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The Expeditionary Times Staff publishes a weekly newspaper with a primary mission of providing command information to all service members, partners, and Families of the 310th Expeditionary Sustainment Command and its subordinate units, and has a secondary mission of providing a means for units on Joint Base Balad to disseminate command information to their audiences.

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Expeditionary Times - 07.29.2009

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Highlights from this week's Expeditionary Times include: -"Heavy Logistics Hitters" visit Balad-..... -Forward redistribution Point saves money and equipment-..... -General Odierno visits, recognizes 3rd ESC team-..... -ESC units comply... more
Expeditionary Times - 07.29.2009

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Forward Distribution Point saves taxpayers dollars; Joint Base Balad Airmen, Iraqi children get a kick out of donations; Multi-National Forces-Iraq commander visits 3rd Sustainment Command (Expeditionary).
Expeditionary Times - 07.22.2009

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Tennessee Guardsmen pass torch to Connecticut Reservists; Soldier presents memento to her Ohio high school; 39-year Veteran RE-ENLISTS - for 2 more; Texas Guardsmen say goodbye to western Iraq; Big Spring, Kentucky Soldier can't leave his green... more
Expeditionary Times - 07.15.2009

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Airmen team with transportation battalion to move cargo by air; New Hampshire reservists wet a line to release stress; Kentucky National Guard company trains on MRAPs in Kuwait prior to assuming mission in Iraq; Washington chaplain enables... more
Expeditionary Times - 07.05.2009

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Pizzas for Patriots across Iraq; Kansas Guardsmen partner to improve Iraqi Army dining facilities; Indiana Soldiers finish mission and return home; Another Indiana unit starts mission of saving Soldiers big bucks; Washington State Gulf War vet... more
Expeditionary Times - 07.01.2009

270 hits


Highlights from this week's Expeditionary Times include: -ESC and Iraqi Army leaders meet for first ever Logistics Review at Taji-...... -Alaska's "Sherpas" bring bush pilot skills to Iraq-.... -Mobile redistribution teams handle property for... more
Expeditionary Times - 06.24.2009

330 hits


Highlights from this week's Expeditionary Times include: -Colorado's 259th CSSB transfers authority to Fort Lewis unit-...... -Indiana Guardsmen bring Hoosier flavored fun to Iraq-..... -Tennessee Soldiers prepare vehicles for transfer to... more
Expeditionary Times - 06.14.2009

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Ready, set, go; Don't throw that away; Work in progress
Expeditionary Times - 06.10.2009

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Iraqi Army Director of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering visits 3d ESC; JBB's BOS-I team focuses on mission, QoL; Dunwoody, Popps visit Joint Base Balad; Bankruptcy Law explained for military personnel
Expeditionary Times - 06.03.2009

232 hits


391st CSSB hands over reins; AFTH 'unleashes' new recovery program for patients; AF QRF team conducts air-assault training from Army helos; 419th CSSB supports Security Agreement
Expeditionary Times - 05.27.2009

229 hits


Coalition forces return history to Iraq; JET Airmen keep communication flowing; JBB hosts USAFCENT conference on Iraq reposture; MNC-I trains Soldiers to be 'resilient'
Expeditionary Times - 05.20.2009

268 hits


Sustainers can recognize supporters through Freedom Team Salute; JBB improves security, base-access time; Airmen inspect exiled mail for hazardous material; Delivering Supplies: Iraqi school get tools from Kansas
Expeditionary Times - 05.13.2009

243 hits


Fort Drum Soldiers Hand Over Al Asad Sustainment Mission; Vehicle techs ensure combat-patrol mission, safety; JET Airmen distribute HMMWVs to Iraqi forces; Tips to build your financial wealth
Expeditionary Times - 05.06.2009

467 hits


Coalition Forces to return portion of Highway to Iraqis; Tuskegee Airmen ... the legacy continues; 25 ways to deal with an deployment frustrations; Gator safety can save lives
Expeditionary Times - 04.29.2009

429 hits


Iraqi General visits Balad; Sustainers Save "Skunk Werks"; K-9, handler keep service members safe
Expeditionary Times - 04.22.2009

373 hits


154th Transportation Company repositions to Afghanistan; Military doctor makes medical history; Airman field-tests modified PT uniform in the AOR
Expeditionary Times - 04.15.2009

286 hits


Farewell to 70th RRC; 3d ESC, Core launch new website to tell Sustainer story; Understanding the service member's Civil Relief Act
Expeditionary Times - 04.05.2009

303 hits


Sustainers deploy to OEF from Iraq; Defender awarded Purple Heart; JBB celebrates arrival of Torah, ark
Expeditionary Times - 04.01.2009

386 hits


Sustainers Raise Safety Awareness At Local Iraqi Elementary School; 3d Sustainment Command Wired for Safety; EO equal across service lines
Expeditionary Times - 03.25.2009

299 hits


Sustainer Challenge challenges sustainers; Looking back on six years of OIF; Never lase a friendly force; Sustainers train safely in MRAPs
Expeditionary Times - 03.18.2009

296 hits


Highlights from this week's Expeditionary Times include: -Sustainers host play to combat sexual harassment -Fort Jackson Mobile Retention Team visits 3rd ESC in historic conference -Hawaii, Knox, State Department partners host Iraqi economic... more
Expeditionary Times - 03.15.2009

202 hits


"Sex Signals" tours Iraq; Iraqis invest in future at Balad economic seminar; Honoring a brother's sacrifice
Expeditionary Times - 03.11.2009

299 hits


-Bragg Movement Control Team serves as "Gatekeepers" in Northern Iraq-...... -Fort Knox transportation units train to share the road safely-..... -California Reservists aim to build 'strong and ready warriors'-..... -Washington Guardsman... more
Expeditionary Times - 03.08.2009

161 hits


Bottling the Tigris; Northern unit serves as 'gatekeepers'; Still in the fight; Combat chapel team ministers 'outside wire'
Expeditionary Times - 03.01.2009

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Sustainers host Sex Signals play to combat Sexual Assault; Keeping up the tradition; CAFTT generates second batch of graduates; Three Soldiers help secure streets of Iraq
Expeditionary Times - 02.25.2009

415 hits


287th Sustainment trucks to receive new Fire Suppression System; JET Airmen impress Soldiers at FOB Hunter; New Predator takes flight in Iraq
Expeditionary Times - 02.15.2009

362 hits


Iraqi Railroad rolls back into Taji; Wilson spells out Security Agreement at Habur Gate; Sustainers break bread; feed the soul
Expeditionary Times - 02.08.2009

341 hits


SFC Boe visits California Soldiers; Kurdish Soldiers graduate from combat lifesaver course; Alabama Guardsmen take on maintenance mission
Expeditionary Times - 02.04.2009

272 hits


Iraqi Transportation Network welcomes new partnership; Tribal Leaders host Sustainment Commanders; Puerto Rican Guardsmen earn their first safety streamer; Iraqi Army partners with Sustainers for ammunition operations
Expeditionary Times - 01.28.2009

263 hits


Sustainers train on care; Sustainers join forces; Tax filing advice; Al Amal School for Deaf; Iraqis learn about business development, opportunities at Dhi Qar conference
Expeditionary Times - 01.18.2009

461 hits


Iraqi school welcomes Sustainers to start "Read Iraq" program; Sustainers help place Flags across Iraq; Iraqi Army takes over Sustainer mission in Anbar
Expeditionary Times - 01.11.2009

340 hits


Welcoming partnership, "Sustainers" honor fallen New York heroes in transfer of authority; Iraqi village welcomes new partnership and Sustainer friends
Expeditionary Times - 01.07.2009

322 hits


New York Sustainers get a Christmas surprise; Logisticians work with local village leaders to sustain Iraq; 304th SB Soldiers earn combat patch; Sons of Iraq learn carpentry, welding skills from Sustainers
Expeditionary Times - 12.31.2008

285 hits


Soldiers build Swing Set, Iraqi Transportation Network makes history, 129th CSSB Transfers Authority to HHC, 100th BSB
Expeditionary Times - 12.28.2008

182 hits


Highlights from this week's Expeditionary Times include: -Bamberg Sustainers build and install swingset for local Iraqi children -Holdiay celebrations and stories from across the command. -Iraqi Transportation Network makes history -BG... more
Expeditionary Times - 12.21.2008

306 hits


Sustainers conduct transfer of authority; Operation Christmas Spirit; Gates visits Sustainers at Joint Base Balad
Expeditionary Times - 12.10.2008

295 hits


Special Troops Battalion passes the torch; Who's Living Under My CHU?; "Knights" learn how to tell brigade's story
Expeditionary Times - 12.03.2008

391 hits


Soldiers, Airmen Face Off; I-BIZ drums up business; 332 ESFS Blotter
Expeditionary Times - 11.26.2008

244 hits


Eyes on: 330th Transportation Battalion; 20th QM Co keeps water clean; Familiar faces in unfamiliar territory
Expeditionary Times - 11.19.2008

260 hits


Sustaining the Line; Convoy security unit to end tour; President Bush's Veterans Day proclamation; Convoy support center now open
Expeditionary Times - 11.12.2008

321 hits


Iraqi logisticians train for independence; Legal advice: Family matters, deployments; 591st MLC keeps supplies stocked, ready
Expeditionary Times - 11.05.2008

488 hits


7th Sustainment Brigade warrant officer shows skills that build structures, confidence; Mittica hosts Expeditionary workshop series; 356th Quartermaster Company keeps supplies moving in and out of Joint Base Balad, Iraq
Expeditionary Times - 10.29.2008

269 hits


3d Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) extends helping hand to interested voters; Army Material Commander visits 3d ESC; Interpreters help train and advise Iraqi Forces
Expeditionary Times - 10.22.2008

397 hits


-Corydon Indiana mechanic spends 30th year in Army "under the hood" training Iraqis -Fort Eustis's 7th Sus. Bde. partners to bring clean water to Southern Iraq -Fort Campbell Artillerymen host media day in local village -Indiana Soldiers... more
Expeditionary Times - 10.15.2008

242 hits


-Riley's 1st Sus. Bde. helps Iraq's General Truck Regiment start their engines -Fort Eustis's 7th Sus. Bde. rebuilds desk for local Iraqi schools -Fort Campbell Artillerymen help spread security progress and soccer fun at the same time! -ESC... more
Expeditionary Times - 10.06.2008

465 hits


7th SB, Iraqi government open water purification facility; CAT 621 transforms abandoned building into health clinic for Iraqis; Property accountability: you make the choice
Expeditionary Times - 10.01.2008

325 hits


168th Brigade Support Battalion holds non-commissioned officer induction ceremony; 3d ESC staff judge advocate places 2nd in Rising Star; Lighting 'em up
Expeditionary Times - 09.24.2008

358 hits


3d ESC's 76th IBCT units prepare for transition; 13th CSSB transfers authority to 259th CSSB; Secretary of the Army visits 3rd ESC and Joint Base Balad; 16th SB medics strengthen US, Iraq relationship at local clinic
Expeditionary Times - 09.17.2008

260 hits


3d ESC makes voting 'too easy'; Shoulder to shoulder, suicide can be prevented; Q-West leaders promote economic opportunity, self-reliance for Iraqis; Ruff and tuff news flash: Our eye in the sky
Expeditionary Times - 09.10.2008

295 hits


Joint Base Balad releases medical MRAPs, Hurricane Gustav brings back memories of Katrina for N.O. native, 7th Sustainment Brigade, Business Workshop For Local Iraqi Businessmen;Taming steeds of iron; Iraqis put proud face on budding businesses... more
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