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    American Forces Network Iwakuni, Japan

    FPO, JP  

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    Kodiak Mace 2016

    Kodiak Mace 2016

    05.19.2016 | Photo by Cpl. Cory Schubert
    Marines with Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron 152, stationed at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan, arrived at Joint Base...

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    Editorial: Equality for all

    12.21.2015 | Story by Cpl. Cheyenne Newman
    According to Dictionary.com, “transgender” is defined as someone whose gender identity does not correspond to the biological sex assigned at birth. Transgender does not only mean you had lady parts and now you have man parts. It can be as simple as dressing as the opposite sex or wanting to be called Chad instead of Lacy. Like homosexuality, being transgender is not a mental illness or a disease. Since the United States military’s...

    Editorial: Good order, discipline

    12.21.2015 | Story by Sgt. Jonathon House
    Chaos. Disorder. Mayhem. A rogue lance corporal in the United States Marine Corps can cause the breakdown of society leading to chaos, disorder and mayhem by committing one act so heinous that staff non-commissioned officers worldwide consider murder at the mere thought of it.

    Editorial: Ctrl + F

    12.21.2015 | Courtesy Story
    This is it... the final test. This is the test to find out whether I can be the best non-commissioned officer I can possibly be.

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    Col. Robert V. Boucher

    02.27.2014 | Courtesy Audio
    An exclusive interview with the Commanding Officer of MCAS Iwakuni providing answers to questions raised during the Feb. 11, 2014 town hall.