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"Freedom Watch" is the official publication of Combined Joint Task Force 1 and is published monthly.

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Freedom Watch Magazine - 07.01.2012

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Letter from the Layout and Content Editor; Cover: ANP hone skills for operations; Transportation Company controls one of Afghanistan’s most dangerous roads; Improvised explosive device almost claims child’s life; Turning wrenches so that... more
Freedom Watch Magazine - 06.01.2012

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President Obama speaks to troops on Bagram Airfield Cover: Laghman PRT begins final transition Earth Day: Bagram opens new facility AWOL brings the Thunder to FOB Lightning Shoot straight, fl y high: TF Poseidon keeps Apache’s ready to... more
Freedom Watch Magazine - 05.01.2012

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Trash to treasure: Afghans use skills to enhance DFAC; Sergeant Major of the Army visits Bagram; Cover: Big Red One takes control in eastern Afghanistan; A new day; a new partnership in Afghanistan; The sky is the limit for artillery on the move;... more
Freedom Watch Magazine - 04.01.2012

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ANSF make big strides in security for RC-East; Story Snapshots; 1st Commando Brigade taking the fight to the insurgents; Historical weapons handover in Ghazni; Servicemembers gear up for Warrior Team Competition; AUP takes the reins from U.S.... more
Freedom Watch Magazine - 03.01.2012

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Bridge connects northeastern Nangarhar to rest of province; ANA assumes lead at Alasay; Georgian Mobile Training Team trains Afghan artillerymen; ‘Aluminum Python’ puts squeeze on insurgency; Cover: Paratroopers rack up productive days in... more
Freedom Watch Magazine - 02.01.2012

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AMMO Dawgs rearm the fight, 82nd Challenge motivates Soldiers to run more, Cover: Anytime, anywhere: TF Poseidon medics train for hoist missions, Connecting Islands: ALP brings villages together, Afghan Peace, Reintegration Program begins in... more
Freedom Watch Magazine - 01.01.2012

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Largest air drop in eastern Afghanistan Exercise tests Afghan doctors, medics Courthouse brings rule of law to Paktika Surveys point toward more profi table future Operation Tolfan is success Ambitious new market sells hope Operation... more
Freedom Watch Magazine - 12.01.2011

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Water treatment team works behind the scenes; Wheat seed distributed to Khowst Farmer; Operation Shamshir turns up heat; Learning the ropes as a Black Hawk crew chief
Freedom Watch Magazine - 12.01.2011

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Water treatment team works behind the scenes, Wheat seed distributed to Khowst Farmer, Operation Shamshir turns up heat on the Haqqani Network in Khowst, PRT walks among local people, Learning the ropes a Black Hawk crew chief, BASH program saves... more
Freedom Watch Magazine - 11.01.2011

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Operation Tofan II disrupts enemy in Suri Kheyl; TF Bronco stays vigilant above Wanat; ANA committed to outing insurgents in Laghman; Blackhawk Soliders conduct presence patrol in remote village in Patika Province; TF Bronco heads back to Wanat;... more
Freedom Watch Magazine - 10.01.2011

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Spirit and Sacrifice live on at Tillman; Forward Surgical Team keeps Soldiers in the fight; Deployed Army values
Freedom Watch Magazine - 09.01.2011

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ISAF,ANSF continue operations in Pech Valley; Coalition secures southern Laghman Province; TF Duke Soldiers continue mission sparked by 9/11
Freedom Watch Magazine - 08.01.2011

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Bamyan: The dream of Afghanistan; Soldiers face ambush at Do Ab; U.S., Germans team up for extraction
Freedom Watch Magazine - 07.01.2011

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Combined operation expands security in Chak District; Operation HOT honors, entertains deployed troops; U.S., Afghan children exchange artwork
Freedom Watch Magazine - 06.01.2011

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CJTF-1 arrives in Afghanistan; 'Restrepo' soldier returns to Afghanistan; TF Redhorse brings training, confidence to ANP; Security through counter IED efforts
Freedom Watch Magazine - 05.01.2011

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CJTF-101 Year in review, Fallen Hero memoriam
Freedom Watch Magazine - 04.01.2011

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Most dangerous road, Red Bulls help protect Afghanistan border, Soldier's Medal awarded
Freedom Watch Magazine - 03.01.2011

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Women's shura convenes,Brotherhood at the top of Afghanistan
Freedom Watch Magazine - 02.08.2011

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Freedom Watch Magazine - February 2011
Freedom Watch Magazine - 01.01.2011

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Medal of Honor: U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Salvatore A. Giunta’s story Surprise visit: President Obama comes to Bagram Recognizing valor: Defense Secretary awards medals for valor during Operation Strong Eagle
Freedom Watch Magazine - 12.01.2010

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101st Soldiers, ANA conduct combined airborne assault into Charbaran Valley; The hunt for a hidden enemy; Afghan soldiers graduate from Camp Dwyer's first instructor course
Freedom Watch Magazine - 11.01.2010

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OCC-R Unifies Afghan Agencies The City Beat The Skills to Make It Happen Backbone of the ANA: Part 2
Freedom Watch Magazine - 10.10.2010

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CMT Keeps Soldiers Supplied Backbone of the ANA: Part 1 Combat Outpost Badel Cover Story: Adopting A Cause
Freedom Watch Magazine - 08.30.2010

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Gen. Petraeus’ COIN Guidance Afghan Policewomen Brave Threats A Little Heart Gets Warm Welcome
Freedom Watch Magazine - 07.30.2010

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Outpost Thomas Life the Pech River Valley World Class Trauma Care Bastille Day in Afghanistan
Freedom Watch Magazine - 07.07.2010

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Step By Step; Set For Success; One Team, One Fight; Man of the People; 101: A Rendezvous with Destiny
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