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    • Africa Endeavor 2018

      Africa Endeavor 2018

      Africa Endeavor is an annual communications and information-sharing event that helps develop multinational communications interoperability for African Union and United Nations mandated peace keeping and disaster response missions.

    • Carpathian Summer

      Carpathian Summer

      Carpathian Summer is a bilateral training exercise at a forward operating location in Otopeni Air Base, Romania. Three C-130Js and approximately 100 personnel from the 37th Airlift Squadron, 86th Airlift Wing, Ramstein Air Base, Germany, will participate in this bilateral training event from August 20 - 31, 2018, to enhance interoperability and readiness with Romania by conducting combined...

    • DoD Priorities - Reform

      DoD Priorities - Reform

      We embrace reforms that improve warfighter readiness and overall efficiency.

    • DoD Priorities - Alliances

      DoD Priorities - Alliances

      Strong alliances and multinational partnerships provide avenues for peace and temper the plans of our adversaries.

    • DoD Priorities - Lethality

      DoD Priorities - Lethality

      We are committed to remaining the world's pre-eminent fighting force, pursuing global security and stability, modernizing the nation's nuclear deterrent and embracing new technologies.

    • 98th Training Division (IET) 100-Year Anniversary

      98th Training Division (IET) 100-Year Anniversary

      The 98th Training Division (IET) turns 100 years old in July. As part of the celebration, this page has been created to highlight some of the Division’s history and current missions.

    • 510th Fighter Squadron FTD 18

      510th Fighter Squadron FTD 18

      Approximately 200 Airmen assigned to the 510th Fighter Squadron, 31st Fighter Wing, Aviano Air Base, Italy, are participating in a flying training deployment at RAF Lakenheath, England, to evaluate aircraft and personnel capabilities and train in NATO operations with the 48th Fighter Wing and British allies. During this training event, 14 F-16C Fighting Falcons from the 510th Fighter Squadron...

    • USAFE Combat Ammunition Production Exercise 18

      USAFE Combat Ammunition Production Exercise 18

      Approximately 160 Airmen deployed to RAF Lakenheath July 15, 2018, to participate in the inaugural Combat Ammunition Production Exercise. This exercise will train Airmen on the mass production of conventional munitions. This type of exercise allows Airmen to learn in a controlled environment, bolstering unit interoperability and refining best practices. Participating units include the 9th...