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Iraq Reconstruction Report
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The Iraq Reconstruction Report comes from the Iraq Project and Contracting Office. The Project and Contracting Office (PCO) is responsible for nearly $13 billion of the total $18.4 billion designated by the US Congress to support the reconstruction of Iraq. The PCO mission includes contracting for and delivering services, supplies, and infrastructure identified within the Iraqi Relief and Reconstruction Fund. PCO is aligned under the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology to provide contracting and project management support. PCO reports to the Department of State's Iraq Reconstruction Management Office on matters relating to project requirements and priorities.

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Iraq Reconstruction Report - 05.01.2007

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Road Project Nearly Complete; Gulf Region Division Project Dispatches; Baghdad Primary School Nears Completion; Capacity Development: Critical to Infrastructure Sustainability; Sector Overview: Current Status –Final Effects; UN-Backed... more
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 05.01.2007

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Road Project Nearly Complete; Gulf Region Division Project Dispatches; Baghdad Primary School Nears Completion; Capacity Development: Critical to Infrastructure Sustainability; Sector Overview: Current Status –Final Effects; UN-Backed... more
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 04.18.2007

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Kurdish Children Resettle into New Schools; Train-the-Trainer: Critical to Capacity Development; Canines Assist Demining Effort; Cleaning Up Ramadi's Malaab District; France to Open Embassy in Erbil; School Supplies Delivered by Combined Team
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 04.02.2007

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Gulf Region Division Project Dispatches; Building the Perfect Team for Takeover - GRD Logistics; Program Spotlight: Water Sector Capacity Development Initiative; Sector Overview: Current Status - Final Effects; A Territorial Army Soldier's Story;... more
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 03.20.2007

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Umm QasrSubstation Provides Reliable Power Supply; Iraqi Women's Association Receives Grant Funding; UN Hosts Conference on Iraq Rebuilding; Iraqi Planning Minister Courts Arab-American Investment; Iraq's Agriculture Bounces Back after Years of... more
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 03.16.2007

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Reconstruction Projects Provide Improvements to Essential Services; Water Sector SustainmentProgram Assists Iraqis Through Capacity Development; Task Force Seeks to Improve Business Stability
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 03.01.2007

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Iraq Electrical Grid Gets a Boost; Iraqi Job Fair Held; Pump Station Opens in Risalah; Mosque Opens for First Time Since Terrorist Attack; "Smile"Team Visits Central Baghdad Elementary School
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 02.14.2007

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An NasiriyahCorrectional Facility Project Making Headway; PartnershipGulf Region Division Project Dispatches; Emergency Water Transport Mission; 2Maximum Security Correctional Facilities Help Secure Iraq's Future; Capacity Development: Spotlight... more
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 02.08.2007

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Village Builds Women's Center; DistrictSupport to Sustainable Electricity for Iraq; UK Defense Secretary Sees Reconstruction Progress; UN: World Must Help in Easing Plight of Displaced Iraqis
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 01.29.2007

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2Developing Iraq's Port Capacity; DistrictProviding Safe Drinking Water to Iraqis; New Schools Open in Mushahidah;
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 01.22.2007

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Thousands Benefit from Healthcare Clinic; Contractors Go Above and Beyond to Provide Rural Villages with Drinking WaterPublished; Undersecretary Tours SalahAd Din Fertilizer Plant; Iraqi Renovation: Neighborhood Could get $4 Million for Improvements
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 01.13.2007

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Building Becomes 'Shining Light'for Tal Afar; Task Force Helps Revitalize Iraq's Industries; Team Assists Iraqis With Reconstruction Projects;
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 01.04.2007

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MahmudiyahMarket Renovation; Radio Station Opens Doors; Najaf Teaching Hospital Nears Completion; Iraqi Communications Officials Visit UK MOD;
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 12.08.2006

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Upgrading Baghdad Essential Services; Water Sector Sustainment Series; Council Meeting in Muqdadiyah; Fingertip Facts: The Trade Bank of Iraq; Primary School Opens; New Project to Correct Landfill Hazards; Ministry of Electricity Online; UK... more
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 11.27.2006

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Rebuilding in Iraq Tops 4,000 Projects; New Kirkuk Primary School; Sector Overview; The Latest on Capacity Developmentin Iraq; Who's Who in Iraq: Central Bank Governor; Teaching Hospital Aids Infant Survival; Iraq Reconstruction Project Map; DoD... more
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 11.15.2006

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Turning Skills into Financial Independence; Empowerment of Women: The Way Forward; Sector Overview; Women Join Iraqi Police; Enrollment in School Reduces Gender Gap; Women's Democracy Initiative; Non-Governmental Capacity Building; UN Agency... more
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 10.27.2006

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An Iraqi Engineer's Story; Soldiers Deliver 75 Generators; Sector Overview; USDA Announces Extension Funds; Water Plant Opens for Iraqi Soldiers; Japan Offers Yen Loan for Reconstruction; Dept. of Commerce: New Investment Law; Water Springing up... more
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 10.20.2006

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Gulf Region Division Change of Command; Bringing Hope to Tarmiya; Sector Overview; School's "In"; New Police Training Station; UNDG Oversees Infrastructure Rehabilitation; Hole Repair: Important Work in Iraq; Equipment Donated to Veterinary... more
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 10.16.2006

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SPECIAL EDITION - A Report on Iraq Reconstruction; This 26-page booklet recaps the U.S. Army's reconstruction effort in Iraq.
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 10.05.2006

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Coast Guard Facility Enhances Security; Sector Overview; School Opens After Extensive Renovation; Navy Chief Helps to Rebuild Al-Anbar; World Bank Provides $6.6M; Four-footed Guards Keep GRD Safe; News from USAID; DoD Reconstruction Partnership.
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 09.25.2006

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Reconstruction and Security Working in Tandem; New Vehicles for Bayji; Sector Overview; 63,000 in Diyalato get Electrical Boost; USIP Oral History Project; Project Update Map: Baghdad; Micro-Finance Brings Hope; Displaced Families Receive Help... more
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 09.14.2006

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Civil Military Teams Restore Services; Iraqis to Receive 142 Healthcare Clinics; Sector Overview; Poland Donates Vehicles; Project Notecard; Web Resources: Demining; Repairing Damaged Roads; Photo Feature: Transformers Delivered; DoD... more
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 09.01.2006

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Village Receives New School; Railway Station Being Rebuilt; Sector Overview; USDA Announces Additional Efforts; Promoting Iraqi Worker Safety; Engineers Fix Crucial Bridge; Medical Capability Improving; Iraqi Government PrimerEconomic Brief; DoD... more
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 08.25.2006

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Regiment Completes Several Construction Projects, Al-AmarahProvince Fire Station Fully Functional Following Years of Neglect, Sector Overview: Current Status –End State, Navy Construction Unit Looks Back on Successes, Baghdad Essential Services... more
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 08.14.2006

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Just What is CERP?; Asphalt Plant Upgrades Provides Results; Sector Overview; Agriculture Secretary in Iraq; Setting the Record Straight; Brits Open Lifeline in Marshlands; DoD Reconstruction Partnership...
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 08.07.2006

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Heavy Equipment Donations; Western Border Becoming More Secure; Sector Overview; NGO Spotlight: The Iraq Foundation; Commerce Secretary Outlines Growth Steps; Working Together to Secure Region; Iraq and UN Form Partnership; Maternity Ward for... more
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 07.28.2006

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Sense of Normalcy Returns to Yusufilyah; Sector Overview; Local Investors Help to Boost Economy; World Bank Approves $135M Credit; NASA Technology Aids Water Purification; Iraqi Muhafazat - What are They?; New Section 2207 Report Available... more
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 07.14.2006

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Maternity and Pediatric Care in Erbil; MultakaProject Coordination Cell; Sector Overview; Workers Remove Litter from Iraqi Streets; Who's Who in Iraqi Government; What's New in Capacity Development; Soldier Builds Police Station; Iraqi Army Takes... more
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 07.07.2006

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New Fire Fighter Facility Coalition-Iraqi Construction Plans World Bank News: Fund Meeting; 'and the band played on.�; Who's Who in Iraqi Government; Medical Care for Iraqi Citizens Soldier Builds Police Station; Sector Overview; Projects... more
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 06.16.2006

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Capacity Development Database Bayji Joint Command Center; Iraqi Marshlands Restoration Continues UN Project Highlight: Child Museum; Alliance Group Formed; Techno Focus; Who's Who in Iraqi Government; Stories Continued; Projects at a Glance;... more
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 06.05.2006

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Capacity Development Database; Aerial Spraying of Crops Concludes Zam Zam Primary School Opens; Roadway Repair in Fallujah; Who's Who in Iraqi Government Rehabilitation Center Nearly Complete; Non-Profit Organization Provides Training; Projects... more
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 05.26.2006

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'Measles Chart ' Shows Progress; Palace Restoration by Stryker Brigade; Creating Security Points; State 'DoD Officials on Radio Show; American Forces Network Visit; SheileSchool Brings Smiles; Map: Projects Shaping a Nation; Projects at a Glance;... more
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 05.19.2006

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Gen. Casey Commentary; The Rebirth of Tall 'Afar; Eye on Iraq: Photo Roundup; Health Care Center Destroyed; Fire Station Providing Deterrence; World Bank to Reopen; Video Interviews: Date Palm Spraying; The Marshall Plan: In His Own Words;... more
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 05.12.2006

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Iraqis Take Charge; Haditha City Council Meets; Date Palm Crops Sprayed; Two Schools Reopen Doors; 'Turn on the Valve�; Reconstruction Historical Series; Drinking Water System Tested; Projects at a Glance; Sector Overview; DoD Reconstruction... more
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 05.05.2006

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Cleaning Canals for Better Farming; A Reason to Smile; 'Ring of Steel� Encircles Oil Platforms; Al-Basrah Oil Terminal Hydraulic Bridge; Reconstruction Historical Series; Project Snapshot; Projects at a Glance; Sector Overview; DoD... more
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 04.27.2006

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Project Dispatches; USIP Organizing Bipartisan Iraq Study Group; Iraqi, U.S. Soldiers Provide Medical Aid Al-BasrahOil Terminal Hydraulic Bridge; Marshland Restoration; Reconstruction Historical Series; Japan's Assistance to Iraq; Projects at a... more
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 04.20.2006

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Al Sulaymaniyah Border Fort on Iran Border Increases Security; 80,000 in Sadr City to Benefit from Road Repaving; Reconstruction Series: A Comparative History of US Reconstruction Efforts; Clean Water for 2.5 Million Basrah Residents; Iraqi, U.S.... more
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 04.13.2006

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Pipelines Across the Tigris; Project Dispatches; Reconstruction Series: A Comparative History of US Reconstruction Efforts; Interagency Assistance: Iraqi Artifacts Recovered by ICE Team; Securing Northern Borders; Restoring Essential Services;... more
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 04.05.2006

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Project Dispatches; Banker Helps Rebuild Iraq Infrastructure; Reconstruction Series: A Comparative History of US Reconstruction Efforts; 4An IRU Sidebar Extra: Iraqi Currency 101; Ribbon Cutting Held at Karbala Government Building; Coalition... more
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 03.28.2006

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Dahuk Province Primary School Serves 825 Students; Electrical Substations in Three Provinces Completed; Bridge Reopens Over Euphrates as Babil Gateway; Assistant Secretary Bolton Speaks at Iraq Reconstruction Public Policy Panel; Reconstruction... more
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 03.16.2006

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Eight Al Anbar Border Observation Points Completed; Two Border Forts Completed in As Sulaymaniyah; Two Baghdad Province Schools Renovated; Diyala Police Hand Out Shoes to Neighborhood Children; Reconstruction Series: A Comparative History of US... more
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 03.09.2006

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Police Projects to Serve Nearly Four Million Residents; Electrical Projects in Salah Ad Din Benefit over 3,000 Residences; Biyala Tisa Water Network Complete; Border Forts in Maysan Province Cover 270 Kilometers; Coalition Priority: Restore... more
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 03.01.2006

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Fallujah Facility Begins Construction, Ninawa Hospital Renovation Project Complete, Transport Security Operations, Baghdad Central Rail Station Renovation, NGO Spotlight: Potters for Peace, U.S. Soldiers Provide Tents to Bedouin Families,...
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 02.23.2006

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Progress Dispatches; New Facilities for Iraqi Highway Patrol Officers; 3Fallujah'sFour New Schools; CAT Helps Secure Micro Loans for Iraqis; 6The 'Pishkhabor Project�; 5Progress Being Made on Iraqi Reconstruction, Official Says; Projects at a... more
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 02.13.2006

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Progress Dispatches; Streams of Water Bring Progress, Hope to Village;Town Welcomes Food Distribution Center; 5Women are Reemerging as Iraq's Economy Gains Momentum; Youth of Al Rasheed Clean Up for a Better Future; Projects at a Glance (As of:... more
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 02.06.2006

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Progress Dispatches; Women Working for Women's Welfare; Village Dedicates New Pump; Mosul Upgrades; BEFORE AND AFTER: Taji Military Base; Projects at a Glance (As of: February 4, 2006); Sector Overview: Current Status - End State; Capacity... more
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 01.25.2006

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Progress Dispatches; Spotlight on Reconstruction Funding; Commanders Humanitarian Relief and Reconstruction Program; Despite Violence, Baghdad Residents Get First Tap Water In Eight Years; JCCI-IA: Wide Area of Responsibility -Command active in... more
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 01.18.2006

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Six Al Muthanna Police Stations Completed; Erbil Electrical Project Finishes; Sewer Sanitation Project Construction Completed; Spotlight on Reconstruction Funding; Fallujah - A Resident's View; Photo Story: Karadah Water/Sewer Project; PROJECT... more
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 01.09.2006

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Teacher's College in Hit Completed; Tarmiya Road Improvement Project; Ceremony Finalizes Taha and Al Khas Village Roads Project; Muthanna Security Check Points Completed; New Transformer Means Additional Reliable Power for Baghdad; Armed with... more
Iraq Reconstruction Report - 12.22.2005

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Infrastructure Projects Changing Minds in East Baghdad; Donated Construction Equipment Bolsters Iraqi Essential Services; New Transformer Means More Reliable Power for Baghdad Iraqis; Projects at a Glance (As of: December 16, 2005); Sector... more
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