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    Joint Combat Camera Center Iraq      

    Baghdad, IQ  


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    Recent Images

    Scenic views of the palace

    Scenic views of the palace

    09.30.2011 | Photo by Brian A Quinn
    Second Lt. Brian Quinn of the 55th Signal Company (Combat Camera) captures scenic views on Victory Base Complex, Baghdad, Iraq, Sept. 30, 2011....
    Scenic views

    Scenic views

    06.21.2011 | Photo by Brian A Quinn
    Second Lt. Brian Quinn of the 55th Signal Company (Combat Camera) captures part of a T-wall outside of the Combat Camera Headquarters on Victory...
    Foot patrol

    Foot patrol

    09.22.2011 | Photo by Johnny Curry
    U.S. Army soldiers from Alpha Battery, 2nd Battalion, 82nd Regiment, 3rd Advise and Assist Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, search inside a small...

    Recent Videos

    Col. Hatton and 2nd Lt. Kirk

    Col. Hatton and 2nd Lt. Kirk

    01.20.2011 | Courtesy Video
    On Jan. 20, 2001 Col. Jaye L. Hatton, Deputy Commander of the Combined Joint Civil Military Operations Task Force, (CJCMOTF), and 2nd Lieutenant...
    Iraqi Police Training

    Iraqi Police Training

    08.11.2010 | Video by Spc. Lukas Mcwhorter
    B-roll of room clearance training of Iraqi police from the 5th Iraqi Police Emergency Response Unit for Eastern Maysan, Iraq by Soldiers from 3rd...
    Navy E.O.D.

    Navy E.O.D.

    07.24.2010 | Video by Spc. Charles Smith
    B-roll of Navy E.O.D. disposal of Casche in Tikrit, Iraq. Scenes include service members unloading ordinance from a truck, stacking the...
    Mahawil Base Closure

    Mahawil Base Closure

    07.24.2010 | Video by Spc. Edward Bates
    B-roll of U.S. Soldiers meeting with Iraqi officials and signing documents related to the Mahawil Base closure. Produced by Spc. Edward Bates

    Recent News Stories

    US on Track to End Combat Mission in Iraq,...

    07.03.2010 | Story by Spc. Joshua E. Powell
    The United States in on track or ahead of schedule to end its combat mission in Iraq this summer, and the lack of a permanent government there will not serve as a deterrent to that plan, senior administration officials traveling with Vice President Joe Biden said July 3.

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