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    221st Public Affairs Detachment      

    Daenner Kaserne, RP, DE  

    361st CA BDE wraps up Saber Strike 18 support
    HIMARS transport to Rukla Air Field - Saber Strike 18

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    The overlooked details

    The overlooked details

    06.02.2018 | Photo by Spc. Daisy Zimmer
    U.S. Army and Army Reserve Soldiers are constantly being photographed during multinational exercise Saber Strike 18, but rarely do the photographs...

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    Triple-Payoff Spot

    Triple-Payoff Spot

    05.03.2018 | Video by Pfc. Maximilian Huth
    Col. Raul E. Gonzales, Integrations and Assessment Division chief, discusses how the Joint Warfighting Assessment 18 offers the Army and joint...

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