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    Recent News Stories

    DefenseTV launches app for new Apple TV

    01.19.2016 | Story by Maj. Scott Betts
    Defense Media Activity, DMA/DVIDS today announced that adaptors of the new Apple TV can download ‘DefenseTV’ via the new App Store and see the world from the perspective of our brave service men and women. Striving to keep the U.S. Military at the forefront of digital technology, DMA/DVIDS was invited by Apple to develop ‘DefenseTV’ for the launch of the next-generation of user experience and hardware performance.
    Defense TV Press Kit Units

    Defense TV Press Kit Units

    08.22.2014 | Courtesy Story
    "DefenseTV" is a top-ranking source of US Military news and entertainment built for the over-the-top app marketing including Amazon Fire TV,...
    Defense TV Press Kit Media

    Defense TV Press Kit Media

    08.22.2014 | Courtesy Story
    "DefenseTV" is a top-ranking source of US Military news and entertainment built for the over-the-top app marketing including Amazon Fire TV,...

    Facebook App Highlights Military Unit Pages

    09.12.2013 | Story by Lynn Kaczenski
    The new Facebook application ‘DVIDS Unit News’ officially launched today and will provide military units with easy and direct access to their content uploaded to DVIDS on their Facebook page. Additionally, organizations interested in featuring military unit news can utilize this application.

    Haiti Relief

    Coalition Military Assistance Training Team helps...

    06.15.2004 | Courtesy Story
    Training is the key to the success of any military force. Iraqi armed forces soldiers are quickly learning, with the assistance of coalition forces, the type of training that is required to become an effective fighting force.

    Haiti native serves her beloved country, United States

    11.19.2004 | Courtesy Story
    Spc. Darline Davis grew up in the Western Hemisphere's poorest country -- Haiti. Surrounded by poverty and living in a country where more than 60 percent of the people are unemployed, Davis" mother wanted her child to have opportunity, to get an education and enjoy a country that stood for freedom. When Davis was 14, her mother died and she began to take the steps to honor her mother's wishes.

    Growth and Development of Afghan Forces

    Tank Video

    Tank Integration Training Package

    Tank Integration Training Package

    11.07.2004 | Courtesy Video
    Package about M1A1 Abrams tanks from Company C, 2nd Tank Battalion, rolling through Camp Baharia, Iraq, surrounded by Marines with Company 1, 3rd...
    3/1 Faint

    3/1 Faint

    10.22.2004 | Courtesy Video
    B-roll of Marines beginning to maneuver into Fallujah. Scenes include Marines riding on military vehicles and tanks firing their weapons. Produced...
    Speicher Tank Farm

    Speicher Tank Farm

    08.08.2004 | Courtesy Video
    B-roll of a fuel farm under construction at Forward Operating Base Speicher which will be the central point for receiving and issuing fuel. ...

    Afghanistan Governance