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    2nd Marine Division      


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    Recent Images

    1/6 Range G6

    1/6 Range G6

    04.08.2019 | Photo by Lance Cpl. Angel Travis
    U.S. Marines with 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, receive safety brief before executing range G-6 while participating in...

    Recent Videos

    MTX 2-19 V26

    MTX 2-19 V26

    03.28.2019 | Video by Lance Cpl. Brennon Taylor
    U.S. Marines with 6th Marine Regiment, 2d Marine Division conduct cold weather training during Mountain Warfare Training 2-19 at Bridgeport,...
    Warlord Day

    Warlord Day

    03.28.2019 | Video by Cpl. Samuel Taylor
    U.S. Marines from 2nd Marine Division, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marine regiment participate in a day of peer competetition and family events to promote...

    Recent News Stories

    2nd Marine Division Marine Receives Service Member...

    02.11.2019 | Courtesy Story
    Sgt. Andrew Meltz, a team leader with Force Recon Company, 2nd Recon Battalion, 2nd Marine Division, was named the 2018 Service Member of the Year by the Military Affairs Committee (MAC) of the Jacksonville-0nslow County Chamber of Commerce, Feb. 11.

    Recent Audio

    Lance Cpl. Jeffrey Cole

    07.19.2012 | Courtesy Audio
    Lance Corporal Jeffrey Cole from Woodstock, Ga. talks to Leatherneck Magazine about his experiences in the Marines, getting wounded in action and...

    Cpl. Matthew J. Troutman

    12.02.2011 | Courtesy Audio
    Cpl. Matthew J. Troutman, Saugatuck, Mich. speaks to a Holland Sentinel reporter about his duties as an assistant ops chief, rifle training...