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    U.S. Army Security Assistance Command      


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    FMS & Army Readiness

    FMS & Army Readiness

    11.22.2019 | Video by Tim Hanson
    United States Army Security Assistance Command Performance and Process Management Office Director John Neil talks about what is being done within...
    FMS & the Army supply chain

    FMS & the Army supply chain

    10.17.2019 | Video by Tim Hanson
    Synchronizing foreign military sales requirements to the Army supply chain is a critical component to successfully build our allies' and partners'...
    USASAC Command Video

    USASAC Command Video

    10.01.2019 | Video by Tim Hanson
    The United States Army Security Assistance Command video provides an overview of the mission and the organization.

    Recent News Stories

    USASAC’s total package approach keeps FMS...

    12.31.2019 | Story by Adriane Elliot
    There’s no doubt that foreign military sales (FMS) are a critical component of U.S. foreign policy. From bolstering our allies’ counterterrorism capabilities and regional stability to ensuring their interoperability and competency in helping the U.S. shoulder the burden of coalition operations, FMS will continue to play a role in our military’s ability to fight and win the multidomain battle.

    Security Enterprise dashboard protects Army supply...

    10.18.2019 | Courtesy Story
    If not handled properly, Foreign Military Sales (FMS) demands and release of assets to fulfill FMS requirements from the Army Working Capital Fund (AWCF) could contribute to a negative supply posture and negatively impact Army readiness. Army regulation defines how Army demand planners and item managers should manage procurement and re-lease of FMS recurring and non-recurring demands. If the regulation is followed, FMS demands should...