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    • Operation Aiga

      Operation Aiga

      USCGC Walnut (WLB 205) and USCGC Joseph Gerczak (WPC 1126) participate in Operation Aiga to conduct fisheries law enforcement and strengthen partnerships in Samoa and American Samoa throughout August 2019.

    • 2019 Substance Use Disorder Symposium

      2019 Substance Use Disorder Symposium

      The 3rd Annual Substance Use Disorder Symposium with Walter Reed National Military Medical Center at NIH Natcher Auditorium, presented by the National Capital Region Medical Directorate is a part of our ongoing educational initiative, hosted by the National Capital Region Pain Initiative. This symposium is dedicated to addressing the abuse of both prescription, nonprescription opioids and...

    • Jack Voltaic

      Jack Voltaic

      The Jack Voltaic Cyber Research Project is an innovative, bottom-up approach to critical infrastructure resilience. It will build our understanding of existing cybersecurity capabilities as well as identify gaps. Jack Voltaic will contribute to a repeatable framework cities and municipalities nationwide can use to prepare. The research will also provide findings and recommendations for the...

    • Carpathian Fall 19

      Carpathian Fall 19

      C-130J Hercules aircraft and Airmen from Ramstein Air Base, Germany, participate in Carpathian Fall 2019, a bilateral training event to increase interoperability and readiness and to conduct combined air operations and demonstrate a shared commitment to ensure a Europe that is whole, free and at peace.”

    • Ample Strike 19

      Ample Strike 19

      Exercise Ample Strike is an annual exercise designed to increase proficiency levels for all forward air controllers and joint terminal air controllers, as well as to improve standardization and interoperability among NATO allies and partners. Units will be forward deployed to multiple locations in Europe to conduct day and night operations improve NATO allies and partner nation interoperability.

    • Rapid Trident 19

      Rapid Trident 19

      Exercise Rapid Trident 2019 will take place Sept. 13-28, 2019, at the
      International Peacekeeping Security Centre near Yavoriv, Ukraine. Rapid
      Trident is an annual, multinational exercise involving approximately 3,700
      personnel from 14 nations that focuses on enhancing joint and combined
      readiness and interoperability.

    • Theater Security Package

      Theater Security Package

      Theater Security Packages are U.S. Air Force deployments of aircraft and personnel to Europe in support of Atlantic Resolve, demonstrating U.S. commitment to security and stability in the region.

    • Agile Spirit

      Agile Spirit

      Agile Spirit is a biennial, joint, multinational exercise co-led by the Georgian Defense Forces and U.S. Army Europe. Approximately 3,300 military personnel from 14 allied and partner forces will participate from the following nations: Belgium, Bulgaria, Georgia (host nation), Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and the United...