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    PSRW: Sare Giberson

    PSRW: Sare Giberson

    05.05.2020 | Photo by Eileen Hernandez
    Sare Giberson, DFAS Limestone, Maine lost her daughter Abby in 2013 and created Abby’s angel bags to honor her memory. Giberson will be...

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    DFAS Overview

    DFAS Overview

    05.17.2019 | Video by Christopher Hovey
    The Defense Finance and Accounting Service hosts an informational booth at the annual Professional Development Institute training event of the...

    Recent News Stories

    PSRW: Luke Pliakis

    05.06.2020 | Courtesy Story
    Two months into his mission, Luke Pliakis, a civilian budget analyst on loan from DFAS to U.S. Forces Afghanistan (USFORA), was walking into his office when an explosion went off about 500 meters from his base in Kabul. When the second bomb went off as he was hunkered down trying to calm a scared colleague, he realized for the first time that he was in a dangerous environment.

    PSRW: Sare Giberson

    05.05.2020 | Story by Michelle Young
    Public servants come in many shapes and forms and are born for a variety of reasons. Volunteers like Sare Giberson are willing to give their time and talents selflessly, regardless of the catalyst that started it.

    PSRW: Robert Ragland

    05.05.2020 | Story by Michelle Young
    The volume of volunteers needed to run many programs in schools is tremendous. Teachers need help in classrooms, but many larger-scale initiatives are driven by additional volunteers, boards, committees, etc.

    School Certification Process Now Easier for...

    03.16.2020 | Story by Shannon Bradford
    Military Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) recipients between 18 and 22 years old who must certify their status as a full-time student will now find it easier and more convenient. The Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) expanded the certification options, extended the submission window, and provided an online upload tool for completed forms.

    DFAS Indy Customer Care Center turns it around

    12.10.2019 | Story by Tierra Sims
    DFAS Indianapolis Customer Care Center (CCC) turned their stats around this past year by implementing new initiatives to reduce Average Speed of Answer (ASA) and the number of abandoned calls. These strategies included reforming the training programs, hiring additional staff and rolling out Fast Lane menu options to divert more straightforward call types.

    USB Charger Scam Alert – Don’t Get Juice Jacked

    12.05.2019 | Story by Bruce Drake
    A USB charger scam is starting to occur at many free charging stations in airports and other locations around the country is "Juice-Jacking." Hackers are using USB charging cables or even the USB Port with embedded malware chips to hack various mobile devices that plug into the charging stations for a battery charge.