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    In The Fight

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    A monthly half hour show that offers an incomparable and rare insight of life on the frontlines reported directly by U.S. military service members deployed around the globe.


    • In The Fight: Episode 109

      On this episode, we find out what it takes to prepare F-16 fighter pilots for deployment, we meet a Department of Agriculture member tasked with keeping wildlife - and aircraft - safe in Afghanistan, Marines blast their way through pre-deployment training, Army Special Reaction Team snipers train to hit the vital "T" zone, and Airmen in Okinawa make an annual flight to honor their fallen comrades.


    • In The Fight: Episode 108

      On this episode, service members in Kandahar protect the area both on the ground and in the sky, U.S., Bulgarian and Romanian forces wrap up Exercise Platinum Lion, Soldiers and Sailors team up for a search and rescue exercise in the Arabian Gulf, Airmen at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base harness the computing power of "Thunder", and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers help restore a vital ecosystem in Oregon.


    • In The Fight: Episode 107

      On this episode, military leaders reach out to NATO partners in the wake of recent terror attacks, Air Force aircraft, both new and old, learn to share the skies, combat cameramen train for the combat environment, we see how one-millionth of an inch can mean the difference between life and death, and we find out what it takes to be a combat engineer for the Missouri National Guard.


    • In The Fight: Episode 106

      On this episode, a multi-national exercise brings together U.S. Marines and NATO allies in Bulgaria, Airmen at Langley Air Force Base prepare for a frightening scenario, Soldiers test out a new technology which links unmanned aircraft to pilots in the air, the Coast Guard practices whale rescue techniques off the coast of Hawaii, and a humanitarian program sets out to safely remove explosive remnants of war.


    • In The Fight: Episode 105

      On this episode, NATO partner nations take part in the largest training exercise in decades, Army medics compete against each other in order to better themselves, Marines and Sailors come together to create a more effective and efficient amphibious force, Airmen look after homeless veterans during Operation Stand Down, and a wall of messages and memories from the past gets preserved for the future.


    • In The Fight: Episode 104

      On this episode, the United States and Ukraine launch exercise Sea Breeze 2015 in the Black Sea, we meet a specialized unit which protects lives from above, international arms control efforts promote openness and transparency in military forces, Marines continue to help the people of Haiti, and a group of legendary Airmen reunite for the last time.


    • In The Fight: Episode 103

      On this episode, U.S. Soldiers in Baghdad ensure security while advising and assisting Iraqi forces, an aerial exercise brings together multiple nations in the skies over Alaska, we learn how to shoot like a Marine scout sniper, a Wounded Warrior finds peace through archery, and Airmen help create a memory of a lifetime for a special little boy.


    • In The Fight: Episode 102

      On this episode, NATO allies build working relationships during Exercise Agile Spirit, Army Special Forces members train for underwater operations, Air Force cadets learn how to combat cyber attacks, we find out what it takes to be a Marine Scout Swimmer, and Airmen give much needed support to a local community in Latvia.


    • In The Fight: Episode 101

      On this episode, the return of ISIL means the return of Coalition troops to train Iraqi forces, NATO institutes a new Readiness Action Plan to deal with rising threats, a dedicated crew chief keeps the B-52 bomber mission ready, we learn how to breach like a Marine, and Wounded Warriors find reward beyond medals at the Warrior Games.


    • In The Fight: Episode 100

      On this episode, U.S. service members continue advising Afghan Forces both in the classroom and on the ground, we find out what it takes to get National Guard Special Forces members to their missions, Exercise Furious Talon brings together lethal aircraft over South Korea, Marines in Japan endure a grueling jungle environment, and a Soldier volunteers to show us the effects of non-lethal pepper spray.


    • In The Fight: Episode 99

      On this episode, a U.S. Army Soldier-Advisor helps Afghan military leaders see the big picture, Airmen and Marines put in long hours to send supplies to earthquake-stricken Nepal, Soldiers test out a new Light Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle, National Guard members commemorate the World War II liberation of Dachau, and country music star Trace Adkins performs for service members at Ramstein Air Base.


    • In The Fight: Episode 98

      On this episode, the Air Force combines live training and virtual training in one major exercise, service members ride home from Operation Atlantic Resolve in the longest convoy since World War II, Global Strike Command trains for nuclear deterrence, the California National Guard gears up for wildfire season, and civil affairs Soldiers in Djibouti help local kids get a kick out of soccer.


    • In The Fight: Episode 97


    • In The Fight: Episode 96

      On this episode, we see how Afghan forces are handling the security of their own country, Navy Corpsmen experience first-hand the effects of hypothermia, multi-national military partners sharpen their skills during Exercise Allied Spirit, we tag along with the Coast Guard during an offshore oil rig safety inspection, and we talk to civilians who are providing much needed volunteer support to the Ukrainian military.


    • In The Fight: Episode 95


    • In The Fight: Episode 94


    • In The Fight: Episode 93


    • In The Fight: Episode 92

      On this episode, U.S. policy makers and military leaders lay out their plan for fighting the new terrorist threat, we learn how four Air Force officers provide weather data for the entire military, Marine Corps military police in Japan keep their sidearm skills sharp, service members prepare a major Coalition base for handover to the Afghanistan government, and Airmen fly flags high over Afghanistan in tribute to loved ones and fallen brothers.


    • In The Fight: Episode 91

      On this episode, a routine foot patrol leads to a fire fight for 3rd Cavalry Regiment Soldiers in Wardak Province, Soldiers on the ground and Airmen in the sky team up for coordinated attacks, an eight-man Marine team provides fresh water to an entire base in the Afghanistan desert, Aircraft Rescue Firefighters train to be the first on the scene in Japan, and NATO unveils its system to counter the threat of ballistic missiles around the globe.


    • In The Fight: Episode 90


    • In The Fight: Episode 89

      On this episode, U.S. Army Soldiers advise Afghan troops during an 80-hour mission in Kandahar Province, Marine Joint Terminal Attack Controllers are put through their paces in a combat zone, National Guard Soldiers train for air assaults, multinational Special Forces teams shows off their skills, and a Wounded Warrior receives a place to hang his hat.


    • In The Fight: Episode 88

      On this episode, U.S. and Afghan forces go on the lookout for Taliban hidden within the local population, a one-of-a-kind school in Afghanistan trains their own bomb disposal teams, Marines at Camp Pendleton combat the wildfires in their own backyard, Army demolition engineers make it rain, and we see the perspective of an Air Force C-130 loadmaster with a passion for photography.


    • In The Fight: Episode 87

      On this episode, countries work together during training missions in Afghanistan, partnerships with Afghan security forces pave the way for peace and stability, we meet a unit that everyone loves to hate, NATO helps members of the military evolve with changes in IED technology, and a retired Soldier takes on mixed martial arts.


    • In The Fight: Episode 86

      On this episode, we see first hand how the Afghan National Army conducted operations prior to the Afghan presidential elections, Afghans reflect on this year’s election, Special Forces personnel leap from the skies during Exercise Foal Eagle, we meet a Marine who loves to play in the water, and Airmen return home to tearful smiles.


    • In The Fight: Episode 85

      On this episode, the U.S. military witnesses the strength and courage of Afghan forces, Afghans band together in an act of solidarity against the Taliban, Airmen risk their lives disposing of explosive devices, the Army Corps of Engineers tackles one of the largest life-saving projects in the nation, and we look at the increasing role of women in the military. Available in high definition.


    • In The Fight: Episode 84

      On this episode, Marines comes under fire from insurgents in Helmand Province, U.S. Soldiers help Afghan troops attain perfection, U.S. and African forces work together to help bring stability to Central Africa, we meet a Staff Sergeant who is responsible for the well-being of hundreds of men and women, and we find out what measures are being implemented to ensure free and fair elections for the women of Afghanistan.


    • In The Fight: Episode 83

      On this episode, we see how a birds-eye-view gives forces on the ground a tactical advantage in Afghanistan, the Afghan army recruits a new breed of soldier, scientists follow the trail of evidence left behind by insurgents, we meet a group that trains special operations forces, and Coalition forces learn about non-lethal weapons.


    • In The Fight: Episode 82

      On this episode, a de-mining crew searches for hidden dangers throughout Afghanistan, a crisis action team helps bring aid to the people of Tacloban, we see how partnerships are critical to the research of the earth's atmosphere, Marines give us a glimpse of the future, and a 1st lieutenant applies her civilian job to her military duties.


    • In The Fight: Episode 81

      On this episode, U.S. and Afghan forces take the offensive and search for weapons hidden by the insurgency, Redstone Arsenal looks at ways to eliminate the threat of snipers, a special group of Soldiers lights up the night sky, a service member keeps moving one step at a time, and wounded warriors are given the chance to catch some relief.


    • In The Fight: Episode 80

      On this episode, the Afghan National Police continue to face challenges as they take on more responsibility in Helmand province, we follow the first enlisted female Marines to ever attend infantry training, Soldiers provide support as the Afghan military leads clearing operations in the Paktia province, scientists look for ways to create renewable energy on the battlefield, and we hear a heroic story that was once hidden from the world.


    • In The Fight: Episode 79

      On this episode, Soldiers take to the hills and valleys of Afghanistan to disrupt the threat of indirect fire, cooperation at the Khyber Pass helps countries fight the Taliban together, military personnel expand their skills during Exercise Shared Accord, service members drive the roads of Afghanistan clearing routes of improvised explosive devices, and Army snipers from across the country compete against each other and test their skills.


    • In The Fight: Episode 78

      On this episode, the Army Chief of Staff gives his take on the way ahead for Operation Enduring Freedom, the Afghan Air Force takes the reins on its first fully led operation in thirty years, we see the roads in Helmand Province from the point of view of a Marine turret gunner, we fly along with a UH-60 Black Hawk battle crew, and an Air National Guard member shares her thoughts on being a woman in a male-dominated field.


    • In The Fight: Episode 77

      On this episode, Soldiers in Afghanistan compare the past with the present, we take to the front lines during multi-national military exercise Saber Strike, Soldiers hunt for explosives throughout the roads of Afghanistan, the U.S. military works to develop a united front in Africa, and family members joyously welcome the return of loved ones.


    • In The Fight: Episode 76

      On this episode, a remote combat outpost becomes a tangible symbol of transition, U.S. troops begin to say farewell to their Afghan partners, a new type of equipment helps the Coast Guard complete its missions, we see what steps NATO is taking to defend itself from cyber threats, and a citizen Soldier helps his community rebuild.


    • In The Fight: Episode 75

      On this episode, we get a behind the scenes look at how the U.S. military is taking on the daunting task of moving equipment and supplies out of Afghanistan, U.S. and Afghan forces continue to battle the Taliban on the front lines, Soldiers help locals battle disease throughout Uganda, service members from all branches of the military compete in the Warrior Games, and an Airman talks about his inspiration for joining the Air Force. Available in high definition.


    • In The Fight: Episode 74

      On this episode, Coalition and Afghan forces fight the information war with the Taliban, Soldiers returning from Afghanistan are reunited with their families, a special program builds long term relationships and trust with the Afghan population, Marines learn the art of water survival, and a Soldiers battling PTSD finds peace through an unusual hobby. Available in high definition.


    • In The Fight: Episode 73

      On this episode, NATO pledges its resolute support to training and advising Afghan troops beyond 2014, Combat Search and Rescue Airmen in Japan hone their skills for deployment downrange, Airmen and Marines develop leadership bonds by training side by side, we learn about a type of therapy used to detect and treat traumatic brain injuries, and we see the toll that Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder can take on returning veterans.


    • In The Fight: Episode 72

      On this episode, the Afghan military takes control of the Coalition Forces' oldest base, we see how there are some things that technology just cannot replace, an Air National Guard unit quietly passes a significant milestone, we look at the sacrifices that have been make in Afghanistan, and we see what it's like to be the wife of a deployed service member.


    • In The Fight: Episode 71

      On this episode, we look back at what 2012 meant for Afghanistan, wounded combat veterans leave Afghanistan on their own terms, a reconstruction team keeps Highway 1 open, we get a look at the people tasked with keeping the capital of Afghanistan safe, and we meet one very fortunate couple. Available in high definition.


    • In The Fight: Episode 70

      On this episode, diplomats and village elders come together to discuss peace, we gain some insight as to how Afghans view their future, a U.S. sniper passes along his skills to Afghan soldiers, Army engineers keep Northern and Southern Afghanistan connected, and one man's junk is another man's treasure. Available in high definition.


    • In The Fight: Episode 69

      On this episode, we follow the military as they help those hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy, we take a tour of one of Afghanistan's fastest growing cities, special training keeps Marines and Sailors safe from hidden dangers, we go behind the scenes with an aircraft that has been in production for over fifty years, and a Marine takes care of Marines.


    • In The Fight: Episode 68

      On this episode, service members head home after their final deployment to Afghanistan, a new Afghan organization looks to rid corruption from within its ranks, we meet a team tasked with responding to crises at American embassies, a group of combat engineers find themselves between a rock and a hard place, and an annual event aims to assist local veterans in need.


    • In The Fight: Episode 67

      On this episode, Marines battle insurgents during Operation Helmand Viper, we take a look back at the rise of green on blue attacks in Afghanistan, advances in new technology are helping train Sailors in a more realistic setting, doctors study service members to learn more about traumatic brain injuries, and service members find assistance in transitioning to the civilian work force.


    • In The Fight: Episode 66

      On this episode, a lieutenant leads his men through Southern Afghanistan one last time, military forces from nine different countries come together for RIMPAC 2012, the International Maritime Bureau looks at ways to make the seas safer for seafarers, we learn a little known fact about an iconic spy plane, and we find out what it takes to become one of the best junior officers in the U.S. Army.


    • In The Fight: Episode 65

      On this episode, Afghan forces take the lead in Operation Southern Strike II, Coalition forces relinquish their bases as they draw down throughout Afghanistan, U.S. and Afghan Soldiers pave the way to a bright future, Soldiers travel seventy-five miles in seven days to deliver aid, and we revisit a battle between U.S. forces and the Taliban.


    • In The Fight: Episode 64

      On this episode, we see what it takes to execute a combat operation in Afghanistan, Soldiers are put through their paces to become members of the Afghan Special Forces, nineteen countries prepare for a multi-national exercise known as Eager Lion, progressive steps are being taken to change discrimination in Afghanistan, and an Afghan athlete prepares for the summer Olympics. Presented in anamorphic 16:9 aspect ratio.


    • In The Fight: Episode 63

      On this episode, Soldiers get water flowing again in Afghanistan's critical green zones, an Afghan crisis response unit leads a night mission against the Taliban, Marines train the Uganda People's Defense Force to combat the al-Qaida linked group al-Shabaab, a special Coast Guard team hunts for threats in the Atlantic, and a Marine welcomes a new beginning. Available in high definition.


    • In The Fight: Episode 62

      On this episode, Soldiers provide on-the-job training to Afghan forces, military leaders meet to discuss the Army of 2012, an iconic vehicle heads home marking the end of an era, we profile an Afghan army general, and we see what one Marine overcame to compete in the Warrior Games.


    • In The Fight: Episode 61

      On this episode, Coalition Forces disrupt insurgent activity in Southern Afghanistan, the 170th Infantry Brigade becomes an advisory force, Afghans take the lead in eradicating the drug trade, we seen how Army flight medics save military and civilian lives, and a famous B-17 gets a second life.


    • In The Fight: Episode 60

      On this episode, U.S. and Afghan Forces work with the people of Kandahar to make their villages safe, a worldwide charity takes a novel approach to unearthing mines throughout Afghanistan, a routine foot patrol uncovers an astonishing find, U.S. and European forces partner in one of the largest amphibious exercises in over a decade, and an Olympic hopeful races for his country.


    • In The Fight: Episode 59

      On this episode, a personal security detachment team transports high level personnel throughout Afghanistan, Afghan forces prepare for a transition of authority on the Afghan/Pakistan border, troops continue to help improve the lives of Afghan families, Airmen deliver more than just supplies to troops outside the wire, and sports returns to Libya in time for the 2012 Olympic Games. Present in high definition.


    • In The Fight: Episode 58

      On this episode, we get a first person perspective of combat on the frontlines in Afghanistan, Third Army/USARCENT facilitates the largest logistical movement since World War II, Afghan forces take charge of security in the city of Mazar, Marines light the way for troops on the ground in Kandahar, and a young woman gets to live her dream of being a Soldier. Presented in anamorphic 16:9 format.


    • In The Fight: Episode 57

      On this episode, Marines launch an assault against the Taliban during Operation Eastern Storm, Lt. Gen. Caldwell looks back at the transformation of the Afghan security forces, with Gadhafi overthrown the people of Libya begin a new life, the Army Corps of Engineers helps the people of Minot, N.D., pick up the pieces, and service members begin the process of leaving Iraq after eight years. Presented in anamorphic 16:9 format.


    • In The Fight: Episode 56

      On this episode, we meet Soldiers living with the daily threat of rocket attacks on the Afghan-Pakistan border, U.S. forces consult the Iraqi military as they continue to draw down in Iraq, Afghan security forces take part in a rigorous four month long training program, Marines begin using alternative energy to power the battlefield, and a service member takes it upon himself to help a child. Presented in anamorphic 16:9 format.


    • In The Fight: Episode 55

      On this episode, with the revolution winding down, the people of Libya face a brighter future, the National Guard provides aid to those whose lives were devastated by Hurricane Irene, Soldiers prepare for imminent attacks on their outpost, Operation Continuing Promise brings help and hope to the people of Haiti, and a Soldier looks to prove herself, despite the odds. Presented in anamorphic 16:9 format.


    • In The Fight: Episode 54

      On this episode, the U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan meets with Soldiers in Kandahar, Colorado Airmen help deliver an important artifact that reminds us to never forget, Soldiers compare the Iraq of the past to the Iraq of today, Afghan security forces prosper in Laghman Province, and a Marine recieves the highest military decoration. Presented in anamorphic 16:9 format.


    • In The Fight: Episode 53

      On this episode, the new Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, meets with Marines in Afghanistan, we meet the new Chief of Police in Kandahar, Marines train Afghan security forces in Lashkar Gah, a National Guardsman presses on despite losing his home, and military doctors care for a special patient. Presented in anamorphic 16:9 format.


    • In The Fight: Episode 52

      On this episode, we get an inside look at the poppy trade in Afghanistan, a provincial reconstruction team works to bring the government and its people closer together, Gen. Petraeus visits the Afghan-Pakistan border to see the advances in security, U.S. and Moroccan forces further their relationship during African Lion 2011, and two service members find out how small of a world it truly is. Presented in anamorphic 16:9 aspect ratio.


    • In The Fight: Episode 51

      On this episode, service members react to the news of Osama Bin Laden's death, NATO forces continue their enforcement of U.N. resolutions during Operation Unified Protector, flood-stricken towns seek help from the military, National Guardsmen help communities pick up the pieces in the tornado-ravaged South, and service members join together in a show of support for a brave little girl. Presented in anamorphic 16:9 aspect ratio.


    • In The Fight: Episode 50

      On this episode, Marines launch Operation Rawhide II in an effort to stop illegal activity on the Afghan-Pakistan border, as the government grows and operations against the Taliban continue, the city of Marjah looks to have a bright future, a USAID team completes its search and rescue mission in Japan, two Airmen who participated in Operation Odyssey Dawn receive a heroes welcome, and Afghan communities come together to save the life of one little girl. Presented in anamorphic 16:9 format.


    • In The Fight: Episode 49

      On this episode, the Air Force launches search and rescue efforts in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Japan, we get a rare glimpse into a typical day for the Commander of ISAF and U.S. Forces Afghanistan, with the ongoing crisis in Libya, Airmen carry out humanitarian missions along the Tunisia/Libya border, Marine help the Afghan government bring development projects to the Helmand Province, and a Soldier uses his talents to honor those service members that have fallen.


    • In The Fight: Episode 48

      On this episode, the lower house of Parliament in Afghanistan is sworn in, an explosive find equals a major setback for insurgents, an afghan citizen breaks the language barrier for U.S. Forces, the mission changes for a National Guard unit in Kabul, and service members become American citizens. Presented in anamorphic 16:9 format.


    • In The Fight: Episode 47

      On this episode, Marines gain ground in the Sangin Valley of Afghanistan, NATO forces bring peace to the Helmand province alongside their Afghan counterparts, the 1st Armored Division heads home after a year in Iraq, Marines and Sailors establish relationships in the Nimruz province, and a wounded warrior program aims to get injured Soldiers back to their brothers in arms. Presented in anamorphic 16:9 format.


    • In The Fight: Episode 46

      On this episode, Coalition Forces strive to help Afghans help themselves, Third Army continues their mission in sustaining the fight, Marines deliver humanitarian aid to those affected by the floods in Pakistan, the rebuilt and new trained Iraqi Air Force reaches another milestone, and a U.S. Soldier takes a new approach with building relationships in Afghanistan. Presented in anamorphic 16:9 format.


    • In The Fight: Episode 45

      On this episode, an Afghan community helps U.S. and Afghan forces keep the Taliban out, U.S. Soldiers continue training Iraqi forces for a better tomorrow, a special program brings service members closer to home, a retro camera helps build friendships with Afghan children, and a mother and son are reunited while deployed to Afghanistan. Presented in anamorphic 16:9 format.


    • In The Fight: Episode 44

      On this episode, coalition and Afghan forces launch a major offensive against the Taliban, a field artillery regiment provides security with some heavy hardware, a village in Afghanistan breaks new ground for a new tomorrow, Marines, Sailors and coalition forces honor their fallen comrades, and a group of Word War II service members who perished in combat are finally honored for their sacrifice. Presented in anamorphic 16:9.


    • In The Fight: Episode 43

      This episode features stories on U.S. forces adjusting to their new roles in Iraq as Operation New Dawn begins, the U.S. military continuing its relief efforts in Pakistan, an aero-medical team transporting wounded warriors from the front lines, Army Soldiers disrupting Taliban activity on the Afghan-Pakistan border and a deployed service member pressing on while his family perseveres at home. Presented in anamorphic 16:9 format.


    • In The Fight: Episode 42

      On this episode, Gen. David Petraeus visits the Wardak province as he travels throughout Afghanistan, the U.S. military responds to the crisis in Pakistan, fourteen countries work together to ensure stability throughout the Pacific, U.S. Third Army takes on the challenge of moving equipment from Iraq to Afghanistan, and Marines incorporate renewable energy into their operations. Presented in anamorphic 16:9 format.


    • In The Fight: Episode 41

      On this episode, Gen. David Petraeus takes over as Commander of ISAF and U.S. Forces in Afghanistan, the Florida National Guard tracks the gulf oil spill as it reaches the Florida coastline, Airmen go "all in" as they serve in non-traditional deployments, Navy Riverines patrol the Qarmat Ali waterway in Iraq, and Marines improve the lives of an Afghan community. Presented in anamorphic 16:9 format.


    • In The Fight: Episode 40

      This episode features stories about Army Soldiers laying the groundwork for security and governance in Eastern Afghanistan, Marines continuing dangerous operations in Marjah, U.S. Forces transferring a patrol base over to Iraqi control, the Missouri Army National Guard aiding in the oil spill cleanup in the Gulf, and Air Force Reserve technicians providing medical care to the Dominican Republic. Presented in anamorphic 16:9 format.


    • In The Fight: Episode 39

      This episode features stories on U.S. and Afghan forces conducting Operation Legion Disruption in the Taliban controlled Wardak Province, military police take a walk through the city of Kandahar, the military and government of Afghanistan continue to challenge the insurgency, South Dakota National Guardsmen receive Purple Hearts for their heroism, and servicemen and women reflect on the Warrior Games as they come to a close. Presented in anamorphic 16:9 format. This version is without breaks.


    • In The Fight: Episode 38

      On this episode, U.S. and Coalition Forces continue to weed out the enemy in Afghanistan, Afghans living in the Helmand Province experience freedom for the first time, Marines bring gifts and compassion to Afghan children, a special program gives service members a chance to close a difficult chapter in their lives, and a young Afghan girl leaves a lasting impression on the medics who saved her life. Presented in anamorphic 16:9 format.


    • In The Fight: Episode 37

      This episode features stories about U.S. Marines and NATO forces combating the Taliban in Afghanistan, General Odierno sitting down to discuss the Iraqi elections, the 482nd Fighter Wing responding to the crisis in Haiti, Navy Customs agents in Iraq helping protect U.S. borders, and volunteers giving the families of deployed service members a sense of normalcy. Presented in anamorphic 16:9 format.


    • In The Fight: Episode 36

      This edition features stories about Operation Moshtarak kicking off in Afghanistan, Marines drawing down in Iraq to their lowest numbers since the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom, the military continuing to provide relief to the people of Haiti, an Iraqi artist expressing himself without fear of reprisals, and the Army Corps of Engineers combating the possible extinction of an Eskimo community. Presented in anamorphic 16:9 format.


    • In The Fight: Episode 35

      This edition features stories on Marines in the Helmand province pushing out the Taliban, NATO forces adapting to inventive attacks from their enemies, one unit of Marines ending their tour in Afghanistan, celebrities entertaining the troops as part of the USO tour, and a husband and wife who both serve as Apache helicopter pilots. Presented in anamorphic 16:9 format.


    • In The Fight: Episode 34

      This edition features stories on Soldiers encountering insurgents while on patrol in Afghanistan, U.S. and Afghan forces maintaining a balance on the Afghan-Pakistan border, service members from all four military branches working together to save lives, Marines helping heal an injured Afghan child, and a veteran program created to give mobility back to service members. Presented in anamorphic 16:9 format.


    • In The Fight: Episode 33

      This edition features stories on Gen. David Petraeus meeting with Afghans, a common bond between coalition and Afghan forces, Iraqi women making progress in their communities, wounded warriors revisiting Iraq and a Navy veteran receiving a high honor for his continuing service. Presented in anamorphic 16:9 format.


    • In The Fight: Episode 32

      This edition features stories on U.S. troops bringing security to the Afghan people, the New York Air National Guard preparing for a trip to the South Pole for Operation Deep Freeze, Marines reaching out to local communities, a village in Iraq beginning to rebuild after being under Afghan control, and members of an explosive ordnance disposal team hunting down insurgents in Kandahar. Presented in anamorphic 16:9.


    • In The Fight: Episode 31

      This edition features stories on Marines battling insurgents in Afghanistan, U.S. Troops partnering with Iraqi security forces, Operation Shark Attack in Afghanistan, the A-10 Thunderbolt aircraft being prepared for close air support missions and a skateboarding school in Afghanistan.


    • In The Fight: Episode 30

      This edition features stories on security in Afghanistan prior to the presidential election, a drug raid in Kandahar, assessing new threats in Afghanistan with Gen. McChrystal and the National Veterans Wheelchair Games. Presented in anamorphic 16:9 format.


    • In The Fight: Episode 29

      This edition features stories on 4th Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division battling the taliban in the Korengal Valley, U.S. and NATO forces keeping watch on roads throughout Afghanistan, coalition forces de-mining Afghanistan, ballistic missile defense in the Pacific and members of a provincial reconstruction team in Panjshir, Afghanistan, remembering their fallen comrades.


    • In The Fight: Episode 28

      This edition features stories on Army leaders beginning to devise plans to pull U.S. forces out of Iraq responsibly, an interview with Gen. David Petraeus, an air assault in Afghanistan to disrupt insurgent supply lines, U.S. and Afghan forces meeting with Pakistan forces to discuss how to secure the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, Soldiers sending Fourth of July greetings to family and friends, an increase in helicopter missions in Afghanistan, Soldiers on a foot patrol in Iraq, Airmen competing in a friendly game of dodge ball and a Iraqi child receiving a heart transplant in the United States.


    • In The Fight: Episode 27

      This edition features stories on Secretary of Defense Gates' visit to Afghanistan, Danish troops fighting against an adapting enemy, Airmen visiting their northern neighbors in Kyrgyzstan, Sailors and Marines delivering humanitarian aid to school children and a Latin singer making a major career change.


    • In The Fight: Episode 26

      This edition features stories on President Obama visiting troops in Iraq, counter-terrorist police in Kabul, an Afghan public protection force, Marines preparing for a convoy at Camp Bastian, controlled detonations in Khost, humanitarian aid in the Farah province, the Scan Eagle Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, the 1st Marine F-35 Joint Strike Fighter flight in Fort Worth, Texas, the premiere of Star Trek in Kuwait and the latest installment of Military Heroes.


    • In The Fight: Episode 25

      This edition features stories on President Obama sending 17,000 additional troops to Afghanistan, fast-paced reconstruction in Iraq, Secretary of State Clinton's visit to Asia, a marshland community in southern Iraq getting its first school and the success of outreach programs in bringing peace and prosperity to remote villages in Afghanistan.


    • In The Fight: Episode 24

      This edition features stories on the Iraqi lead security during the government elections in Iraq, combating against improvised explosive devices (IED) in Afghanistan, a provincial reconstruction team helping local Afghans prepare for the winter months, Iraqi security forces taking over security check points near an airport, Soldiers assisting local Iraqis in setting up businesses in Iraq and a profile on the Pat Tilman USO building in Afghanistan.


    • In The Fight: Episode 23

      This edition features stories on the International Zone change of command, policing up Iraq, close air support class for troops, peace in Bamiyan province, mortars protecting isolated Afghan outpost, explosive area clearance, saving lives in Central America, Chutu bridge opening, USO providing mobile gaming and the latest military heroes.


    • In The Fight: Episode 22

      This edition features stories on an Afghanistan operational update, President George Bush visiting the Screaming Eagles at Fort Campbell, the new era of Iraqi air force pilots, Air Force Pararescuemen, explosive ordnance disposal, Soldiers facilitating a cultural exchange in Baghdad, the Zabul Provincial Reconstruction Team, UFC fighters visiting Camp Ramadi, and the latest installment of Military Heroes.


    • In The Fight: Episode 21

      This edition features stories on Iraqis assuming control of Babil province, the significance of a transfer of authority at Patrol Base Shanghai, Greek and U.S. troops providing medical assistance in Kosovo, U.S. Soldiers distributing school supplies to local Iraqi children, and the difference service members are making throughout Iraq.


    • In The Fight: Episode 20

      This edition features stories on Soldiers on patrol to help Iraq security forces and meeting local Iraqi citizens, the Sons of Iraq transferring to the Iraqi army, the Polish army completing their mission in Iraq, Afghanistan soldiers in basic training, Soldiers responsible for preventing weapons being hidden in caves, Thanksgiving greetings from service members, Airmen providing earthquake aid, a veteran of the Vietnam War re-enlisting in the military, Airmen responsible for re-arming aircraft, Afghanistan citizens from all 5 districts competing in games, country music entertainer Trace Adkins performing for the troops and a Soldier receiving a medal.


    • In The Fight: Episode 19

      This edition features stories on an Iraqi transfer of security ceremony in Al Anbar province, U.S. Army Soldiers providing security for the Afghanistan and Pakistan borders, an Airman's story of serving her country and the Louisiana Army and Air National Guard responding to Hurricane Gustav to stop looters.


    • In The Fight: Episode 18

      This edition features stories on the Iraqi army taking control of their own security from Coalition Forces, the U.S. sending humanitarian aid to the Republic of Georgia, female Marines providing a voice for women in Afghanistan, a historic ground breaking ceremony in Baghdad and a marine who is an inspiration to other service members.


    • In The Fight: Episode 17

      This edition features stories on the progress of the IA's ongoing mission to become self-sufficient, an operation led by coalition forces to reestablish security in the Diyala province, Soldiers traveling to remote areas of Afghanistan to promote good will, the efforts to use words rather than force by coalition forces to secure Tikrit and a service member who risked his own safety so his fellow Soldiers could receive medical attention.


    • In The Fight: Episode 16

      This edition features stories on Lt. Ortiz's Muhallah in Baghdad, flash traffic control point in Tikrit, Operation Rock Penetrator, Soldiers attending a street lamp lighting ceremony in Baghdad, a reconnaissance and surveillance patrol in Mosul, Army Engineers disabling a land bridge, Helo Ops, neighborhood guard in Sadr City, the Iron Chefs of Bagram and the latest episode of Military Heroes and photo montage.


    • In The Fight: Episode 15

      This episode features stories on U.S. and Iraqi forces battling insurgents in Sadr City, citizens of an Iraqi city working to rebuild with the help of U.S. Soldiers, helicopter pilots keeping ground forces out of harm's way in Afghanistan, a country music star playing a concert at Camp Liberty, Iraq, and a group of reserve Soldiers that re-enlisted on the 100th anniversary of the Army Reserves.


    • In The Fight: Episode 14

      This edition features stories on security and infrastructure progress in Baghdad, U.S. Soldiers conducting an air assault in Western Iraq, military patrols in Charikar revealing improvements in the region, U.S. troops partnering with Iraqi forces in Baghdad and a U.S. explosive ordinance team training the Kazakhstan army on bomb-disposal techniques.


    • In The Fight: Episode 13

      This edition features stories on the significance of Vice President Dick Cheney's recent visit to Baghdad, Soldiers destroying a torture compound in Zambraniyah, Iraq, Soldiers patrolling the Korengal Valley in Afghanistan to reduce insurgent attacks, Soldiers assessing the damage of a bridge in Taji, Iraq and the hard work being done by military medical staff at the Balad emergency room.


    • In The Fight: Episode 12

      This edition features stories on the significance of the troop surge one year later, U.S. Forces finding video of children training under al-Qaida control, the results of Operation Dolphins II, service members dropping humanitarian aid over Afghanistan, the significance of two service members' duty in Kalsu and the significant transformation of U.S. Army Central. Hosted by Staff Sgt. Stephanie Wideman. (without breaks)


    • In The Fight: Episode 11

      This edition features stories on improving security in Baghdad as Iraqi leadership takes over, U.S. Secretary of State Rice visiting Baghdad, progress in plans for reducing the number of troops in Iraq, U.S. President Bush visiting troops in Kuwait, improvements in Afghanistan, the addition of solar powered street lights to a Baghdad market and a holiday USO tour.


    • In The Fight: Episode 10

      This edition features stories on the recent state of Iraq, the U.S. military's rescue and recovery efforts in Bangladesh, World Wrestling Entertainment members visiting troops in Tikrit, the efforts of the New Zealand PRT in Afghanistan, service members on Fire Base Pathfinder celebrating an unexpected Thanksgiving meal and a behind-the-scenes look at preparartions for a Thanksgiving feast for service members in Iraq.


    • In The Fight: Episode 9

      This edition features stories on the recent dramatic drop in enemy attacks thanks to the combined efforts of coalition and Iraqi security forces, a special group of Soldiers from South Carolina patrolling the hills of Afghanistan, and teams that keep weapons and enemies from entering Iraq.


    • In The Fight: Episode 8

      This edition features stories on the possibility of the troop surge ending soon, Iraqi civilian lifestyle returning to normal, the enemy losing cohesion in Afghanistan, the debut of the newest unmanned aerial vehicle, eliminating one of the final insurgent strongholds in Iraq, successes due to the work of concerned Iraqi citizens, successful house patrols near Baghdad and a soccer ball distribution program benefiting Iraqi children. Hosted by Staff Sgt. Stephanie Widemond.


    • In The Fight: Episode 7

      This edition features stories on Gen. Petraeus reporting to the U.S. congress on improvements and concerns in Iraq, Iraq citizens taking an active role in the security of their towns, Afghan troops taking the lead in patrols with Coalition forces, troops holding a memorial service in Baghdad on Sept. 11, keeping fuel stations working to keep the Iraqi economy healthy, improving road conditions in Ramadi to return life to normal, a newly remodeled school is ready in time for Iraqi children returning to school and honoring a Soldier who risked his life to save his unit. Hosted by Staff Sgt. Stephanie Widemond. This version includes breaks for commercials.


    • In The Fight: Episode 6

      This edition features stories on the progress report by Gen. Petraeus, a new operation with Maj. Gen. Lynch, Afghan Soldiers take to the air, Navy divers assist the Minneapolis bridge collapse recovery and engineers get honored for their courage.


    • In The Fight: Episode 5

      This edition features stories on progress being made under the current security plan, the plans for Operation Marne Avalanche, a U.S. Soldier re-enlisting to serve as a doctor in combat zones, daily attacks being endured at Forward Operating Base Baylough, U.S. Navy vessels patrolling and securing the Persian Gulf coastline, and a U.S. Marine posthumously awarded the Navy Cross medal.


    • In The Fight: Episode 4

      This edition features stories on operations Phantom Thunder, Arrowhead Ripper and Marne Torch that have pushed the enemy to the brink as the surge begins to reap huge dividends for the Coalition and Iraqi security forces, the U.S. Army celebrates its 232nd birthday, and the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders take a huge leap of faith with the Golden Knights.


    • In The Fight: Episode 3

      On this episode, the surge has kicked into high gear as heavy fighting continues while Soldiers clear out insurgents from Baqouba. We'll head out with Soldiers while they practice communication and diplomacy skills with local Iraqis. In Panama, US Southern Command is redefining the term humanitarian assistance with new horizons. And we'll celebrate and honor our latest, brightest and youngest officers who just completed their training.


    • In The Fight: Episode 2

      On this episode, Al Anbar province has seen violence diminish thanks to the local tribal leaders, we'll go on a night patrol with Operation Garden Spider, Soldiers get a taste of home as Operation T-Bone gets into full swing and we'll remember the day on a very little island in the Pacific Ocean that changed the course of World War II.


    • In The Fight: Episode 1

      On this episode of "In The Fight", under a new command and a new plan the surge has begun to garner some early success. We'll take a ride on an impressive fighting machine, the Apache. Back on the ground, we'll head out with a unit on the streets in Kosovo and we watch humanitarian efforts by Soldiers providing healthcare to Iraqis. All this and more on "In The Fight".