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    • Northern Strike 19

      Northern Strike 19

      With over 6,000 participants from 10 countries and 22 states, Northern Strike is again expected to be the Department of Defense’s largest Joint, Reserve-component exercise of the year. This event is hosted annually at Camp Grayling Joint Maneuver Training Center and Aleena Combat Readiness Training Center, as well as over the skies of northern Michigan and Lake Huron.
      Northern Strike is a...

    • Agile Spirit

      Agile Spirit

      Agile Spirit is a biennial, joint, multinational exercise co-led by the Georgian Defense Forces and U.S. Army Europe. This feature page highlights the participation and cooperation of the approximately 3,300 military personnel from 14 allied and partner nations. Download and share our videos, imagery and news.

    • Rapid Forge 2019

      Rapid Forge 2019

      Rapid Forge is a USAFE-led mission to enhance readiness and test our ability to function at locations other than main air bases, which is called dispersal operations. Rapid Forge will include F-35A Lightning II and F-15E Strike Eagle fighter jets forward deploying from Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany, to bases in the territory of other NATO allies. Additional USAFE-based aircraft, including...

    • Tiger Balm

      Tiger Balm

      Tiger Balm is a U.S. Army Pacific sponsored Theater Security Cooperation Program exercise conducted annually with the Singapore Army, to enhance interoperability and country-to-country military relationships.

    • Exercise Talisman Sabre

      Exercise Talisman Sabre

      Exercise Talisman Sabre is a U.S. Pacific Command (PACOM)-sponsored exercise that trains USPACOM forces in a high-end, mid-intensity warfighting scenario involving a Combined Task Force (CTF). Talisman Sabre is designed to improve U.S./Australian combat training, readiness and interoperability, demonstrating U.S. resolve to support security operations to a key ally in the region.

    • Southern Partnership Station 2019

      Southern Partnership Station 2019

      Southern Partnership Station (SPS) is an annual series of U.S. Navy deployments focused on exchanges with regional partner nation militaries and security forces. SPS 2019 will consist of fly-away deployments of adaptive force packages (AFPs) to Barbados, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras and Peru that will conduct training and subject matter expert exchanges to improve capacity in medical, dive...

    • Sea Breeze 2017

      Sea Breeze 2017

      Naval forces from several nations are scheduled to participate in mid-summer in the annual Black Sea exercise Sea Breeze. The routine, annual training exercise, co-hosted by the U.S. and Ukrainian Navies, aims to improve interoperability while promoting regional security.

    • Beyond the Horizon 2019

      Beyond the Horizon 2019

      Beyond the Horizon is a U.S. Southern Command annual Joint Training Exercise designed to improve the operational readiness of U.S. Forces and to provide a tangible humanitarian benefit to the people of Guatemala.