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    Leader's Recon

    Leader's Recon

    Audio | National Guard Bureau - Army National Guard - G3 - Training Division - Leader Development Branch


    The Army National Guard's one stop shop for leader development, broadening opportunities, and more.


    • Leader's Recon - EP 20 - Col. Blanchard & Sgt. Maj. McCarthy - NCOERs and OERs

      Everything you want to know about NCOERs and OERs! Writing support forms, rating Soldiers in your rating scheme, conversations with senior raters and more! COL Blanchard Pennsylvania Army National Guard and SGM McCarthy bring a lifetime of expertise on this subject!


    • Leader's Recon - EP 19 - SGT MAJ Williams & SGT MAJ Campbell - The Sergeants Major Academy & Fellowship

      SGT. MAJ. Williams and SGT. MAJ. Campbell join the Leader's Recon team to discuss the Sergeants Major Academy and Fellowship. If you are a senior NCO looking to propel your career forward, this episode is packed with good info that will set you up for success!


    • Leader's Recon - EP 18 - Maj. Sands - The Congressional Fellowship

      One of the core tenets of the military is its civilian leadership! Tune in as we talk with Maj. Richie Sands Michigan Army National Guard regarding his experiance as a Congressional Fellow! He worked on projects such as Space Force and discusses the role that military liaisons play in assisting that civilian leadership. Office of the Chief of Legislative Liaison<br /> <br /> For more information, visit:<br />


    • Leader's Recon - EP 17 - Lt. Col. Deaton & Staff Sgt. Friedlein - The Spirit of Competition

      The Army has a long and storied history of competitive spirit! In this episode of Leader's Recon, Staff Sgt. Erich Friedlein and Lt. Col. Brian Deaton discuss the value of the competitive spirit within the military, and the value it adds to units.<br /> <br /> For more information, visit:<br />


    • Leader's Recon - EP 16 - Staff Sgt. Friedlein - The Best Warrior Competition

      Staff Sgt Erich Friedlien, All-Army Best Warrior Bronze Medalist, and winner of the Best Ranger competition, discusses the Best Warrior competition and shares his secrets for competition success!<br /> <br /> For more information, visit:<br />


    • Leader's Recon - EP 15 - Col. Ake - The National Security Council

      Take a dive inside the National Security Council in this episode of Leader's Recon! We discuss the role of the NSC and its effect on National Guard soldiers today. Col. Adam Ake takes us behind the closed doors, and demystifies this fascinating organization.


    • Leader's Recon - EP 14 - Education Office - Tuition Assistance, GI Bill, and You

      Wonder how the National Guard can help pay for your education!? Zaida Jimenez and Don Sutton D.C. National Guard Idaho Army National Guard sit down with Leader's Recon to talk about all the educational benefits available to National Guard Soldiers. If you are interested in furthering your education, these are the folks who help make it all happen!


    • Leader's Recon - EP 13 - Mr. McGurk & Dr. East - Holistic Health and Fitness System

      If you want to learn more about the future of army fitness and health, this is the episode of Leader's Recon for you! We sit down with the pioneers of the Army's new Holistic Health and Fitness System, as they discuss this cutting edge approach to soldier health and lethality.


    • Leader's Recon - EP 12 - Chief Warrant 5 Domeier - The Role of the Warrant Officer

      In today's episode we solve the age old mystery... What on earth is the role of the Warrant Officer? CW5 Teresa Domeier also discusses how the Warrant Officer functions as a force multiplier.


    • Leader's Recon - EP 11 - Command Sgt. Maj. Sampa - Developing Oneself as a First Line Leader

      In this fantastic episode, Command Sgt. Maj. John Sampa sits down with the Leader's Recon team to discuss developing oneself as a leader and making the most out of your drill weekend!


    • Leader's Recon - EP 10 - Cpt. Bratten - The Value of Unit Lineage and Honors

      Cpt. Jonathan Bratten, Maine National Guard Command Historian, discusses how a units lineage and honors helps boost morale, retention, readiness, and recruiting!


    • Leader's Recon - EP 9 - Col. Blanchard - Surviving an NTC/JRTC Rotation

      Col. Leland Blanchard reflects on his experiences working at NTC, and discusses strategies and training that will help units succeed at this difficult course.


    • Leader's Recon - EP 8 - Lt. Col Hanger & Command Sgt. Maj. Goodenberger - Standing up an Airborne Battalion

      For all those soldiers interested in jumping out of "perfectly good airplanes," you're in luck! A new Airborne Battalion is standing up, and they are looking for motivated soldiers to join their ranks!<br /> Lt. Col. Hanger and Command Sgt. Maj Goodenberger discuss the challenges and intricacies of setting up this specialized battalion, and they are looking for soldiers. Learn more on this weeks episode of Leader's Recon.


    • Leader's Recon - EP 7 - Lt. Col. Mahfouz - Multi-Domain Operations

      Autonomous robotics systems, DARPA, Artificial Intelligence, and so much more! In this episode of Leader's Recon, we sit down with Lt. Col. Judd Mahfouz as he discusses what the army of tomorrow will look like!


    • Leader's Recon - EP 6 - Col. Blanchard - Career Planning

      Today, Col. Leland Blanchard, the Army National Guard Chief of Training, gives best practices in managing your military career!<br /> We discuss building an effective career map, managing that work/life balance, and finding fulfillment in what you choose to do.


    • Leader's Recon - EP 5 - Col. Dziengeleski - Understanding Strategic Planning

      Leader's Recon dives into the world of strategic planning with Col. Andy Dziengeleski, who discusses the role that strategic planners play in building the army of tomorrow.


    • Leader's Recon - EP 4 - Maj. Faltinson - The Role of the Unit History

      Leader's Recon takes a look at days past with Maj. Brian Faltinson, as he discusses the role of the unit historian.


    • Leader's Recon - EP 3 - Brig. Gen. Birckhead - Maryland National Guard's COVID Response

      Brigadier General Janeen Birckhead joins us to discuss Maryland’s COVID-19 response, and shares lessons learned from the activation and how other states can succeed!


    • Leader's Recon - EP 2 - Staff Sgt. Jessica Smiley - Surviving Ranger School

      Staff Sergeant Jessica Smiley discusses her experiences at Ranger School all the way up to Victory Pond.

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