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    Civilian Onboarding Model

    Civilian Onboarding Model

    06.02.2014 | Courtesy Photo
    This illustration shows the process of onboarding a new U.S. Army Civilian Employee

    Recent Videos

    Ms. Diane Randon Interview

    Ms. Diane Randon Interview

    06.16.2017 | Video by Cory Hancock
    Ms. Diane Randon, Senior Official Performing the Duties of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Manpower and Reserve Affairs, sits down to...
    Mr. Roy Wallace Interview

    Mr. Roy Wallace Interview

    09.13.2016 | Video by Cory Hancock
    Mr. Roy Wallace, CP26 Functional Chief and Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1, sits down to talk about the Manpower and Force Management career...

    Recent News Stories

    The Importance of Resource Management Integration

    06.26.2017 | Courtesy Story
    I can easily recall my first years working for the U.S. Army. I worked on the Documentation and Execution Team of my organization’s Manpower and Force Management Division. My tasks included providing recommendations on the affordability of requested recruit actions as well as monthly reports reflecting on-board strength against authorizations. My recommendations were typically dismissed and I am fairly certain my supervisor was the only one...

    Why a Manpower and Force Management Professional...

    06.26.2017 | Story by Cory Hancock
    I recently graduated from the Senior Resource Managers Course (SRMC). Conducted by the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University, the goal of SRMC is to help students better understand the dynamic resource management environment facing the Department of the Army and Department of Defense.

    FA50Q Course: A Civilian View

    06.26.2017 | Courtesy Story
    As a CP26 careerist, this course provided extensive knowledge of our responsibilities throughout the Force Management Model. The roles, missions and functions of a CP26/FA50 were identified in each requirements building process from Strategy; Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution; Capabilities Development; Materiel Development; Force Development and through the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System as well as the...

    To Manage Costs, Manage Relationships

    06.26.2017 | Courtesy Story
    As a young lieutenant assigned as a deputy comptroller in a Theater Headquarters Special Operations Command (TSOC), I witnessed first-hand what I believe to be two crucial truths.

    Managing Civilian Workyear Executions in an OCONUS...

    04.10.2017 | Courtesy Story
    My first couple of months were spent feverishly working on reduction-in-force (RIF) mitigation efforts in response to previously programmed reductions and moving the command from Heidelberg to Wiesbaden, Germany. Imagine having a crash course in Army processes, terminology and culture, while running split operations an hour apart.

    Defense Resource Management Course: A Careerists View

    04.10.2017 | Courtesy Story
    This fast-paced four-week course focuses on the economic, efficient and effective allocation of scarce defense resources among competing mission areas, a subject all too familiar to Army Manpower and Force Management professionals.

    Recent Audio

    Talking Manpower Episode 22

    09.05.2017 | Audio by Cory Hancock
    Talking Manpower sits down with Ms. Barbara Guy, Chief, Civilian Career Proponency Division, Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff, G1 for Civilian...

    Talking Manpower Episode 21

    08.31.2017 | Audio by Cory Hancock
    Talking Manpower sits down with Mr. Maurice Yaglom, Director, Manpower Policy, Programming and Allocation, Office of the Surgeon General. Mr....

    Talking Manpower Episode 20

    08.03.2017 | Audio by Cory Hancock
    Talking Manpower sits down with Col. Keith Rivers, Commandant, Army Force Management School. Col. Rivers discusses the importance of the school,...

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    Talking Manpower

    Talking Manpower

    Talking Manpower” is a continual series of audio interviews conducted with members of the U.S. Army Manpower community (Career Program 26,...