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    • From The Frontline

      From The Frontline

      Video Podcast   |   Government & Organizations   |   Regimental Combat Team 1   |  

      Features stories about U.S. service members in Iraq. Produced by U.S. Marine Corps Regimental Combat Team 1.

    • Frontline In Review

      Frontline In Review

      Video Podcast   |   Government & Organizations   |   AFN Korea   |  

      A weekly 10 minute show that highlights the military activities going on around Korea. Produced by American Forces Network Korea.

    • Gail McCabe's A Closer Look

      Gail McCabe's A Closer Look

      Video Podcast   |   Government & Organizations   |   Defense Media Activity - Army   |  

      America's Army has Soldiers in well over a hundred countries, involved in peacekeeping, humanitarian assistance, and combat. "Gail McCabe's Closer Look" offers an in-depth perspective on why these missions matter and what they mean to America.

    • Guantanamo Audio News Service

      Guantanamo Audio News Service

      Audio Podcast   |   News & Politics   |   241st Mobile Public Affairs Detachment   |  

      Audio report about the lives of Guantanamo Bay Troopers. Produced by the 241st Mobile Public Affairs Detatchment.

    • Guantanamo Video News Service

      Guantanamo Video News Service

      Video Podcast   |   News & Politics   |   241st Mobile Public Affairs Detachment   |  

      News report about the lives of Guantanamo Bay Troopers. Produced by the 241st Mobile Public Affairs Detatchment.

    • High-Flyer T.V

      High-Flyer T.V

      Audio Podcast   |   Government & Organizations   |   338th Recruiting Squadron   |  

      This podcast is designed to be a recruiter info sharing show. The purpose of this podcast is to develop and aid future and current recruiters. We strive to make each episode a fun and interesting adventure while equipping you with the tools you need to be the best and most effective recruiter today’s Air Force needs.

    • Holocaust Audio Tour

      Holocaust Audio Tour

      Audio Podcast   |   Government & Organizations   |   National Museum of the U.S. Air Force   |  

      This tour explores the "Prejudice and Memory: A Holocaust Exhibit," which is made up of photographs, artifacts and memories of people who live in the Dayton, Ohio, area.

    • IACH Medicine

      IACH Medicine

      Audio Podcast   |   Government & Organizations   |   Irwin Army Community Hospital   |  

      IACH Medicine Podcast brings the medical team closer to the Army families of Fort Riley, KS. Through interviews with providers, nurses, and leaders at Irwin Army Community Hospital, this show addresses health issues that matter most to Tricare beneficiaries.

    • In The Fight

      In The Fight

      Video Podcast   |   TV & Film   |   DVIDS Hub   |  

      A monthly half hour show that offers an incomparable and rare insight of life on the frontlines reported directly by U.S. military service members deployed around the globe.

    • In The Lab

      In The Lab

      Audio Podcast   |   Government & Organizations   |   Army Futures Command   |  

      As part of the newly formed U.S. Army Futures Command, Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC), is home to the In The Lab podcast. This podcast will include interviews with leaders and experts who execute technology research, development, and engineering across the Army, modernizing equipment in support of the U.S. service members. Our integrated network of centers and labs drives research and development in key areas, such as: basic research, armaments, ground vehicle systems, chemical and biological defense, soldier systems, communications and electronics, aviation and missile, and data analysis. CCDC collaborates with hundreds of domestic and international partners in academia, industry and other government agencies, building partnerships, aligning with innovation as it happens, and securing the best technology for american soldiers no matter where it is developed.