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    Norfolk, VA, US  

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    Go Navy! Beat Army!

    Go Navy! Beat Army!

    12.07.2016 | Video by Seaman Joshua DuFrane
    USS George Washington Command Master Chief and Chief's Mess stand in front of ship's tower to deliver message regarding Navy versus Army college...

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    Lyfting Your Account Balance to Uber Levels

    08.24.2017 | Courtesy Story
    Uber has been around since 2009 and Lyft since 2012, allowing your everyday joe to drive others as a friendly alternative to traditional taxis. That does not exclude Sailors from driving on their off time to earn some extra cash.

    GW Sailor Finds Balance With Goals

    08.22.2017 | Courtesy Story
    As an operations specialist aboard the aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN 73) and a sophomore at Old Dominion University (ODU), Operations Specialist 2nd Class Shannon Fountain has a lot on her plate.

    Sailors Tame Norfolk Zoo

    08.18.2017 | Story by Seaman Joshua DuFrane
    Crack! Snap! Pop! Beep! The chorus of bamboo shoots being sawed down and falling to the earth mixed with auditory warnings from backing mechanical vehicles early in the morning at Norfolk Zoo. Sweat-covered Sailors dragged the chopped bamboo through dust-filled air as the sun’s rays shined through openings in shadows cast from branches overhead.

    Capturing a Moment

    The word photography is derived from the Greek words photo meaning light and graphein meaning to draw. The first photograph was captured in 1827. Since the first photograph was captured, photography has infinitely expanded from black and white to color, still to video, and film to digital. It has become an art form of its own and an easier way to preserve moments in time. It has been used to document historic events like the storming of...

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