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    412th Theater Engineer Command      

    Vicksburg, MS, US  


    Current Personnel:

    Pat Bishop
    Cecelia Curry
    Spc. Melissa Hope

    Content Online:


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    2018 CBWC AWT

    2018 CBWC AWT

    04.17.2018 | Photo by Staff Sgt. Roger Ashley
    Chemical specialist Spc. Whitni Schurr, from Oakland Washington, representing the 349th Chemical Co., 301 MEB and 416th TEC "maps" out her route...

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    Sgt. Batdorf

    05.25.2010 | Courtesy Audio
    Sgt. Batdorf of Loretta, Pa., talks to a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reporter in Pittsburgh, Pa., about his duties as a reconnaissance...

    Staff Sgt. Perry

    12.08.2009 | Courtesy Audio
    Talks to a West Virginia Daily News reporter about being deployed to Afghanistan, how long he has been in Afghanistan, his family, his civilian...

    Sgt. Davis

    11.19.2009 | Courtesy Audio
    Talks to a Bristol News reporter about being on this deployment now that he has a family, staying in touch with his family, his job...

    Staff Sgt. Davis

    09.10.2009 | Courtesy Audio
    Talks to a Bristol Herald Courier reporter about going back on deployment in Afghanistan, what his responsibilities will be overseas, why he...

    Recent Publications

    Inside the Castle - 01.19.2018

    Inside the Castle - 01.19.2018

    Maj. Gen. Christian promoted, takes charge; From Supply NCO to Combat Engineer; Building Bridges: Operation River Assault joint mission
    Inside the Castle - 09.08.2017

    Inside the Castle - 09.08.2017

    979th Mobility Augmentation Company first to be certified on Engineer Qualification Table X11; Sexual Assault Response Coordinator is in his...
    Inside the Castle - 05.05.2017

    Inside the Castle - 05.05.2017

    In this edition: Maj. Gen Thompson relinquishes command, Supply NCOIC wins USARC Supply Excellence Award, Soldiers join area bowling league,...
    Inside the Castle - 05.04.2017

    Inside the Castle - 05.04.2017

    In this edition: Soldier's life-saving helmet returned, CPX prepares Soldiers for deployment, 841st Hurricanes leave their mark in Eastern Europe,...
    Inside the Castle - 04.01.2016

    Inside the Castle - 04.01.2016

    In this edition: CSTX meshes team for mobilization; New brigade commander: taking command feels like homecoming; Army Reserve joins DSCA response,...
    Inside the Castle - 01.01.2016

    Inside the Castle - 01.01.2016

    The birth of a new unit: 363rd Engineer Battalion activates in ceremony, 412th TEC CG holds second senior leader development training, SecDef...
    Inside the Castle - 10.01.2015

    Inside the Castle - 10.01.2015

    Inside this edition of Castle Magazine: River masters piece it together like a puzzle, 390th Eng. Co. builds learning opportunities for...
    Building Bridges - 08.05.2015

    Building Bridges - 08.05.2015

    This year's River Assault publication includes: River Assault 2015 serves as a premier training site for engineers; Mud is no obstacle: Horizontal...