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The Expeditionary Times Staff publishes a weekly newspaper with a primary mission of providing command information to all service members, partners, and Families of the 310th Expeditionary Sustainment Command and its subordinate units, and has a secondary mission of providing a means for units on Joint Base Balad to disseminate command information to their audiences.

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Expeditionary Times - 07.27.2011

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Final Edition of the Expeditionary Times, Farewell Loyal 'Expeditionary Times" readers. This final paper is a re-printing of feature spreads from our previous editions, covering the diverse aspects of the 310th ESC's sustainment and retrograde... more
Expeditionary Times - 07.20.2011

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On the road to the south; Running is way of life for NCO; HET repairs are team effort for SMC; Medic is no stranger to close calls; Soldier feels her deployment is her patriotic duty to U.S.; Maintenance shop is heart of trans. co.’s... more
Expeditionary Times - 07.13.2011

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A star Soldier; Baby boom sweeps trans. co.; The journey of a lifetime; Soldier becomes naturalized in Iraq
Expeditionary Times - 07.06.2011

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Honor Restored; Mechanic becomes new father in Iraq; Navy fuel specialists take reins at Al Asad; CET commander gets Purple Heart; Soldier’s love for softball comes to Iraq; Celebrating the fourth far from home; Soldiers take off for home base;... more
Expeditionary Times - 06.29.2011

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Fitness fever; CSM discusses Army career advancement; Amnesty Day gives troops opportunity to kick-start reposturing; Scouts continue to support troops; Captain learns from lessons in history to lead Soldiers in Iraq; Ceremony celebrates opening... more
Expeditionary Times - 06.22.2011

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‘Boom’ goes the dynamite; Traditions build strong relationships; General awards Soldiers for accident avoidance; ‘Snail mail’ still has not lost its effect in boosting morale; Soldiers duke it out in combatives refresher; New ‘Road... more
Expeditionary Times - 06.15.2011

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Welcome to the Club; Electrical hazards spark awareness; Commander is torn between his two families; Foreman recognized for higher safety standards; Calif. National Guard command visits Soldiers; Truck drivers accept new responsibility; From... more
Expeditionary Times - 06.08.2011

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Hazzard Ahead; Intel training helps Soldiers keep roads safe; Transportation company takes time to relax, recharge morale; Reduce Reuse Regatta; Troops celebrate diversity on Adder; Soldier teaches language, culture in spare time; Wife cares for... more
Expeditionary Times - 06.01.2011

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Vehicle upgrades protect Soldiers, convoys; The amazing underwater Carr; Repairers keep equipment on air; Shop gets ready to get busy during summer rush; Lead mail room specialist gets pinned, serves as head NCO; Unit recognizes importance in... more
Expeditionary Times - 05.25.2011

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Medics share their skills with Iraqis, Pacific Islander legacy lives on, Chaplain practices what he preaches, 15th Trans. Co. preps for redeployment back to States, Troops help deployed moms celebrate their special day, Soldiers help keep COB... more
Expeditionary Times - 05.18.2011

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DRMO is now on the go; Coordination gives life to JBB events; Who wants to pet an E-7?; The Acuñas go to Iraq; Soldiers go before revised board; Introductory combatives class refines basic skill for Soldiers on COB Adder; ‘Super Bullets’... more
Expeditionary Times - 05.11.2011

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Iraqi Army displays its aptitude after blast, Iraqi youth visit JBB, staying gainfully employed, Soldiers remain marketable by improving GT prior to re-up, Battalion targets education, employment in new initiative, Truck rodeo hones skills for... more
Expeditionary Times - 05.04.2011

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Going Bald for baldrick’s, Senior leadership supports transportation missions, ‘Super Bullet’ Soldier excels in board, looks forward to next one, Easter Without the Bunny, Having positive attitude helps get job done, Brigade earns combat... more
Expeditionary Times - 04.27.2011

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‘AAME’ing High, Distribution center keeps goods flowing throughout country, Trans. company fights off complacency with training, Soldiers keep JBB’s lights shining, Battalion’s ID facility team keeps operations running without hitch,... more
Expeditionary Times - 04.20.2011

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Be yond the Call, Soldiers swap fish sticks for dip sticks, Recruits join Security Force, Laundry specialists provide comforting service for troops, Trans. Co. hands over authority, imparts wisdom, Brotherly bond propels Soldiers, ‘Outlaws’... more
Expeditionary Times - 04.13.2011

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Out With the Old; Trained and Ready; ‘Outlaws’ look back at success, effect on mission; Team finds strength in diversity; The Order of the Spur: Cav. Troop asks Soldiers to partake in ‘spur ride’; RIDE: Non-cavalry Soldiers earn coveted... more
Expeditionary Times - 04.06.2011

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The 310th Takes Command, Trials in Iraq didn’t prevent Soldier from doing her best, One Soldier is fulfilling his childhood fantasy and he’s getting paid to do it, too, Iraqi kids enjoy day of fun on JBB, Training Troops at Tadreeb, Final... more
Expeditionary Times - 03.30.2011

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TOA ceremony brings relief for CSSB, Positivity goes a long way, Ammo specialists join ‘Super Bullets’ on COB Adder, ‘Wrangler’ leader proves age is just a number, Daughter finds comfort in nearby family, Company commander reflects on... more
Expeditionary Times - 03.23.2011

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Services work together to build CSC Adder; Female troops play crucial roles; Postal workers boost morale.
Expeditionary Times - 03.16.2011

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16 MAR 11 Vol.4 Issue 44
Expeditionary Times - 03.09.2011

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Soldiers shine at quarterly challenge; Take pride in all that you do; The Weekly Standard: The ins and outs of awards; Combat Stress: Handling redeployment challenges; Incoming MCB assumes final mission in Iraq; Training exercise teaches focus... more
Expeditionary Times - 03.02.2011

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Planning key to successful convoy missions; Appreciating life during deployment; The Weekly Standard: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Repeal; Combat Stress: The Tobacco Cessation; Soldiers, civilians work together in support of Allied Trade;... more
Expeditionary Times - 02.23.2011

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Convoy support center to aid Operation New Dawn; Soldier's struggle that became an inspiration; Iraqi battalions test logistical proficiency.
Expeditionary Times - 02.16.2011

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Iraqi soldiers learn maintenance skills; Red Jumpsuit Apparatus brings the rock to Iraq; Montana senator visits troops in Baghdad.
Expeditionary Times - 02.09.2011

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PSD Soldier sets example, helps build team; En Vogue gives JBB a piece of their love; Spin class inspires Soldiers to work harder
Expeditionary Times - 02.02.2011

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Iraqi maintenance unit trains with U.S. advisors; Long term Vs. short term goals; The Weekly Standard: Facebook and AR 600-20; Combat Stress: Learning to control your anger; Education center offers degree opportunities for Soldiers; Transporters... more
Expeditionary Times - 01.26.2011

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Preparation key to convoy support mission; Management for R and R Leave; The Weekly Standard: History of Inspector General; Combat Stress: Learning to control your anger; Platoon Sgt. brings knowledge, experience to unit; Soldiers perform annual... more
Expeditionary Times - 01.19.2011

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540th responsible for drawdown at VBC; Married soldiers reunited for promotion; Interpreter brothers reunited once again.
Expeditionary Times - 01.12.2011

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MRT supports drawdown, help clean Iraq; Chief supports soldiers, trucks; Leadership goes beyond HETs.
Expeditionary Times - 01.05.2011

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Chief of Reserve pays troops holiday visit; Army Chief of Staff re-enlists, recognizes soldiers; Service members celebrate holidays overseas.
Expeditionary Times - 12.29.2010

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Kids Day connects troops, Iraqi children; Getting past post-holiday blues; Getting past post-holiday blues; Combat Stress: Maintaining proper sleep hygiene; Combat Stress: Maintaining proper sleep hygiene; Soldier proves that hard work helps... more
Expeditionary Times - 12.21.2010

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C-IED; Jackal system enhances safety; Glory; Toy bear returns to kindergarten class; Head Hunters; Team set to play in Tostitos Bowl;
Expeditionary Times - 12.08.2010

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Competition strengthens tactical skills; Giving the gifts that truly matter; The Weekly Standard: Corrective training Part II; Combat Stress: Ways to cope with the holiday blues; Advanced technology helps troops maintain skills; Senior leader... more
Expeditionary Times - 12.01.2010

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USF-I commander pays special visit; Tips to prepare for the holidays; The Weekly Standard: Defining corrective training; Combat Stress: Resources to ‘put a hit out on stress’; Service members run to acknowledge New Dawn; Former Soldier gives... more
Expeditionary Times - 11.24.2010

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Soldiers recognized for combat action; Keeping it all in perspective; The Weekly Standard: Recognize toxic leadership; Combat Stress: Giving thanks during deployment; Combat Stress: Giving thanks during deployment; Family members are combat... more
Expeditionary Times - 11.17.2010

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Citizenship: ‘It’s like being reborn’; Sensing your way to a better relationship; The Weekly Standard: Debt collection regs;Combat Stress: Actions speak louder than words; New NCOs inducted into Corps during ceremony; Ceremony marks... more
Expeditionary Times - 11.03.2010

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Troops run for breast cancer awareness; The importance of patience; Army’s new PT manual
Expeditionary Times - 10.27.2010

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Army Ten Miler - Going the distance; Cartoonists create for service members at JBB; Luncheon celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month.
Expeditionary Times - 10.20.2010

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Service members support charities; Bank of Baghdad opens for business in Tallil; Legends of Aerospace meet service members.
Expeditionary Times - 10.13.2010

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Iraqi guards learn first aid skills; Lollapalooza travels overseas to Balad; Newly promoted soldier aims for citizenship.
Expeditionary Times - 10.06.2010

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Iraqi Kids Day activities draw crowd; All people are connected;The Weekly Standard: To mail or not to mail?; Combat Stress: Laughter is the best medicine; In-theater promotion recognizes Soldier’s hard work; Four-star gets inside look at... more
Expeditionary Times - 09.29.2010

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Support takes flight; Aspiring artist creates while deployed; Lease repayment sets positive tone for exit.
Expeditionary Times - 09.22.2010

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Remembering 9/11, Living with the Memories; A night to remember for firefighters; Former POW visits Taji, gives insight on resilience.
Expeditionary Times - 08.25.2010

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Ribbon-cutting ceremony is first step; Two leaders help troops achieve fitness goals; Infantry soldier motivates unit with music.
Expeditionary Times - 08.11.2010

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Logistical operation to break records; 278th ACR transfers authority to 156th Infantry Regiment; Special Troops Battalions hold transfer-of-authority ceremony.
Expeditionary Times - 08.04.2010

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103rd ESC patch is making history; 224th SB 'Dragonslayers' hold combat patch ceremony; Surprise family reunion before redeployment.
Expeditionary Times - 08.04.2010

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103rd ESC patch is ‘making history’; Marriage endures military challenges; The Weekly Standard ‘Proper ammo disposal’; 224th SB ‘Dragonslayers’ hold combat patch ceremony; Surprise family reunion before redeployment; CRSP technology... more
Expeditionary Times - 07.28.2010

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Scania Base transfer marks progress; 278th ACR transfers authority to 156th Infantry Regiment; With the drawdown, what about the ammo?
Expeditionary Times - 07.14.2010

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Citizenship; There is hope for the separated; The Weekly Standard: Family support responsibility; Managing reunion with Family upon redeployment
Expeditionary Times - 07.07.2010

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Q-West transfer marks milestone in drawdown; Making the best of life in the desert; Six phrases that can facilitate communication; Bank of Baghdad to open in Mosul; 13th ESC passes the torch, 103rd continues mission; QM Soldiers win monthly,... more
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