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      HYDRACRAB is quadrilateral Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) exercise conducted by forces from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and U.S. Naval forces on Guam. The purpose of this exercise is to prepare the participating EOD forces to operate as an integrated, capable, and potent allied force ready to respond to a changing and complex maritime environment in the Indo-Pacific region.

    • Patriot Warrior 2019

      Patriot Warrior 2019

      Patriot Warrior is Air Force Reserve Command's premier exercise, providing an opportunity for Reserve Citizen Airmen to train with joint and international partners in airlift, aeromedical evacuation and mobility support. This exercise is intended to test the ability of the Air Force Reserve to provide combat-ready forces to operate in dynamic, contested environments and to sharpen Citizen...

    • Appalachian Care Innovative Readiness Training 2019

      Appalachian Care Innovative Readiness Training 2019

      "Appalachian Care Innovative Readiness Training (IRT) 2019, a contingency comprised of Air National Guard, Air Force, Air Force Reserve, Army, Army Reserve and Navy Reserve assets of the U.S. Armed Forces will deploy, 16-29 Aug. 2019, to the medically undeserved communities of Wise, Virginia to conduct deployment and readiness training for military personnel. Medical operations will be staged...

    • Sentry Aloha 19-2

      Sentry Aloha 19-2

      Sentry Aloha is an ongoing series of fighter exercises, hosted by the Hawaii Air National Guard's 154th Wing, involving multiple types of aircraft and services. Sentry Aloha provides tailored, cost effective and realistic combat training for U.S. Air Force, Air National Guard and other Department of Defense services to provide U.S. warfighters with the skill sets necessary to perform their...

    • Baltic Partnership Dive 2019

      Baltic Partnership Dive 2019

      Baltic Partnership Dive 2019 is an exercise focused on conducting improvised explosive device (IED) and maritime IED training in the Baltic Sea.

    • Shared Accord 19

      Shared Accord 19

      Shared Accord 19, sponsored by U.S. Africa Command and executed by U.S. Army Africa, the Rwandan Defence Force and other partner nations, seeks to improve interoperability between vested stakeholders by enhancing the capacity and capability of Troop Contributing Countries to the Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic.

    • 2019 Substance Use Disorder Symposium

      2019 Substance Use Disorder Symposium

      The 3rd Annual Substance Use Disorder Symposium with Walter Reed National Military Medical Center at NIH Natcher Auditorium, presented by the National Capital Region Medical Directorate is a part of our ongoing educational initiative, hosted by the National Capital Region Pain Initiative. This symposium is dedicated to addressing the abuse of both prescription, nonprescription opioids and...

    • Jack Voltaic

      Jack Voltaic

      The Jack Voltaic Cyber Research Project is an innovative, bottom-up approach to critical infrastructure resilience. It will build our understanding of existing cybersecurity capabilities as well as identify gaps. Jack Voltaic will contribute to a repeatable framework cities and municipalities nationwide can use to prepare. The research will also provide findings and recommendations for the...