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    • Dynamic Front

      Dynamic Front

      “Approximately 3,200 participants from 27 nations will take part in operations during the live-fire portion of exercise Dynamic Front 19, March 2-9, 2019, at the U.S. Army’s Grafenwoehr Training Area, Germany; as well as in Riga, Latvia; and Torun, Poland. Nation participation ranges from observers to service members operating fires equipment in the field, including representatives from...

    • AFIMSC Innovation

      AFIMSC Innovation

      The Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center is the installation and mission support innovation hub for 77 installations, 10 major commands, four primary subordinate units, and two direct reporting units across the Air Force enterprise. It leverages new technologies and best practices to equip Warfighters to Fly, Fight and Win in Air, Space, and Cyberspace.

    • AFIMSC Innovation Rodeo

      AFIMSC Innovation Rodeo

      The AFIMSC Innovation Office established the inaugural Innovation Rodeo in order to implement innovative ideas into the field. The competition follows the office’s “Call for Innovation” campaign, where competitors submitted ideas and will pitch their concepts to an AFIMSC leadership panel. The top three ideas will receive $200,000 to get their ideas to a prototype via AFWERX and tech accelerators.

    • Photos of the Week

      Photos of the Week

      This page highlights the best photos of the current week from Saturday to Sunday. These photos have been curated by the DVIDS staff to showcase and honor the great work that is being done by military public affairs units all over the world. All images here are in the public domain and are free to download upon registration with the DVIDS website. Feel free to subscribe and stay up to date with...

    • 2019 Chief, National Guard Bureau Biathlon Championship

      2019 Chief, National Guard Bureau Biathlon Championship

      The Vermont National Guard is proud to host the 2019 Chief, National Guard Bureau Biathlon Championships at Camp Ethan Allen Training Site, Jericho, Vt., from February 23 to February 28. More than 125 National Guardsmen from 18 states are planned to compete in the national week-long championship. #2019CNGBBiathlon

    • Air Force Ranger Assessment Course

      Air Force Ranger Assessment Course

      The United States Air Force Ranger Assessment Course is a stress-fueled battle school which develops Airmen to lead under mental, emotional, and physical strain, improving Airmen’s resiliency and coping mechanisms. Qualified Airmen from any career field can attend the course, which is held twice a year. The course has a 66-percent fail rate.

      Those who succeed may go on to apply to attend...

    • Bomber Task Force Europe

      Bomber Task Force Europe

      The U.S. Air Force regularly deploys bomber aircraft to the European theater of operations. Training with joint partners, allied nations and other U.S. Air Force units contributes to our ready and postured forces and enables us to build enduring and strategic relationships necessary to confront a broad range of global challenges.

    • Patriot Sands

      Patriot Sands

      Exercise Patriot Sands is a joint-service emergency and natural disaster response exercise coordinated by the Air Force Reserve, designed to integrate first responders from federal, state and local agencies and the military by providing quick response training.