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    Marine Corps Recruiting Command      

    Quantico, VA, US  

    <img alt="2019 Coaches Workshop" height="533" src="https://cdn.dvidshub.net/media/thumbs/photos/1905/5376420/800w_q75.jpg" style="margin-top: 11px;" title="2019 Coaches Workshop" width="800" />

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    2019 Coaches Workshop

    2019 Coaches Workshop

    05.18.2019 | Photo by Cpl. Naomi May
    Capt. Levi Earl (left) and Capt. Stephanie Hebda present Lenika Vazquez, the Head Coach of Volleyball for Canisius College, her graduation...

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    03.08.2019 | Story by Lance Cpl. Desmond Andrews
    For Olympic athletes, winning a competition means more than just overcoming physical adversity. It involves having a sound mind in relation to stable mental resilience. Similar to these world-renowned athletes, some of the top performing staff non-commissioned officers and recruiters of the 8th Marine Corps District challenged themselves both mentally and physically during the “Game of Bones” offensive.