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    • AUSA Global Force Symposium

      AUSA Global Force Symposium

      Use this features page to stay informed on the AUSA Global Force Symposium and Exposition. This professional development forum is sponsored by the Association of the United States Army, a private, non-profit, professional educational organization dedicated to maintaining a strong national security with a special emphasis on land power and the United States Army.

      The Global Force Symposium...

    • Eagle Redemption

      Eagle Redemption

      Eagle Redemption is a 173rd Airborne Brigade, 1- 503rd Infantry Squad, live fire exercise that takes place at the Monte Carpegna training area in Italy.

    • Valiant Liberty

      Valiant Liberty

      Valiant Liberty is a capstone designed to increase capability to rapidly support joint operations across the European theater and normalize interoperability between air and ground force assets.

    • U.S. Army Special Operations Command CAPEX 2020

      U.S. Army Special Operations Command CAPEX 2020

      The U.S. Army Special Operations Command Capabilities Exercise 2020 (USASOC CAPEX 2020) demonstrates the advanced skills and diverse capabilities of Army Special Operators. The capabilities exercise, based on potential real-world Special Operations Forces mission requirements, is designed to improve interoperability with conventional forces, enhance interagency and intergovernmental...

    • Astral Knight 20

      Astral Knight 20

      The U.S. Air Force will lead exercise Astral Knight 20, scheduled to take place in May, primarily taking place at air bases throughout Poland and other locations in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Astral Knight 2020 is a joint and multinational exercise that will involve airmen, soldiers and sailors from the United States and airmen from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania,...

    • Air Warfare Symposium 2020

      Air Warfare Symposium 2020

      The Air Force Association’s Air Warfare Symposium is a premier event for the aerospace and defense industry geared toward the professional development of Air Force officers, enlisted members, civilians, retirees, and veterans. The symposium harnesses the Air Force's innovative spirit through sessions focused on innovation and exhibits that highlight the next generation of air, space, and...

    • Tunisia International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition 2020

      Tunisia International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition 2020

      Tunisia is hosting the Tunisia International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition 2020 from 4-8 March, 2020 at the Tunisia International Airport, Djerba, Tunisia. The United States will be providing a variety of aircraft and service members to support the Tunisia International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition. This event provides the U.S. Government and the U.S. Department of Defense a unique...

    • ICEX 2020

      ICEX 2020

      The 2020 Arctic Warfare Exercise is part of the U.S. Navy Submarine Arctic Warfare Program sponsored by the CNO. It is a biennial submarine force tactical development exercise managed by the Arctic Submarine Lab. Submarine crews conduct training, test new equipment, and improve submarine operability and warfighting capabilities in cold water conditions.