeffrey Martinez, Captain Kyle Meade, Captain Kyle Stutzman, Captain Andrew White