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    1-2 SBCT, 7th Infantry Division      

    Fort Lewis, WA, US  


    Current Personnel:

    Sgt. Brian Stephenson

    Content Online:


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    I am a Sikh American. I am proud to serve.

    I am a Sikh American. I am proud to serve.

    05.05.2017 | Courtesy Photo
    Spc. Gurpreet Gill, a Soldier with 1-2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team, had his religious accommodation approved, allowing him to grow his facial and...

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    Bayonet Division sets record in Yakima

    Bayonet Division sets record in Yakima

    06.19.2017 | Courtesy Story
    YAKIMA TRAINING CENTER, Wash. – The largest 7th Infantry Division-led exercise since 2012 is happening at Yakima Training Center and at Joint...

    Recent Audio

    SSgt. James Owens

    07.21.2014 | Courtesy Audio
    SSgt. James Owens with 3-2 Stryker BCT, 7th ID, from Sparks, NV talks to a Daily Sparks Tribune reporter about

    Transfer of Authority ceremony

    07.31.2010 | Courtesy Audio
    Col. David E. Funk, commander of the 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, reflects on his unit's year-long tour at FOB...

    Sgt. 1st Class Brooks

    04.21.2010 | Courtesy Audio
    Talks to a Ridgway Record reporter in Ridgway, Pa, about working with the Fire Battalion, training with the Iraqi army, how he came to join the...

    Lt. Col. Hodges

    12.31.2009 | Courtesy Audio
    Talks to a KIRO-AM reporter in Seattle, Wash., about his military history, the rebuilding of Iraq, the markets, support for the Soldiers,...

    Recent Publications

    On Point - 12.12.2012

    On Point - 12.12.2012

    Resupplying fellow soldiers; Thanksgiving in RC(S); Arrowhead kids create bonds; 1-64 Soldiers disrupt insurgents; ABP welcome training; Charlie...
    On Point - 11.06.2012

    On Point - 11.06.2012

    SMA visits Soldiers in Afghan hotspot; ABP knock out insurgent activity; MG Abrams re-enlists ‘Desert Rogues’; ANA bring peace to Deh Chopan;...
    On Point - 10.09.2012

    On Point - 10.09.2012

    Training the trainer, Community Development, Lagman Unit Ministry, Zabull Economic Development, New Outpost in Mizan, Southern Strike III,...
    On Point - 09.14.2012

    On Point - 09.14.2012

    City of Lacey's Homecoming, S-2, Qalat Slaughterhouse, Making Money without Marijuana, WW II Tradition, Agriculture Training, New Police in the...
    On Point - 07.31.2012

    On Point - 07.31.2012

    Panjwai farmers learn valuable skills, Soldiers meet with villagers, APB station open for 24-hour ops, ID cards for Afghan Police, ANA deliver...
    On Point - 07.06.2012

    On Point - 07.06.2012

    How sweet it is, ANSF extend the bubble, Patrolling with EOD, For Infantry Medics, Training is Key, ABF holds leadership conference, STT-SFAT...
    On Point - 06.07.2012

    On Point - 06.07.2012

    Personnel Shop Keeps Administration on Point, Healing the wounded: how a combat medic team contributes to OEF, Red Lions prepared to train ANA...