U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Charleston District

Hometown: Charleston, SC, US

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Charleston District
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Current Personnel:
Sara Corbett
Spc. Danielle Feerst
Glenn Jeffries
Sean McBride

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Lucky Mariner 2013 Lucky Mariner 2013
Members of Destroyer Squadron 50 depart the merchant vessel M/V Arcturus Voyager on a rigid-hulled inflatable boat during Lucky Mariner 2013. LM13 is an annual...
USGS testing USGS testing
The U.S. Geological Survey performed testing in Charleston Harbor to aid the district in the collection of environmental information for the Post 45 harbor deepening...

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Sweetgrass Pulling Day Sweetgrass Pulling Day
The Charleston District hosted the Inaugural Sweetgrass Pulling Day at the St. Stephen Powerhouse where members of the Sweetgrass Cultural Arts Festival Association...
Folly Beach Storm Damage Reduction Project Folly Beach Storm Damage Reduction Project
Folly Beach is getting a much-needed boost to help reduce damage to public infrastructure, homes and businesses caused by storm events. The U.S. Army Corps of...
I Don't Do It I Don't Do It
Did you know that texting while driving is now the leading cause of death for teen drivers? Did you know that you are 23 times more likely to be involved in a crash...
St. Stephen Powerhouse Fish Lift St. Stephen Powerhouse Fish Lift
Here's a great look at our St. Stephen Powerhouse's fish lift, which passes 750,000 fish each year! This video gives you a great look at the types of fish that pass...
Cooper River Rediversion Project History Cooper River Rediversion Project History
The Cooper River Rediversion Project is integral to the success of Charleston is many ways. The rediversion minimizes sedimentation rates into Charleston Harbor,...
Day in the Life of a Regulator Day in the Life of a Regulator
Ever wonder what it is that our regulatory department does? Do you even know what a regulatory department is? Well here's how you'll find out. This video shows you...

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Digging into Post 45 Digging into Post 45
The Charleston District manages many projects in the public eye that have crucial impacts on our nation. One of the district’s most prominent current projects is...
Managing the permitting process
When one thinks of historic rice fields, images of vast expanses of wetlands full of waterfowl, shore birds, and other wildlife often come to mind. When one thinks of...
Folly Beach Post-Superstorm Sandy assessment complete
Upon completion of a post-storm assessment after the effects of Superstorm Sandy, the Charleston District has determined that the estimated sand loss to the federal...