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The Expeditionary Times Staff publishes a weekly newspaper with a primary mission of providing command information to all service members, partners, and Families of the 310th Expeditionary Sustainment Command and its subordinate units, and has a secondary mission of providing a means for units on Joint Base Balad to disseminate command information to their audiences.

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Expeditionary Times - 07.04.2010

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Q-West transfer marks milestone in drawdown; Making the best of life in the desert; The Weekly Standard: Meet the new cactus IG team; Six phrases that can facilitate communication; Bank of Baghdad to open in Mosul; 13th ESC passes the torch,... more
Expeditionary Times - 06.27.2010

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Maintaining Iraq’s maintainers; Soldiers tour historic monastery in Ninawa province; Building relationships with Iraqi communities
Expeditionary Times - 06.23.2010

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USDA visits Balad for agricultural conference; Choosing to live a life of joy is true freedom; Preparing for redeployment, strengthening Family ties; 13th ESC recognizes outstanding Soldiers; RFS concludes convoy security mission; Signal Co.... more
Expeditionary Times - 06.16.2010

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US partners with Iraq to stabilize economy; Add a little extra for sweet lemonade; Rawhide Brigade transfers authority to Dragonslayers; 3rd Sustainment Brigade receives combat patch; Soldiers prepare their own for final farewell; Task Force 38... more
Expeditionary Times - 06.06.2010

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Vietnam vet continues his service in Iraq; NCAA coaches visit with troops; Constructing the future of Iraq
Expeditionary Times - 06.02.2010

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US, Iraqi leaders discuss base turnover; The phases and art of reconciliation; 36th SB Soldier reflects on three tours in Iraq; Q-West troops receive end of tour awards; MRT yard saves Army millions in assets; Unit retrogrades seven years' worth... more
Expeditionary Times - 05.26.2010

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278th Soldiers train Iraqis; Force protection officer works to improve training; Pro-athletes host clinic for Soldiers.
Expeditionary Times - 05.19.2010

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Cavalry Soldier earns award for valor; Selfless service; 13th ESC hosts commander's conference at JBB; 3rd Sustainment Brigade arrives in Iraq; 102nd QM keeps JBB hydrated; 'Wagonmasters' prepare to go home; ECCP yard mission, safety go... more
Expeditionary Times - 05.09.2010

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Country singer Rick Trevino entertains Soldiers; Virginia's 'Bedford Boys' carry history into deployment; Pre-WLC; Soldiers, honors fallen comrade
Expeditionary Times - 05.02.2010

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Sun sets on Phoenix Battalion's Iraq mission; Provider earns Purple Heart for 2004 combat injuries; Farewell from Expeditionary Times staff; TOA: 80th Odnance Battalion ran largest central receiving, shipping point in Iraq; Local contractors... more
Expeditionary Times - 04.28.2010

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Support battalions transfer mission; Legal Issues: financial support for military Family members; 402nd Army Field Support Brigade welcomes new commander; Force protection Soldiers implement, install base safety measures; Louisiana unit falls in... more
Expeditionary Times - 04.21.2010

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Tennessee Soldiers, Iraqis prepare base for responsible drawdown; Comptroller steps down to further military education; CLEAN: Soldiers, Iraqis work hand in hand for responsible drawdown; AWARD: officer to attend dual masters program; Rawhide... more
Expeditionary Times - 04.14.2010

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Soldiers celebrate Easter at historic monastery; General praises Providers for base closure efforts; Chaplain's Corner: overcome giants, have faith; The Weekly Standard: proper use of government communication systems
Expeditionary Times - 04.04.2010

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General visits Rawhide Soldiers, tours Ziggurat; US senators visit service members; TOUR: leaders discuss progress of mission; VISIT: Senators ask service members' concerns; Working dogs practice suspect takedowns; 49th Transportation Battalion... more
Expeditionary Times - 03.28.2010

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Four-star general visits JBB, talks drawdown, women's history; Sustainers hold conference in Basra; GENERAL: Army ensuring responsible drawdown remains on course; JBB officials cut ribbon at Container Repair Yard; 13th ESC protocol team provides... more
Expeditionary Times - 03.21.2010

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Leaders discuss Contingency Operating Location Scania closure; The Weekly Standard: post deployment/ mobilization respite absence; Combat Stress: is anger manageable?; CLOSE: Scania operations to be transfered to Kalsu as part of responsible... more
Expeditionary Times - 03.14.2010

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Oregon Guardsmen provide force protection at entry control points; JBB recognizes March as American Red Cross Month; 546th metal workers fire up Phoenix art
Expeditionary Times - 03.07.2010

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Providers pay final respect to Soldier; Operations center tracks convoys and entry control points; Combat stress: sleep trouble? We can help...; ECP: 'If we see an issue, we quickly try to see what the problem is;' Providers support... more
Expeditionary Times - 02.28.2010

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90th Sustainment Brigade cases colors, heads home; HOME: 'you were here and you did your part'; 2025th Transportation Soldiers awarded Combat Action Badges; Mississippi Guardsman embodies honor; Sustainment brigades prep for transfer of... more
Expeditionary Times - 02.21.2010

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107 Soldiers become U.S. citizens at Al-Faw Palace, Provider command staff briefs incoming replacements, CITIZEN: Soldiers served in Army before they gained citizenship, Soldiers travel miles for students' smiles; Providers walk to raise... more
Expeditionary Times - 02.17.2010

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Previously injured Vets return to JBB; New Mexico adjutant general visits Adder; Chaplain's Corner: find light in dark places; Combat Stress: treat visible, invisible wounds equally
Expeditionary Times - 02.14.2010

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Previously injured Vets return to JBB; New Mexico adjutant general visits Adder; Combat Stress: treat visible, invisible wounds equally; EXIT: Soldiers share stories about injuries, recovery; Mississippi armor sergeant earns top honor; Combat... more
Expeditionary Times - 02.07.2010

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Provider leaders discuss movement of troops, equipment in Iraq; Legal Rights for Reserves, National Guard; Big Red One commander visits Adder; Providers save Army more than $380 million; Transportation Soldiers escort local nationals to work... more
Expeditionary Times - 01.31.2010

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More than 3,000 Soldiers moved in firstfixed- wing redeployment out of Taji; Use of US dollar to be eliminated in Iraq; Fixed-wing flights reduce travel time out of Iraq; Iraqi dinar to protect Soldiers, stimulate local economy; Wagonmasters... more
Expeditionary Times - 01.24.2010

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301st Chemical Co. provides security for US officials at Baghdad University; Haitian American Soldier reacts to homeland disaster; 301st provides safe trip for officials; 96th Sustainment Brigade recovers munitions at Taji; Providers conduct... more
Expeditionary Times - 01.17.2010

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Providers deliver school supplies to rural Iraqi school children; Training lane helps US, Iraqi Soldiers prep for missions; Soldier volunteers in Iraq, is reminded of her childhood; Training strengthens US, Iraq bond; Mechanics keep VIPs safe;... more
Expeditionary Times - 01.10.2010

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Provider Soldiers inducted into club; Command sergeant major honors six Soldiers; Sergeant Audie Murphy Club inducts new members; Soldiers recognized for hard work; 724th Transportation Company adapts to changing mission; Soldiers provide... more
Expeditionary Times - 01.03.2010

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3rd Medical Command VIPs visit JBB to improve command support; Mental Health: topple the pillars of mental health stigma; Federal Reserve bans most bank overdraft fees; Washington, Tennessee Soldiers convoy to retrograde equipment in theater; New... more
Expeditionary Times - 12.27.2009

226 hits


Sergeant major of Army visits Balad; Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff leads tour to Adder; Mental Health: four Monsters, a wake-up call; A holiday uniform message from the Expeditionary Times' first sergeant; SMA evaluates condition of... more
Expeditionary Times - 12.20.2009

222 hits


Congressmen bring taste of home to troops; Al Warka bank opens at JBB; 'Operation Gumbo Drop,' holiday gift to service members; First Iraqi bank on American base opens; Communication Soldiers aid in transportation mission; Soldiers train with... more
Expeditionary Times - 12.13.2009

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WWE superstars, divas entertain troops at JBB; New Iraqi Army base opens in Maysan province; Mental Health: marijuana leads abused illegal drugs; Chaplain's Corner: encourage others to reach their full potential; Wrestlers slam service members... more
Expeditionary Times - 12.06.2009

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Soldiers give supplies to children of Iraqi contractors at JBB; JBB makes way for two incoming medical units; Soldiers give supplies to Taji children during holidays; 50th Multi-Role Bridge Co. returns home; Service members track travel at JBB... more
Expeditionary Times - 11.29.2009

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US Army leaders meet with shaykhs in southern Iraq; Iraqi children learn about personal hygiene at JBB; Mental Health: a Soldier's invisible wounds of war; Chaplain's Corner: gifts given, never forgottenl; Visit keeps relationship strong and... more
Expeditionary Times - 11.22.2009

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Provider Soldiers prepare Iraqis for drawdown; Stressed mind reacts differently; New Iraqi partnership mentors collaborate; Non-chargeable leave for deployments; Mississippian delivers justice
Expeditionary Times - 11.15.2009

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Adder memorial honors New Mexican Soldier lost to heart-related death; Deployed Soldiers worry about Family at home; Deployed Soldiers worry about Family at home; Brain reacts to combat stress; Shooting at Fort Hood leaves Soldiers nervous; Adder... more
Expeditionary Times - 11.08.2009

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US Army advises Iraqi Army Soldiers; Veterans serve, reflect on Veterans Day; Uniformed Services Former Spouses' Protection Act; Mental health: privacy, stigma; Chaplain helps Soldiers strengthen marriages; Logistics, technical advisory team... more
Expeditionary Times - 11.01.2009

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Service members rock JBB in talent show; US forces take proactive steps toward drawdown; JBB puts talents on display; Coping with spiritual discouragement; US forces move excess materials out; 724th Trans. Co. reflects, looks forward; Ordnance... more
Expeditionary Times - 10.28.2009

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Combatives level two classes at JBB; Mississippi Guardsmen ramp up excess equipment turn in at Q-West; JBB platelets travel to Afghanistan; Mental health: Yes, there might be a test; Guardsmen inspect excess property; Soldiers provide safety... more
Expeditionary Times - 10.21.2009

215 hits


Soldiers stand tall at moment of truth; Mississippi mechanics run work shops like family business; Mental health: secondary victims
Expeditionary Times - 10.11.2009

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Wagonmasters take command of MND-North sustainment mission; Operation Back to School brings Soldiers, Iraqi Army, children together; Mental health: battlling combat stress behavior; Your legal rights under the SCRA;WAGONMASTERS: 'we bring our... more
Expeditionary Times - 10.05.2009

219 hits


13th ESC signs $31 million contract with Iraq; It only takes an instant; Your legal rights under the SCRA
Expeditionary Times - 09.27.2009

308 hits


Cavalry Guardsmen provide convoy security; Medical clinic dedicated to fallen Soldier; Mississippi Guardsmen earn thunderbolt; 287th Sustainment Brigade hands over reins to 36th; US forces, Iraqi leaders to repair canal system; Engineers meet to... more
Expeditionary Times - 09.23.2009

283 hits


Many hands make light work; Maintaining more than water pumps; Wagonmasters land in the sands of Kuwait; A year of success: Camp Taji combatives; 419th hosts last hoorah
Expeditionary Times - 09.16.2009

215 hits


Service members remember 9/11; AF Half Marathon keeps memory running; Legal Matters: Supporting family members; VTC helps troubled couples; 287th Sustainment Brigade Soldiers teach Iraqi officer candidates at Camp Ur
Expeditionary Times - 09.07.2009

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Soldiers, KBR continue efforts to end water shortage; Triple Nickel dimed out by 194th; The Weekly Standard: Awards, Flags, Policy; Dealing with debt collectors & your credit report; Brigadier General Vandal visits the 260th; Mail handlers... more
Expeditionary Times - 09.01.2009

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Ramadan Kareem; Multi-National Corps – Iraq details drawdown plan; Operation Jiffy Lube keeps vehicles moving; Military police unit ends tour with force protection mission
Expeditionary Times - 08.26.2009

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Army's top enlisted in Iraq visits last of surge Soldiers; Troops give to bring troops home; Joint Base Balad opens new respite for service members.
Expeditionary Times - 08.19.2009

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Green Tab Huddle Brings Leaders Together; Salah Ad Din Deputy Governor Visits JBB Medical Facilities; 123rd MPAD Looks Back on Mission Success; 514th is Jack of All Trades for JBB; Training Scenarios Keep Medics on Point
Expeditionary Times - 08.12.2009

372 hits


13th ESC takes the reins; Taji Soldiers walk for the cure; Iraqi leader host feast, honors American friends; Seven 13th ESC Soldiers Experience Deja Vu; MNC-I CSM visits Fort Drum Soldiers
Expeditionary Times - 08.05.2009

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Highlights from this week's Expeditionary Times include: -Iraqi tradesmen earn certification through Iraqi Ministry of Labor-...... -Farewell messages from Sustainer 6 and 7-..... -Mobile property teams make responsible drawdown easier-........ more
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